Most promising innovations – ODF FACT platform

The optical distribution frame (ODF) platform FACT is a platform with shelves / drawers for fiber that secures the cables so that they do not move when the drawer is in the fiber distribution frame. This eliminates the need to use cable ties, cable channels or cable crimping, which is known as cable organization, to ensure easy and safe shelf movement. In addition, the FACT ODF helped to redefine the term modularity since with the new platform, the individual FACT ODF trays can be combined to form shelf blocks that can be customized according to the cables and applications of each customer.

What is the innovation that CommScope was the first to create?
The ODF FACT solution is an optical distribution frame based on high density drawers / drawers that eliminates the need for suitable inlet and outlet connection cable organizers on the reels to ensure proper rack / drawer movement. The shelves of ODF FACT are designed so that the cables entering and leaving them do not move, eliminating the need for correct cable organizers on the reels. optical distribution frame FACT shelves allow installers to prepare and install the cables on a termination support outside the ODF frame before placing it on the shelves; and the installation of the shelves in the fiber frame does not require tools. These functionsthey increase the ease and speed of the installation significantly.

What was happening in the market that this innovation was necessary?
The operators of Data Centers and central offices need fiber solutions of more density to be up to the demands of greater bandwidth; In addition, they want to employ less specialized technicians to reduce operating costs. The ODF FACT solution allows a tool-free installation of the rack to the fiber frame eliminating the need to organize the cables, allowing less specialized technicians to implement the fiber. Each FACT ODF offers more connections and is more compact in design, which is 30 percent denser than the standard optical distribution frame price.

How does this innovation benefit customers and the industry?
The ODF FACT solution reduces the costs of Data Centers and central offices by allowing less specialized technicians to implement the fiber. In addition, ODF FACT shelves are fully compatible with legendary Fist optical distribution frame FIST solutions from CommScope, allowing operators to easily migrate to the dense FACT platform and achieve 30 percent more fiber density .

What makes this promising innovation for future networks and customer applications?
Fiber networks are unifying and requiring higher density solutions. In addition, operators are adding new functionalities to the central offices and Data Centers that require a physical implementation in an active network. By providing ease of installation and new types of connectivity, the ODF FACT solution will allow operators to quickly create the new unified fiber networks of the future .

What are some of the initial achievements in the innovation market?
Central office and Data Center operators are adopting ODF FACT solutions to create more functional and denser unified fiber networks .

What is the importance of innovation for CommScope?
ODF FACT continues CommScope’s leadership in fiber connectivity in central offices and Data Centers. In regions with a dispersed customer distribution, the modularity and future readiness of the FACT optical distribution frame system puts CommScope in a leadership position to address the changing needs of Data Centers and service providers.

Does the innovation follow certain established industry standards or do you think it can set precedents?
The ODF FACT complies with all existing standards for fiber.

How do you see this innovation evolve?
Over time, the FACT optical distribution frame manufacturer is expected to evolve and include new essential pieces of fiber that will support the latest innovations in connectivity.