Tips to sell your house faster

The housing sale market seems to start to take off in a shy way after the economic slowdown caused by the crisis. Selling a house is not easy, as many factors influence the sales process. From the price to the location, evidently going through the situation in which the house itself is located.
In Spain, home stating is still not as fashionable as in other countries, but undoubtedly, giving a facelift to the house we want to sell will help us sell it in less time. If you are currently wanting to sell your house, and want to do it as soon as possible, here we give you a series of simple tricks to put the house ready to visit potential buyers and make it as attractive as possible sell house fast.

Paint the house

Would not you go to a wedding without going to a hairdresser first? Well, if you want to sell your house, it is just as important to make it beautiful by painting it from top to bottom. Of white, to give greater sensation of cleanliness, luminosity and amplitude, or using the colors that know that more are going to help to remove all the potential of the house.

Order and clean

There is nothing more oppressive than entering a house where everything is messy. The image is important, and if we want to sell the house soon, we have to convey the image that our house is a haven of relaxation and harmony. And there is nothing more harmonious than an orderly house. If necessary, throw things away, or down to the storeroom, but leave the house in perfect condition when your prospective buyers are going to visit what your future home may be.

Goodbye to big furniture

In this quick and economical facelift that we are doing at home, it is important to try to make the house look as spacious and spacious as possible. Therefore, get rid of very large furniture that eat half a room. Also remove old furniture that hinders and make the house uglier.

Brightens furniture

In this set-up to sell your house as soon as possible, it is also important to leave the furniture impeccable. In addition to the usual cleaning of olvo that you already do to maintain the house, it is important to use oil and wood repair products on the furniture to make them look their best.

Make coffee or a dessert

There is nothing more pleasant than waking up in the morning and smelling coffee, or entering a house where you smell like biscuit or freshly made cookies. With the aroma of coffee or a freshly baked dessert, we will be able to promote this idea of ​​a cozy house, the taste of home that we all yearn for and that reminds us of childhood. And in the end, everything adds up to get your house sold as soon as possible.

A carpet in time is a victory

If the floor is not as good as it should be, and you do not have the economic capacity to change, a good option may be to place carpets in spaces where the floor is worse. It will give a warmer atmosphere, and in addition, the state of the ground will be more disguised. It’s not about cheating, it’s just a little makeup trick that will make the house more attractive.

Let the light in

The luminosity is a very important factor when buying a house. That is why, when you receive a visit to sell your house, lift the blinds to the maximum, and if you have opaque curtains, change them by less drapery curtains that let in the light. The detail of having the blinds raised is especially important if you are going to take pictures to upload them to a website selling flats.

Do not leave lamps without light bulbs

Since we are talking about the subject of light, it is important that lamps have all their bulbs. There is nothing sadder than a darkened house, and if we enter a room in which there is hardly any illumination, the feeling of sadness and darkness will make the desire to acquire the house evaporate.

Combine classic furniture with modern furniture

If your house is full of old and classic furniture, a good idea to create contrast and give it a bit of modernity. You can buy some striking furniture that you can then take to your new home or a modern lamp with a lot of personality.

Put the bathroom to the point. Get rid of the silicone

The bathroom, next to the kitchen, will be one of the spaces in which buyers are most fixed. Therefore, in addition to subjecting it to an intensive cleaning of those that mark time, you can polish details such as removing the old silicone, or apply a product to clean the dirty joints. Review the faucets, and if it is in poor condition, change it.

Change the wall by a curtain

If your wall is dirty and old, perhaps the best option is to remove the wall and put a shower curtain. You will gain a feeling of hygiene, and maybe if the curtain is collected the bathroom will gain some amplitude.

Change the kitchen without works

As we have said, next to the bathroom, another of the most examined areas will be the kitchen. In this space, you can choose to paint some furniture with chalk paint, change the handles, or paint or put some vinyl on the tiles. In the kitchen also matters the order, so it removes all the essentials to make it wider, and clears the countertops, giving it some product to make it very bright. If the tap is in poor condition and full of lime, it can also be changed by adding a more modern and stylized tap to modernize this area of ​​the kitchen.

Put a green touch to the house

Putting the green touch is always important. The plants give a touch of color, transmit peace, relaxation, and also decorate. So put some flowers in the window and some indoor plants in the room, taking into account the size to avoid that instead of being a decorative plant, the room looks like a jungle. And of course, if you have dry plants on the terrace or on the windowsill, get rid of them immediately.

No rubbings or tablecloths

In many houses the rubber is not removed at all. Big mistake if we want to sell the house. As soon as you know that you are going to have a visit, take out cloths and tablecloths and leave the tables free and clear , wearing wood and order.

Remove photos and personal details

In addition to creating a comfortable atmosphere, an important part in the sale of a house is to make the hypothetical buyer feel that house as his own and either see living there , have breakfast on the terrace, or reading in that cozy corner where he sneaks the sun in the afternoon. Therefore, if we remove items such as photos or very personal details, we will help the potential buyer to project himself into the home and see him living there.

Transform the terrace or the balcony

Who has a terrace, has a treasure. It is true that they give a lot of work if you want to keep it clean and with flowers, and in fact, there are many people who have the terrace or the balcony as if it were a storage room. But in the sale of a house, this small outdoor space can play a fundamental role. So although you have never used it, it furnishes the terrace or the balcony, put a garland of lights, some plants … Create a cozy and striking corner so that the future owner will take a fancy to the house for this.

Be realistic with the price

This is the main advice to sell your house in a reasonable time. It is true that we all want to get the most out of selling our property, especially if we want to move into another house and we have to ask for a mortgage. But in these times, you cannot ask for pears to the elm , and we have to be aware of the market situation, and what is the state of our house. We hope that these little tricks will be useful!

The five things you should keep in mind before investing in bitcoin

The bitcoin is triggered and reaches $ 7,361 dollars per unit; although it seems to give a good return it still has many detractors for the risky thing that is to invest in this cryptocurrency.
After having a stable job and getting a good savings, the best option is to work the money to get more income for the future and thus have a better quality of life. The options for investing are many, however whoever you choose, it is necessary to be well advised, this in order to be aware of how risky is the investment, how it works, how much profitability it can have, which are the external factors that make you do well or badly and to what extent you can put your money in order not to fail or end up bankrupt investing in cryptos.
Better said, you must be clear about what you are getting into and take responsibility for the risk you are going to acquire, so if you are going to get into a business that promises great returns in a short time, you’d better think twice, because you can be without money to enter a pyramid.
The good news is that according to a survey conducted by BlackRock about 4,000 people, 26% of respondents have considered investing at some point and 64% say they would be more confident in moving their money in cash to an investment if they gave it an endorsement that will have a guaranteed capital.
The survey indicates that Colombians definitely want to make their money to fulfill their dreams and expectations; the problem is really, what to do? To have a better chance of winning instead of losing large sums of money.
And this is why in this opportunity we are going to talk about bitcoin , but do not believe that we are going to invite you to invest or, on the contrary, we are going to tell you not to do it. In fact, although cryptocurrency was created eight years ago (2009), there is currently a debate about whether it should be regulated and accepted by the financial system in different countries, if it should be declared illegal because it has no support or if it simply should be kept alegal as a form of investment.
Supporting oneself on one of ‘the two sides of the canoe’ is very difficult, even more so when it has received so much acceptance among thousands of people and the governments of the world have not presented a clear regulation that indicates how to handle the issue.
What is certain is that there are already several companies in the world that receive this cryptocurrency as a means of payment, such as Microsoft, Dell, Steam, Overstock, Cheapair among others, and there is talk that Amazon will soon be joining them, According to El Economista magazine, this company has acquired three new domains that refer to digital currencies:, and According to El Economista de México, Amazon already has registered, the url that redirects to the home of the company.
On the other hand, detractors such as Jordan Belfort, the former stockbroker who lasted 22 months in prison for the frauds he committed, say that cryptocurrencies are “a gigantic scam that will explode at any time in the face of many people.” However, this type of criticism seems to go unnoticed by people interested in investing these currencies.
And it is not for less, since the bitcoin is increasing more and more its quotation; in recent days for example it reached a record when it touched the $ 7,361 dollars, when just a month ago it was close to $ 4,300. The impulse of the cryptocurrency is due to the announcement made by the Mercantile Exchange of Chicago (CME) about generating future contracts (it is a contract or agreement that obligates the parties to buy or sell a certain number of goods or securities at a certain future date) about the digital currency.
Meanwhile in Colombia, those who have spoken out against this type of investment, such as the Bank of the Republic and the Financial Superintendency, have assured that “operations with virtual currencies are not covered by any type of private or state guarantee”. 
The Superintendency has also reiterated on several occasions against the risks associated with the operations carried out with these currencies, since they are not considered as a currency in the country and therefore do not constitute a means of payment of legal tender.
In several of the circulars issued by the Superintendency, it is explained that the pseudo-anonymity, the difficulty in identifying the final beneficiaries, the lack of traceability and the lack of support from the central banks led the International Financial Action Group (FATF) ) and the European Police Office (Europol) indicated that the operations carried out with cryptocurrencies can become an instrument to facilitate illicit activities.
But if after having read both sides of this currency, you are still interested in investing in bitcoin, we advise you to pay attention to these five recommendations before putting your money in this option, thus mitigating the risks of losing a lot of money despite Make it a high risk investment :
#1. In Colombia it is not regulated: as we mentioned before, cryptocurrencies are not backed by the Central Bank, are not allowed by the authorities and there is no entity that regulates and monitors this type of investment. So you should be aware that if you lose your money, no one will answer you or at least not the State.
#2. Bitcoin is a high-risk investment: in an interview with the newspaper La República, economics professor Wilson Sánchez of the Central University warned that “before buying bitcoins, people should know that the level of risk is very large, due to volatility and inability to predict its price. “
#3. Do not get into debt to buy cryptocurrencies: this really should not be done with this or with another investment, if you are going to work your money with extra money you got. It is as simple as understanding that investments are sometimes earned and sometimes lost, so it is possible that you do not get enough profitability to cover the debt you acquired with friends, family or even a financial institution.
#4. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose: do not mortgage your home, do not pledge things of value or risk family assets or money from fixed expenses. If you are going to invest in bitcoin, says Ariel Aguilar, of the NGO bitcoin Argentina, to the newspaper La República, “it is advisable that you do not invest your savings in this currency; on the contrary, invest 1% of your assets, something that really is willing to lose.”
#5. Use reliable pages: many people take advantage of the ingenuity of people who are eager to make more money and put them in pyramids disguised as a good investment, so before invest read and talk with experts. And since transactions in bitcoin are handled through electronic wallets, we advise you to use secure sites to navigate and also only use reliable devices such as your cell phone, your computer and your home wireless network. Never use public networks neither to make investments nor for any type of financial consultation.

The best tips to increase the level of testosterone

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced mainly in the testes, which gives man some of his masculine characteristics: he grows hair on his chest and beard, makes his voice more serious and increases the size of his penis and testicles fat burners.

Testosterone helps men maintain:

  • Bone density
  • Strength and muscle mass
  • The distribution of fat
  • The production of red blood cells
  • The sexual desire
  • The production of sperm

Symptoms of low testosterone

From the age of 30, the testosterone level begins to drop (close to 1% per year) and this can cause some symptoms:
  • Physical changes. Some physical changes can be: decreased strength and muscle mass, and increased body fat.
  • Changes in sexual function. It can decrease sexual desire and increase the possibility of being infertile.
  • Changes in sleep patterns. Low testosterone can cause insomnia.
  • Emotional changes. There may be loss of confidence or concentration problems.

How to know the level of testosterone?

The only way to know the level of testosterone is by having a blood test.

How to increase the level of testosterone naturally

Do not miss the best tips to increase the level of testosterone naturally:

Lose weight

According to a study presented at a meeting of the Endocrinology Society in 2012, losing weight is a good way to increase testosterone levels. Here you can find some secrets to lose weight.

Do intense and short exercise

High intensity and short exercise has been shown to increase testosterone. Here you will find some options of intense exercise. To do this you can use an elliptical machine, a treadmill or practice swimming.

Consume Zinc

Zinc helps produce testosterone and has been shown to increase its levels in just 6 weeks.
Some good sources of zinc are: raw milk, raw cheese, beans. You can also support yourself in the consumption of zinc supplements.

Consume vitamin D

Vitamin D helps maintain semen quality and sperm count, also increases testosterone levels. A good way to get vitamin D is to sunbathe about 15 minutes a day (always using sunscreen). You can also choose to consume vitamin D supplements.

Decrease the level of stress

When you suffer stress your body releases high levels of cortisol, known as “the stress hormone”. This hormone blocks the effects of testosterone. Discover some secrets to free yourself from stress.

Eat healthy fats

According to various studies, a diet with less than 40% energy in the form of fat causes a decrease in the level of testosterone.
Try to consume saturated fats of animal and vegetable origin: meat, dairy products, coconut, olive oil, nuts, almonds, avocados and nuts.