6 surprising and safe home remedies for red eyes

The red eyes are common disease, occurring in all age groups and for many causes. This disease occurs any time of the year but at the high-risk time is in the summer-autumn period when the climate is hot and humid, creating the good condition for bacteria to grow and develop. The red eyes make you feel very uncomfortable as well as affect the quality of your work and life. Here are the surprising and safe home remedies for red eyes without using drugs we should know.

What are the red eyes?

The red eyes are eye infection phenomenon with the main cause is the virus intrusion or by the bacterial infection. The red eyes are very susceptible, easily spread to the community through inhalation or directly or indirectly contact with the patient’s drainage eye. It easily causes the epidemic disease and a person may have red eyes many times, therefore, need to keep good hygiene to prevent the spread of disease from yourself and others people.

The symptoms of the disease are redness one or both eyes, itchy or burning eyes, the feeling like as sand in the eye, drainage from the eyes, lots of tearing.

How to treat the red eyes?

  1. Cool compress

You can soak the cloth in cool water, wring it out and then apply compresses the affected eyes, place the cloth for about 10 minutes. However, you make sure to use a different cloth for each eye to prevent from spreading any infection from an eye to another eye. Or you place two cool metal teaspoons on the area around the red eyes for up to 20 minutes and relax.

You should carry out this measure three times a day. The simple remedy not only treats the infection but also help the veins shrink, relieve redness, swelling, reduce any itchy from irritation effectively.

Please note: The area around of the eyes is sensitive, so you are sure of the reasonable temperature to avoid making the situation worse.

  1. Warm compress

Take a soft cloth and roll it into the shape fitting your hand. Set it on a heated surface so that it absorbs heat. Then apply gently to the eyes until the heat reduced. You continue warming cloth and place it in the eyes again. Repeat many times until you feel pain, relieve discomfort and swelling.

This method not only improves blood flow to the eyes, make tears shed to push objects out of the eyes but also increase oil production on your eyelids to create more lubrication.

  1. The mixture of honey and milk

You mix honey and milk with the ratio 1:1, then use the mixture to rub the area around the red eyes or you can soak a clean cloth in the mixture, place it on the eyes. After about 15 minutes, you wash it off. It can relieve discomfort, at the same time, honey which is considered as an antibacterial substance with the abundant supplement to vitamin C, iron is able to not only decontaminate but also increase effectively heal.

Please note: Before using honey, you should check the kind of honey you prepare whether to irritate your skin or not. You test by applying a little honey to the skin along the neck or hands for about 15 minutes. Without symptoms such as itch or rash after apply, you should use it, otherwise, you should stop using the kind of honey and select a different type.

home remedies for red eyes

  1. Potato

You cut a slice of potato and put it on the area around the red eyes. You do for 3 successive nights to relieve discomfort. Although this home remedy is not as effective as medicine cure but it can help you feel a lot more comfortable when you suffer pains.

  1. Aloe leaf

Cut a small part of aloe leaf and place it on the eyes for 10-15 minutes. You can also grind aloe leaf and use as eyewash regularly to relieve pain and discomfort. In addition, you can also squeeze aloe leaf into liquid and soak a soft cloth. Place the cloth onto the infected eyes to reduce infection and the symptoms of eyes pain. Besides, aloe have powerful healing properties, can accelerate the recovery process.

  1. Pay attention to your diet

You should supply your diet to vitamin A, B12, C such as spinach, carrots, oranges, avocados, lemons… to increase resistance, make your eyes recover quickly and significantly.

Besides, you should avoid eating the sickly food such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid… which will make conjunctivitis worse and last the duration of the disease longer; the spicy, hot food such as pepper, garlic… will make eyes swelling, itching and redness over. You also shouldn’t eat spinach because the drainage from the eyes secrets as well as avoid using dope, sparkling water, animal fat.

Home remedies, such as compresses, using the natural substances or changing your diet can help relieve any pain for red eyes you experienced.

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