Tips for printing on silkscreen

The textile screen printing is the most used technique for the creation of personalized t-shirts, both advertising and for designers. It is fast, high quality and durable!
Today we bring you a few tips to print in silkscreen, economically and with quality results:
Importance of the number of inks
The screen printing is a printing technique that prints color by color. We can stamp up to 8 colors per garment. Each color of the design to be printed will require a photolith and a screen of its own. Therefore, the greater the number of colors, the higher the technical expenses t shirt for boy friend & girl friend.
Flat inks
This technique allows reproducing logos, texts and designs with flat colors with spectacular results, but it is not valid to reproduce very complicated drawings personalized best friends t shirts.
Quality of the original
Although our designers always make adjustments to adapt the image, the final result of the printing depends directly on the quality of the file you send us.
The textile serigraphy is a system of personalization quite fast, but it is still a handmade and laborious process. At we offer several types of delivery – normal, fast and express – according to your level of urgency.
Resistance and conservation
The prints in serigraphy have a great resistance to time, wear and washings. They last a lifetime! It is a perfect system for printing uniforms, work clothes, etc.

5 practical tips for more followers, like and comments on Instagram

Instagram is booming and that, even though it was after the takeover by the social media giant Facebook once critical voices. But the idea prevails and today Instagram has long been a must not only for private users, but also for companies. Hardly any other social network can reach so many people with so little effort. To be successful on Instagram buy instagram comments fast, however, it takes a certain talent for photos, the right moment and the right hashtags.
Since 2012, the reach of Instagram has increased by over 200%. Especially for companies, the fact is interesting that around 68% of users invest time to work with brands and companies. But attention does not come by itself.
These tips can help!

1) hashtag – small sign with great effect

The lozenge – better known today as the symbol of “hashtag” – is a true all-rounder. Some hashtags are very often searched for, and if these are somehow related to the posted image, this of course is an advantage. Top of the list are terms like: “love”, “instamood” or “follow”. Many users design their own hashtags and use them as an advertising drum. For example, the followers are asked to also post a picture with the hashtag in order to participate in a raffle. Simple but effective.

2) Being active yourself

It’s not enough just to post a picture every now and then and disappear again from the scene. It is important, as in all social networks, to be active. Liking and commenting other pictures and also following the users is a must to attract attention.

3) At the right time, in the right place

When the pictures are posted can also affect whether they are seen. Most users are on Instagram in the afternoon or early evening, and then have time to study the pictures. The weekend, however, is not recommended. Anyone who finds that his photo does not seem to get any attention should rather delete it and use it again during peak hours.

4) Filter – better not!

Originally, Instagram has gained so many followers, mainly because the app with its filters offered a variety of ways to make your own photos look better. But now it has been shown: The followers like it unfiltered. If possible, the filter should be omitted for a picture. This can be marked with the hashtag “#nofilter” and attracts followers.

5) The perfect picture selection

Not every snapshot automatically becomes a success on Instagram. The users are demanding and want to be entertained. Nature, luxury, fashion and food – these are the terms that are particularly well received and like to be viewed in pictures. This is a great challenge, especially for a company, but it is quite feasible.


Since one of our readers asked us to discuss the issue of real estate investment, let’s talk about it thoroughly, explaining all the ways in which you can invest in real estate and some tips to consider.
To say first of all that although investment in real estate has historically been more profitable than stocks, the fact is that it is a type of investment that requires more capital in most of its forms, or intelligent borrowing in other cases sell my house fast houston.

But first of all, what is not investing in real estate?

Of course, it is not buying a house asking for a mortgage in the hope that the price of the property will rise. That is to strangle yourself financially, although it is possible that you can rent the property for a monthly price higher than the payment of the mortgage. Difficult, but possible. Otherwise, this type of investment would be considered risky having acquired a debt in a non-liquid asset.
In these moments, at least in Spain, even with a fallen property market that does not raise its head, a business opportunity has arisen around the investment in garages. And as you may have noticed, practically all cities are having more and more parking problems, facilitating the growth of parking, and causing an increase in the price of garages. In principle, the investment in garages promises to be very profitable for the next years.

What kinds of investment in real estate are there?

1. Investment in residential real estate.
These are properties such as houses, townhouses, apartments or apartment buildings, where we have the possibility of charging a tenant the amount stipulated during the duration of the contract.
2. Investment in commercial real estate.
Above all, they are office buildings and commercial premises. In the buildings of companies, we tend to be more likely to be financed by the bank, because the idea is to rent the different offices and plants to other companies or businesses.
3. Investments in industrial real estate.
From industrial buildings in industrial estates (bad business at this time) to all types of land for the industrial area.
4. Investments in shopping centers.
This type of investment does require a lot of capital. And there is a bubble of shopping centers in most cities. I think we do not need to explain what it is, because you have seen that a shopping center rents all spaces for shops, cafes, movies and large food chains such as Carrefour or Alcampo. Also nightclubs.
This business has been very lucrative for many years, and being so lucrative, caused many other entrepreneurs to launch into this business, and among them they are killing each other. Often you can already see some shopping centers with too many spaces without renting. And those increasing closed spaces show that they probably are not earning all the money they should.
5. Mixed investment in real estate.
Here we would go to the true billionaires, because this investment is practically all of the above but together. For example, the Dubai project, where an intelligent and heated city is being built that will incorporate the largest shopping center in the world.
6. Investment in land.
During the recent bubble, anyone could make millions with this type of investment. Often it was to make an investment in a rustic land, make another small investment in an envelope towards the hand of the town planning councilor for its requalification to developable, and “Tachan !!!”. The land tripled its value in a matter of days.
Others less addicted to the art of bribing mayors and councilors, what they did was to buy a large area of ​​land and sell it in parts. In real estate, the value of the division means that we can earn more money.
7. Invest in real estate through REITs.
Real Estate Investiment Trusts (REITs) are a way to invest in real estate but as if you were investing in shares.
REITs are companies that invest in real estate assets with the idea of ​​generating income and pay investors in the form of dividends. They are attractive because they are usually subject to very low taxation. However, it is a complex investment that would require explaining it at length, since they also invest in mortgage loans, shares in other REITs and shares.
REITs have a daily quotation, so their price fluctuates daily. Another advantage is that it is a liquid asset that we can sell quickly, but it carries risks.
8. Invest in real estate through shares.
Obviously, we can invest in real estate shares, and as the real estate market recovers, the shares would increase their value, in addition to the payment of dividends, in case they are distributed.

Eight tips to make a good real estate investment

Opportunities abound in the market and you have to be cautious when making the decision. Consider the following tips and get the most out of it sell my house fast houston.
1. Prudence and reflection are qualities of every great investor. Find out about characteristics, conditions and opportunities of your real estate investment. You never have to consult with experts, read recent news and study the profile of the creators of the project.
2. Invest on plans. Keep in mind that the prices in the real estate sector fluctuate less, they do it at a lower speed and the downturns are less drastic than other types of investments. Although buying on planes is a bit more risky due to the maturation times of the projects and the achievement of resources, they are always more profitable than buying a property that has already been built.
3. Discover your investor profile.They say that there are three types of investors: the cautious, the risky and the saver. The former take moderate risks, the latter take great risks and the latter prefer security rather than utility.
4. Rate the time factor. Remember that real estate investment takes time. It is a long-term investment that usually does not begin to give results before five years.
5. Study the location. Find out about the medium and long-term plans of the area where the property you plan to buy is located. That way I could evaluate the development and value the sector in the future.
6. Determine the use of your investment. In real estate is usually won by two sides. On the one hand there is the valuation of the property and on the other, the annual net income. In the case of buying a house, reflect calmly on the use of it, will it be to live there or to lease it?
7. Study the type of property. There are several options of real estate. The first one that jumps to the head is the house, but there are also commercial and industrial buildings. Investment in real estate for commercial use is the most profitable option, since whoever occupies the property does so to generate profits.
8. Explore new types of investment. Traditionally you think about buying and selling. But, fiduciary rights, real estate collective portfolios and voluntary pension funds with investments in the real estate sector are currently booming. Fiduciary rights are property titles that, without much capital, allow you to own a percentage of a commercial property (for example, a hotel or a shopping center) thus receiving a share for the operation of the property, proportional to the money you have invested , and does not have to worry about the lease or maintenance of the property.


If you already play golf you may find it easy to choose the perfect glove, but for beginner golfers it is a difficult decision. For beginners and experienced golfers who have curiosity, we have prepared a list of Inesis tips with several steps to choose the golf glove well ben hogan ft worth irons review.


The first step is to decide for which hand you need the glove: right hand or left hand? It is very easy, right-handed players use the glove on the left hand and the left-handed players on the right hand.
Why are not two gloves used?
Because it is important that the hand that has more contact with the club when you hold it with both hands, ie the opposite hand (the left if you are right-handed and the right if you are left-handed) receive a maximum of the sensations transmitted by the club grip . This facilitates the grip of the club and the transmission of sensations in the strokes of the course.


The glove must be like your second skin. The mission of the glove is to provide a sense of natural touch and ensure a good grip of the club. It is important that the glove is as close as possible to the skin and that it allows a pleasant freedom of movement.
Keep in mind that the skin of the glove is given slightly with the use: do not hesitate to choose a tight glove.


Golf gloves are products manufactured by hand. Therefore it is difficult, almost impossible, to find two gloves with the same exact measurements to the millimeter.
When you find your size, do not hesitate to try on several gloves of the same model.


We recommend that you remove the glove between blows for your comfort and to extend its useful life. It is not advisable to wear a leather glove during the entire journey. The contact of the tissue with the palm of the hand produces sweating. In addition to the annoying sensation of moisture in the hand, sweat spoils the skin of the glove in the long term.
Let the glove breathe!


The golf gloves are made with leather and synthetic materials. To wash them, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully. In Inesis, we advise you to wash them cold, by hand or by machine, with a delicate program.
Drying is the important thing. They cannot be dried in the dryer. Let them dry on a flat surface at room temperature so that the fabric does not crack or spoil.