Chairs for Stairs

Undoubtedly, stair chairs are one of the main options for saving stairs with ease, without the need for works and at a reasonable price.

Chairs for stairs, comfort and safety

When we talk about stair chairs, we make it one of the main solutions to help elderly people or those with mobility problems to go up and down stairs (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI).
This stair lift system consists of a chair that moves along guides or rails following the path of the ladder to be saved.
The installation of the guidance system through which the chair moves can be fixed directly to the wall or to the staircase through special supports in a simple and fast way.
Thanks to this system, stair chairs can save almost any type of staircase regardless of its shape, slope or route , occupying a minimum space.
In addition, once its use is over, the chair can be folded at one end of the staircase, which allows a minimum space to be occupied, allowing greater comfort for the rest of the users.
The current stair lift systems have progressive starts and stops, which together with its ergonomic seat, provides great comfort and running comfort in the operation of the elevator.
On the other hand, the different security systems incorporated in the chair, such as the different anti-obstacle sensors, the safety belt or harness or its operating system with permanent pulsation, provide maximum autonomy when saving the stairs of the house or building without danger.
The chairs for stairs work with rechargeable batteries , which allows to finish the route or even to realize some more, in case of failure of the electrical supply.
Its installation is fast and without the need to carry out works or reforms, it will only be necessary to provide an outlet for recharging the batteries.
As regards the models of electric chairs for stairs, they are mainly divided into two types; the models for straight stairs and those designed to save curved staircases .

Chairs for straight stairs, the most economic model

In the event that the staircase to be conserved consists of a straight section and without intermediate landings, it will be a straight stair lift chair , this model is much more economical than the curved model, mainly due to:
The guide does not have to be made to measure as in the case of stairs with intermediate forms or landings that vary the slopes
The chair’s own machinery is simpler to always have to move on a constant slope without having to save curves or shapes.

Chairs for curved stairs, adaptability to any staircase

When the staircase to be saved has intermediate landings that vary its slope or the shape of it incorporates curves will be necessary to install a chair for curved stairs , this model is more complex to have to adapt to a path with changes of slopes and variable shapes .
On the other hand, the manufacture of the guide, which moves the chair for stairs, has to be fully adjusted to the ladder in order to occupy a minimum space, which means that it must be made completely to measure in most of cases.
These two factors imply a greater economic cost of this model with respect to the straight section.

5 tips to take care of your feet during the holiday season

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season often requires walking too much or spending a lot of time standing, which can seriously affect the feet (remedio natural para carne esponjosa).
Therefore, the Medical Association of Podiatry of the United States suggests these remedies:
Hydrate your feet daily to avoid dry, cracked and irritated skin.
Perform lifting, pointing and bending the fingers of each foot during the day.
Rub and massage your feet, as it is an excellent way to release tension, stimulate circulation and refresh the skin.
Elevate your legs in some space that you have of the day.
Wear comfortable shoes for Christmas activities, such as shopping, traveling or cooking.
Also, remember that you should take some precautions to avoid complications in your feet due to low temperatures, as they become a risk factor for these extremities of the body. 
Therefore, it is necessary that, especially in the case of the elderly, children and those who practice winter sports, these recommendations are followed fully, because they are the population most likely to suffer from frostbite and other injuries (such as roughness, hardness and presence of bacteria) in the lower limbs, coupled with the continuous movement and stress that the Christmas season implies, which can cause atrophy and muscle damage and, consequently, pain in our feet.

4 Tips for Freelancers Who Have Just Started

Tips for Freelancers
Working on what you love from anywhere, at the time you choose, reconciling personal and work life, with no income limit and with total flexibility is everyone’s dream.
But nobody said that starting was easy, and many freelancers when they start their journey through the freelance world are lost, without knowing how to advance or how to face the challenges of everyday life.
Does the same thing happen to you? Then you have to read these 4 tips for beginner freelancers that will help you succeed in a market full of opportunities.

1. Find your niche and specialize
With the Internet, borders have ceased to exist, and that often means that one does not know how to move, where to look for projects or how to find clients with whom to work.
So from Udyamjob the first thing we recommend is that you register on the platform, create your profile to show your experience and portfolio, and find your niche.
Look at what areas or categories you fit in best, stay on the latest trends, continually form yourself in your niche and start looking for projects to work on. New possibilities appear every day!

2. Differ from your competitors
Every day there are more freelancers prepared and willing to put a dent in the market, so it is essential that you learn to differentiate yourself from them.
A good way to do it is through the proposals that you send to your potential clients; there you have a golden opportunity to sell yourself, differentiate yourself and highlight what makes you unique.
Detects your skill is and strengths, experience and use them as a starting point to convince your prospects that you are the best choice for what they need. If you complete the project successfully, it is likely that you will be taken into account for future work and you can start to build a good portfolio of clients.

3. Learn to put the right price to your work
One of the biggest challenges for beginner freelancers is determining how much to charge the customer.
And is that getting projects is important, but not for that you must put a price too low that belittles your work and effort or set exorbitant prices that do not fit with what you offer.
Make a reasonable price that is fair to both you and the customer; and at the beginning try to be a little more flexible with the price and the projects that you accept, since once you win your first project and you get your first qualification you will see how it is much easier to obtain more projects in which to work.
Also, remember that in Udyamjob the payment is always guaranteed, so from the moment the client accepts your proposal you already know that you will receive the agreed money when you finish the project.

4. If you want to survive, set yourself a schedule
The flexibility offered by freelance work compared to traditional employment is very good, but from now on you should know that having a schedule is essential if you want this option to be feasible in the long term.
Choose what are your best hours to work , what hours are you most creative or the time of day that best render and depending on that sets a few hours of work that of course you can go modifying and adjusting on the fly.
And you, as a freelancer who has just started, what other challenges do you have? At Udyamjob we will be happy to help you in your freelance career.

How to lose fat and lose weight?

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Undoubtedly, the sudden and improvised suppression of food is not the answer. The ideal strategy to lose weight should consider a balanced diet that avoids those foods that have a greater predisposition to be deposited, because we already know that not all carbohydrates or fats have the same destiny.
A good plan to reach and maintain the ideal weight implies a supply of carbohydrates sufficient to cover the needs of the brain, but does not imply sudden increases and decreases in blood glucose and of course, insulin. For this, those with low and medium glycemic index should be preferred.  The protein should be sufficient to meet the needs of  replacement tissue , but not for use as a source of energy, and fats, as  well as carbohydrates should be moderate in quantity and chosen between which  provide essential fatty acids, because if all contain the same caloric load, not all share the same biological value, and essential fatty acids , those that  the body needs but is not able to manufacture, are more likely to be  used in organic functions, instead of ending around our abdomen.
It is also important an increase in physical activity that allows part of the caloric resources and the insulin released by the pancreas to be used by the muscle tissue, thus reducing the availability for fat tissue.
In short: if you are looking for an adequate weight without compromising health, you  should carry out a general change of habits and avoid falling into the temptation of  short-term results, which although they can be achieved, are not exempt from risks.
It is also important to know that the production of leptin, which is the hormone whose function is to reduce appetite, is directly related to the amount of existing adipose tissue. When fat is lost, no matter how it has been achieved, leptin is also reduced, increasing appetite. All a task for patients looking to lose weight.
On the other hand, the simultaneous decrease of leptin and insulin in situations of caloric restriction stimulates the release of “neuropeptide Y * ‘in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a structure of the brain responsible for controlling physiological functions, among which is the appetite. The “neuropeptide Y” is a substance that acts as a messenger in the nervous system and whose effect is to increase appetite, stimulating the intake of carbohydrates and fats, decrease caloric expenditure by inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system and stimulate the formation of fats in the adipose tissue and the liver. Have not you had the experience of feeling more tempted by sugars and high-calorie foods when dieting? Now he knows that it is not about weakness of character, or little willpower.
We must understand that despite our desire to lose weight, our physiology is designed to be efficient, and that means that in situations of crisis (reduction of the supply of nutrients), it will focus on conserving its energy reserves to the maximum and stimulating the search for those nutrients through the feeling of hunger. So the main saboteur of your desire to lose weight is your own physiology, and any attempt to force it can be detrimental to your health and a greater resistance to weight loss. Does that mean that you must resign yourself because your own body is reluctant to lose weight? In no way, it’s just about not forcing the situation, and changing the concept of quantity of calories, for the quality of nutrients.
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