10 Tips to Make Your Living Room Space Look Bigger

Room Space Look Bigger

There are many factors which significantly affect the way your living room looks. There are some home decor items that make your rooms appear large and spacious. There are some other home decor items which you should never choose for your home if you want your house to be huge and airy. Here are ten important suggestions to help you design your home in a spacious manner.

5 Things You Must Choose

Here are five home decor items that help your house appear large and spacious.

Opt for Hidden Cabinets

Concealed cabinets are not easily visible to your visitors. The cabinet doors have designs like the walls. Once you close the doors, the cabinet remains camouflaged. It is a very unique way to store your wares without cluttering the space.

Opt for Convertible Furniture

Convertible furniture items are those which can be converted from one form to another. There are sofas that may be opened into coffee tables as per your convenience. These are unique and stylish.

Transportable Lighting Options

Many people opt for heavy and intricate lighting options. The problem with these lighting options is that they cannot be moved from their place. As these are made from glass, they may easily break. You must instead opt for transportable LED lights. These consume less amount of energy. You may even use these lights outdoors when you need.

Floating Tile Options

Floorings look monotonous due to their constant pattern. You may opt for floating tiles if you want dynamic options. As you stamp on these tiles, the pattern of these tiles change. The floating tiles come in many different color options.

Plain Elegant wallpapers

If you are opting for minimalist decor for your home, you must select plain wallpapers. These add beauty to the furnishings in the house. You may opt for colors like brown or gray for your wallpapers. These give a sophisticated look to your living room.

5 Things You Must Avoid

Here are a few furnishings you must avoid if you wish to give your living room a spacious look.

Heavy Wooden Furniture

The ancient style sofa sets look obnoxious against a contemporary style decor. These cannot be transferred or moved from their place. These are common places where filth and dirt accumulates. They are very inconvenient when you have to shift.

Intermediate Planters To Disturb The Flow

Many people use intermediate planters to breathe life into their living rooms. These planters can sometimes be space occupying. You must avoid the use of hefty planters to beautify your home. It can also lead to the spilling of mud on the floor.

Rich and Rigid Glass Chandeliers

Glass chandeliers add a touch of royalty to your ceilings. These are made of glass and can break easily. You must avoid the use of these to decorate your ceilings. You must instead use simple lamps that are not very delicate.

Massive Immovable Carpets

Carpets have been used since times immemorial to decorate home floors . Large carpets are beautiful but they need to be maintained clean. Avoid use of such large carpets for your floors. Use simple and attractive rugs that are easy to clean and maintain.

Archaic Statues Made of Heavy Metal

Statues made from metal add color to dull corners of your home. These heavy metal statues may rust and lose its entire glow. Avoid the use of such statues. You should instead of for showpieces made from recycled materials. These add beauty to your home without misusing waste.

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