YouTube plays many roles in any consumer’s life, whether it’s to catch up on last night’s episode of Jimmy Fallon, find out the latest news, or lose hours to the wide world of cute animals caught on video. Recent estimates state that around an hour of YouTube content is uploaded by creators every second, resulting in over 3 billion hours of video watched per month.
Buy custom youtube comments This is a prime space for advertising and has been growing in popularity as the ideal space to reach audiences of all ages with highly engaging video content and shareable media. But it also presents a unique set of challenges from the standpoint of an advertiser just starting out on the platform. The following are some tips for getting started and setting a campaign up for success on YouTube.

Know Your Audience

Google has made it pretty straight-forward to create a video ad and place it on YouTube. Among the key points to identify before beginning a YouTube campaign, though, are who your ideal audiences are, and how you can best reach them within the abilities Google offers.
Advertisers using YouTube on the GDN are afforded the same targeting levers as typical display, but the “spray and pray” approach is far more predictable when you begin to target individual channels – and even individual videos for pre-roll advertising. Other, more common GDN placements, such as Customer Match, interest categories, and demographics, are available as well buy youtube comments custom.

Know Your Goals

Many advertisers have different ideas about what they aim to accomplish by running YouTube ads, and this will greatly influence the way they might go about it. For example, are you aiming for product-sale conversions, are you trying to generate momentum for a product launch, or are you just aiming to build brand awareness?
Answering these questions, as well as identifying your top KPIs, will help to inform the type of YouTube ads that best fit your goals, the cost you can expect to take on with this channel, and the results you can realistically hope to generate.

Leverage Other Channels

Data translates well between channels when it comes to building audiences. Advertisers can now gather the habits of their best performing audiences from their social platforms, remarketing audiences, and email marketing campaigns and use them to reach the most relevant shoppers at the right times.
With the help of multiple data sources, building audiences and lookalike audiences can help an advertiser find actionable data quickly with less wasted spend.

Create Shareable Media

One of the greatest traits of YouTube media is its social component. A pre-roll ad can grab a viewer’s attention and make them laugh, make them take notice, or make them want to buy something great. The next step in that interaction is often for the viewer to pass the video along to someone who might enjoy it, too, or even to post it to their social media for innumerable users to enjoy.
This is where experience and leveraging your Google team can come in handy. We can’t expect to know all there is to know about what makes for engaging content, but understanding your target audiences and what they seek out and enjoy is a great first step, and knowing where to go for answers can help fill other necessary gaps.

Learn Quickly

Finally, insights on YouTube videos tend to present quickly. Depending on your budget, you’ll likely find out quickly whether your content is too long or short, whether you’re advertising on the right channels, and whether you’re incentivizing the conversions you want.
YouTube has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. As an advertising marketplace, it’s a buyer’s market. From a consumer standpoint, it’s an agreeable platform where viewers typically don’t mind engaging content accompanying their experience. Equipped with the right tools and methodology, any advertiser can expect success in the YouTube space.


Sweetheart on Sleeping With Guys for Money

We kind of caught Sweetheart at a bad time. Or a bed time, considering how she’s looking for real…
However, with rumors flying and the steam of Valentine’s Day just settling, it’s an obligation of this industry to ask a real love expert how she likes her coffee. So to speak.
“I have never slept with a man for money——
I have however, slept with a man and then stolen his money…”
Heartz: “Wait, no… I’ve slept with a guy for money. F(-#*Q$.
Does that make me a bad person?”
This whole thing with Stormy Daniels hits eerily similar to Heartz present lawsuit with malicious sex offender, Skylar Grey, and the pending sexual harassment charges being filed against her.
Interviewer: What does “Slept with a guy for money, mean?”
Heartz: Sleeping with a man for money is prostitution.
Interviewer: So that makes you a prostitute.
Heartz: I however, if was ever a prostitute per say, was a horrible horrible excuse for one. For example,
in one of my lyrics I mention on Namesake my “first gang bang”.
So here’s what I was told:
I was told Tyler the Creator and Eminem knew these guys and that they were going to pay me about 50grand a piece to sleep with about 8-11 of them…
So as poor as I was, and recently out of jail, I was like, trying to get out alive.
Interviewer judging face::::::
Right?!? Okay. Hear me out…
Anyway, the first time I “slept with a guy for money” I was with my first real boyfriend that I did stuff with.
He was going away to school, and had been dealing drugs, pretty successfully. So he told me and swore me not to tamper with a box in his closet that contained copious amounts of rolled twenties.
Interviewer: That’s where the lyric “It’s locked in a box in the bottom of my closet” comes from in the rap musical IN THE HEIGHTS.
Heartz: I BROKEEEE into his house to do it.
I used to break into houses and steal stuff.
I stole shit from my own sister. Underwear, money, probably our first vibrator…
DON’t Ask…
Ok, so back to the gang bang…
(Interviewer **Judging Face**)
Heartz:  I call it a gang bang, but the fact is it was more like a gang rape… But when I say that, people are skeptical because it’s a fact I will have sex with most men.
It was very confusing though, and basically, I was back on the street hunting cigarettes by the end of the night. But when they went to sleep, they left a window open and I came back for some of the change on it.
They worked for a traveling company that sold vacuums.
So how much is the going rate for that kind of experience? Like, are you going to pursue charges against Eminem like everyone is asking you?
Heartz: It’s funny because actually a bunch of years ago, on Shade 45, Eminem’s Serius channel, there was actually an interview with a "prostitute" which was quite extensive. She talked about how she’d blow a guy for $50.
So I’m asking! Is that a normal rate?
Heartz: Like I said, I really wouldn’t know. But also, I absolutely would know.
You don’t think Stormy Daniels is a casting couch type? You think she is a cheater who knew Barron had just been born and compromised the President, not for publicity which he didn’t have much of back then in that sense, but for his money and to humiliate Melania.
Heartz: Yeah, well. Skylar Grey has said that she thinks I’m sueing her because she’s "better than me."
To which I’ve said things like, "well, you’re ignoring me sueing you because you think I’m black.." Which seems like an appropriate asshole response! To an asshole response.
Interviewer: So you think Skylar Grey is an ass hole?
Heartz: I think she’s a liar, I think she’s a sexual predator, and a sadist. But obviously, she’s as close to a fraud as anyone has ever seen in Entertainment since the Spice Girls.