5 Signs That You Have a Malfunctioning Diesel Fuel Pump

Malfunctioning Diesel Fuel Pump

The diesel pumps are an integral part of any automotive vehicle. The sole purpose of the diesel pump is to ensure that the engine is well fed with diesel that gets carried from the fuel tank by the diesel fuel pumps. It is thus very important for the normal functioning of the car that the fuel pump, along with other parts of the engine is in perfect condition. A malfunctioning diesel pump in your car could lead to serious issues while you are on the roads.

Usually, regular servicing of the car would ensure that the diesel pump is in perfect condition. However, if your car is not being sent on servicing trips too often or the quality of the car servicing is not up to the mark, you may find the diesel pump functional in an anomalous way. Here are some signs to tell you that the diesel pump of your car is malfunctioning and needs an immediate check-up by an expert car mechanic.

The Car Makes High-Pitched Sound

While diesel engine sound is nothing out of the way, but if the pitch of the sound becomes a high one, it is an early sign that the diesel pump could be pumping out of tune. You should get the malady with the diesel pump checked and corrected immediately.

Fuel Pressure Becomes Low

The manifestation of low fuel pressure would be understood when you start the engine of the vehicle. If the diesel pump is not able to distribute the right amount of fuel pressure to the engine it could lead to trouble starting of the vehicle and is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the diesel pump of the vehicle that needs an immediate check-up.

Accelerating Becomes a Problem

This is a common sign that indicates to the fact that the diesel pump is failing. When you find that the car is not accelerating the way it used to and the pickup of the vehicle has deteriorated, you should take that very seriously and get the diesel fuel pump checked without any further delay.

Power of Vehicle Becomes Low

When the vehicle has a loss of power, it would tend to slow down and would take a time to come back to its normal pace. The slowdown of the vehicle is caused due to the low power of the engine which is again caused by a diesel pump which is about to fail shortly.

Abrupt Stopping of The Engine

If you have understood the functioning of the diesel pump well, you would not think twice before blaming the diesel pump the next time your car stops abruptly. The sudden stop is caused by inadequate supply of fuel to the engine which is a definite failure of the diesel fuel pumps. Such abrupt stopping can cause potential damage to the engine and thus your next action should be to take the vehicle to the nearest garage and get the diesel pump checked thoroughly.

Diesel fuel pumps pump an appropriate volume of diesel in a timed manner into the combustion chamber of the engine. The timing is calibrated very accurately and if there is an error in the timing, the amount of fuel pumped and the timing at which it must be pumped will be in disorder. This leads to the engine jerking or sputtering, which we often mistake to be because of poor quality fuel. If this jerking persists even after a fuel refill, then you must understand that the diesel fuel pump needs attention.

Now that you have learned about the various signs of a failing diesel pump, you would certainly be more cautious while you drive the vehicle. However, it is always a good idea to know what could cause the pumps to fail. Well, there could be many reasons to that. The most common reasons behind failing or malfunctioning diesel fuel pumps are consistently low gas in the vehicle and engine breakdowns.

While the first case can be avoided by ensuring that the car never runs low on fuel, the second one can be avoided only if you ensure that the health of the vehicle’s engine is up to the mark always. The other reason could be poor quality fuel as well as use the car with low quantity of fuel in the tank. This leads to dirt that has collected on the bottom of the tank to be sucked in by the pump. A healthy diesel pump is a key to a healthy drive. Hence, you should keep an eye on the causes and the signs and get the diesel pump checked whenever needed.