6 Must Have Accessories For Your Mobile Phone device

6 Must Have Accessories For Your Mobile Phone device

Bought a new mobile phone recently? You need to do a few things right away in order to keep it fresh and safe. With most cell phones looking alike these days, it is very much vital to kit it out and fine-tune it with some distinctive accessories. A little bit of flair or individuality will never hurt, will it?

Now that you have got a new cell phone, it is time to start purchasing accessories to truly enhance all the things you will be able to do with the new smartphone. These are just some of the must-have mobile phone accessories to get you started:

#1 A case or cover: absolutely vital to keep your mobile phone protected and safe in style. Add a splash and a mixture of colors along with scratch, dust and impact protection. An ideal match to your model is needed for easy access to all functionalities without removing the case.

#2 Zagg Glass screen protection: Covers protect your cell phone from scratches and drops, but most do actually not include screen protection features. To keep your mobile phone device free from these blemishes, you should use Zagg Glass, which provides a scratch-resistant tempered screen protection that gives your display an extra cushion it really needs to avoid cracking. When your cell phone takes a tumble, this screen protector will bear the brunt of the fall. Even though the screen protector may crack, your mobile phone will survive unscathed. The best thing is, Zagg will replace your glass protector in case it gets damaged or worn, for as long as you have your mobile device.

#3 Double layered touchscreen gloves: Winter season means extra layers in general, but thankfully extra layers in your hands do not always get in your way of accessing your touchscreen mobile device. Touchscreen gloves do work with all capacitive touchscreen technologies, including also the new Home button present on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. These gloves have silicone dot patterns for an extra grip, just so that your iPad or iPhone will not slip through your fingers, especially in snowy or rainy weather. Besides, the fleece lining gives it an extra layer of interior comfort and softness.

#4 Camera attachments: Your cell phone’s built-in camera is most probably already just as great as many point-and-shoot top cameras out there, however an add-on lens could help you take your photography tool to a whole new level.

#5 Stereo headphones: more often than we would like, the inexpensive standard earbuds that come along your pricey smartphone do not do justice to your ears. However, you may easily pick up a pair at a fair price out there. And a quality set will do wonders with your own preferences even on a sub-standard handset. This can be of an immense help in a noisy environment.

#6 Portable external battery pack with smartphone case: the company Lepow takes a different approach to external batteries with its PIE iPhone battery case. Opposite to what Mophie offers, which is an all-in-one solution, Lepow has separated the portable battery from the case. This separation allows you to utilize just the case alone when the battery is sufficiently charged or alternatively to grab the battery module when you are about to run out of juice. You won’t feel that horrible feeling when you see the 5% battery level on your smartphone, you will never feel anxious when needing an iPhone 6 battery replacement anymore. The Lepow external battery will solve your problems. This battery is held on with a magnet and offers about a single charge per use.