5 practical tips for more followers, like and comments on Instagram

Instagram is booming and that, even though it was after the takeover by the social media giant Facebook once critical voices. But the idea prevails and today Instagram has long been a must not only for private users, but also for companies. Hardly any other social network can reach so many people with so little effort. To be successful on Instagram buy instagram comments fast, however, it takes a certain talent for photos, the right moment and the right hashtags.
Since 2012, the reach of Instagram has increased by over 200%. Especially for companies, the fact is interesting that around 68% of users invest time to work with brands and companies. But attention does not come by itself.
These tips can help!

1) hashtag – small sign with great effect

The lozenge – better known today as the symbol of “hashtag” – is a true all-rounder. Some hashtags are very often searched for, and if these are somehow related to the posted image, this of course is an advantage. Top of the list are terms like: “love”, “instamood” or “follow”. Many users design their own hashtags and use them as an advertising drum. For example, the followers are asked to also post a picture with the hashtag in order to participate in a raffle. Simple but effective.

2) Being active yourself

It’s not enough just to post a picture every now and then and disappear again from the scene. It is important, as in all social networks, to be active. Liking and commenting other pictures and also following the users is a must to attract attention.

3) At the right time, in the right place

When the pictures are posted can also affect whether they are seen. Most users are on Instagram in the afternoon or early evening, and then have time to study the pictures. The weekend, however, is not recommended. Anyone who finds that his photo does not seem to get any attention should rather delete it and use it again during peak hours.

4) Filter – better not!

Originally, Instagram has gained so many followers, mainly because the app with its filters offered a variety of ways to make your own photos look better. But now it has been shown: The followers like it unfiltered. If possible, the filter should be omitted for a picture. This can be marked with the hashtag “#nofilter” and attracts followers.

5) The perfect picture selection

Not every snapshot automatically becomes a success on Instagram. The users are demanding and want to be entertained. Nature, luxury, fashion and food – these are the terms that are particularly well received and like to be viewed in pictures. This is a great challenge, especially for a company, but it is quite feasible.