Air Duct Cleaning – Bring the Fresh, Spring Air Indoors

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is essential in any home with central heating and cooling, especially immediately after winter, as we move into Spring, and ultimately summer!

As you can imagine, we keep our windows and doors closed during summer – we also keep our pets indoors too, and this affects the quality of air in our homes. We all know that air with poor quality can lead to numerous airborne diseases.

When kids are at home, their health and safety must be safeguarded at all times, this goes for everyone in the home too, pets included!

City to City, you’ll find a number of air duct cleaning services companies both in your yellow pages, on the front page of your search engine, or via Angie’s list.

Costs at times can be prohibitive, but most ac duct cleaning services companies will work with you, depending on whether you want to clean the whole house, or start room-by-room over time.

An alternative to air duct cleaning would be to get yourself an air purifier – which ionizes the air inside your home, killing impurities instantly.

 How Much Does An Air Duct Cleaning Cost

As stated earlier, prices will differ from state to state, and also depending on weather conditions.
Dry, dusty locales tend to have homes more in need of air duct cleaning, than say cold, wet areas such as the pacific NW.

Prices for this service can set you back from anywhere between $250 to $1000 depending on how big your house is!
Pricey? Depends, this is a once-a-year type of maintenance service, get it done once, get it out of your way, and enjoy spring, summer, and the next winter!

Prices are not regulated, and the cheapest option is not always the best.
That said, most prefer doing it on their own.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a little elbow grease where house maintenance and chores are concerned, I’ve seen some shoddy DIY AC duct cleaning before so, unless you have a penchant for DIY, and you know what you’re doing, I’d say leave this to the professionals, you have enough stress already to add more due to ignorance!

 Where To Find Air Duct Cleaners

My rule of thumb? Always go where the crowd is.
If a company has rave reviews and they’ve been around the block a couple of times, then by all means, contact them and use their services.
However, with the current state of the economy, a lot of start-up companies looking for new clients, might be able to offer you affordable airduct cleaning services.

Do your own due diligence, read up on equipment that these companies are likely to use, read up on reviews, visit forums and blogs online, check out the reputation of some of these companies.
If you’re still not sure or are worried about the costs associated with purifying your home, then contact the start-ups and see what they have to offer.

AC duct cleaning Miami is an expert when it comes to air duct cleaning. They have the right tools and equipment to effectively clean clean the air ducts in our homes. Mostly, these companies use an AC duct cleaning equipment that is a vacuum hose with an attached spinning brush on the end. The brush they use matches the size of the air ducts for a thorough clean. There are also other locations where they provide their cleaning services such as in Houston, Jacksonville FL, Sarasota, Dallas and Boca Raton.

 Why Clean Your Ac Ducts?

It is very important that our AC ducts are kept clean. It is recommended that we clean our air ducts when signs of dirt, moist and mildew is already apparent. Although for some, especially those with allergies, regular air duct cleaning is a must. The cost of an AC duct cleaning is a big factor that affects our decisions. Although, we cannot brush aside the fact that our health is affected when there is poor air quality in our homes.

Our energy consumption is also affected when our air ducts become dirty and clogged. Instead of having cool air in a shorter span of time, more energy is consumed by our air conditioning equipment to reach our desired temperature. Thus, we pay more for energy that is wasted along the way.

 What To Look For

If ever you decide to seek the help of a professional to clean your AC ducts, you must remember that each company uses various methods when cleaning. I believe that the price must be reasonable but the result of the service should not be compromised. Aside from knowing what equipment  they use in cleaning, we should also know what else they do after using their tools. Would they use any antibacterial solution or any special cleaning solution along with their cleaning equipment?

I also personally believe that the reputation of one company must be considered. If they have more satisfied customers, then they must be doing a really good job. They must know the job well and use the proper tools and equipment combined with their knowledge and skills.

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