5 tips to boost e-commerce in your business


E-commerce is a great tool to increase your sales and reach more customers with your online business shopyspy. Learn to use it and work it!

Tempting Reality

When consulting statistics regarding the evolution of sales made through electronic commerce , we usually find numbers that surprise by their growth. It is a great temptation for all those who market products or services, participate in this great market and even more taking into account the unique advantages it offers. For starters, the scope is unlimited, we can sell to any corner of the planet and with a business scheme open 24 × 7. On the other hand, the initial costs are low, compared to a physical branch. In addition, there are many tools to facilitate our sales and expert professionals in this field .

Tips to keep in mind

Although the land is fertile, there are some important points to consider when thinking about our e-commerce. Here we leave you 5 tips to facilitate the road to success:

Ask yourself everything

A long time ago a professor advised me that, when thinking about a business, I should be prepared for an eventual failure, but even more prepared for possible success. It is a reality that a large percentage of enterprises fail because they are not up to their initial sales (here we teach you how to save money when you start! ). Before starting the development of an ECommerce, you have to design how the processes of stock, shipments and payments will be. Each of these issues has several edges to be analyzed before starting to expose our business to the world. Some questions we must ask ourselves are:

  • How are we going to make the shipments?
  • Under what payment terms will we sell?
  • What will be the geographical scope of the store and what taxes will be subject?
  • How will we control our stock so we do not run out of merchandise?
  • The design: your brand ambassador

Milton Glasier said that before a design there were three possible answers: “Yes”, “No” and “Wow!” It is very important for the success of your store that you invest part of your funds in a good design , including logo, colors of your brand, typographies that you will use and even a creative packaging to deliver your products. We will aspire to generate a comprehensive “Wow!” Experience in our clients . Keep in mind that when hiring a designer to help you in these tasks, we must be very clear about who our target audience will be, that way you can generate a modern or conservative design depending on the usual trends of each segment of the market.

Fall in love with your customers

Clients are our most important asset and that is why we must worry about understanding and adapting accordingly. Try to always be attentive to how your buying interests vary, your needs and what they want from your store. Take care to keep them interested in your products, generating content related to your business or with promotions on a monthly or weekly basis. We have seen that loyalty plans, with discounts and gifts for regular customers, also give very good results.

Help your potential clients find you

There are many tools to improve your position in the results of search engines such as Google, which will give you a great advantage over your competitors. Take advantage of them with the paid advertisements, focused on the potential clients that you are interested in attracting. It is essential to be efficient when segmenting them so that you can concentrate your advertising investment on the relevant market niches. For example, with Google Adwords you can generate successful marketing campaigns at a relatively low cost and usually give excellent results. Find out what professionals can help you take it forward!

Do not sleep on your laurels

Once you have launched your store and start making your first sales, you do not have to lose sight of the improvement process that is required to continue growing. It is necessary that on a daily basis you monitor the situation both internally and externally of your business. Check with your team the evolution of sales, consolidate your finances and pay attention to the claims of your customers. In addition, analyze the evolution of your competition and identify what are the reasons why you choose and strengthen those competitive advantages.