Carpet Cleaning: How to Clean and Maintain Your Carpets

Clean and Maintain Your Carpets

There are many things that can be done in order to ensure the long life of your carpet, such as regular cleaning done by yourself or by a professional, adding a protective coating afterwards, and necessary spot removal. Depending on your carpet manufacturer’s specifications, you may be required to keep up the care of the material to a particular standard in order to coincide with the warranty. Knowing how to do regular maintenance yourself in addition to a yearly professional cleaning will protect the delicate fibres, making soil and wear and tear as minimal as possible over time. Protective coatings can also be applied that will seal the carpet material from being made vulnerable from soil and stains as well.

The first thing you can do to make sure your carpet stays intact is to always vacuum regularly. Twice a week is a good rule of thumb, but make sure that you inspect and remove any debris from the flooring before running the vacuum cleaner over it to avoid damage that could otherwise be avoidable. Some home owners decide to utilise automatic or robotic vacuum cleaners, which can be configured to clean carpets on a set timed schedule as determined by the user as well. This option may come in handy if you are forgetful or too busy to remember a set cleaning schedule on your own.

As mentioned before, professional cleaning services should be obtained at least once a year, sometimes at the discretion of the warranty set by the manufacturer. It should be noted that having a non-licensed cleaner perform the job for you may in fact void your warranty, which could lead to problems down the road. Make sure to keep a hold of any receipts from the cleaning bills, for they may be requested whenever the time comes to ask the carpet manufacturer to make good on their warranty in the case of material depreciation before its intended time. Having the carpets maintained by a rug & carpet cleaning professional more than once a year may also be a good idea if you have heavily worn areas that require additional attention and care. In addition to keeping up with warranty standards, professionals usually use a coating spray after a cleaning job to protect the fabric from being subject to stain, dirt buildup and other forms of damage as well.

Making sure to properly clean a stain that has been acquired is also very important to maintaining your carpet during its lifespan. If your carpet is new, it most likely has a protective coating on it that will allow you to remove the stain simply by using a towel and warm water. If this protective barrier has worn away, acquire a spot remover liquid and apply as instructed on the label. Waiting to clean a stain after it has dried greatly reduces the likelihood that it will come out completely, so make sure to attend to it as quickly as you possibly can for absolute best results.

Use these tips to further enjoy the carpet in which is installed throughout your home, for neglect over time will definitely cost you in the long run and give an undesirable look. It is best to make a mental schedule in your daily and weekly routine to train your brain into remembering this pattern of cleaning. Doing so will reduce the amount of carpet care costs you have to fork out over time and will and length to the carpets life in general. Neglect over time may require a complete replacement at a hefty price if you want to re-install with quality material.

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