Fashion Tips for Winter: The Right Way to Wear a Pashmina

Pashmina scarf

The Pashmina scarf made its grand debut in the western world in the late ’90s, but it’s still a stylish and fashionable look for winter trends, serving as a shawl, wrap, and simple accessory. If you’re looking for a new way to accessorize this year, consider adding a luxurious pashmina to your closet with a little background on its roots, and a few fashion tips for winter.

What is Pashimina, Anyway?

Pashmina is a blend of high quality silk and wool, and the source of wool is derived from goats that are bred and raised in Central Asia. Pashmina is easily found in Pakistan, India, and Chinawhere it’s been used as a shawl and coverup; the softest Pashinas are a blend of wool and silk, and offers plenty of comfort and warmth for chilly days. Finding an authentic Pashmina scarf can be challenging, and you’ll notice the difference in the texture and overall feel of cheaply made wraps as a result.

Fashion Tips for Wearing Your Pashmina

A pashmina can be the perfect way to top off an outfit and keep you cozy and warm for a blustery day ahead. Here are a few styles that work with this year’s trends:

1. Go Hollywood style. This is the easiest way to wrap yourself up in a pashmina with a simple scarf-style arrangement. For this look, you just wear it like a real scarf around your neck, except you twist it with two different colors for contrast. It pairs really well with a fashionable watch, like this one from Great Watches.

2. Make a noose. This is the classic look that is becoming even more popular this season; the ‘noose’ is created by folding the pashmina until it reaches a quarter of its original size, then tying it around the neck to form a loop. Simple and chic, this is an easy look when to pull off when you’re on the run.

3. Wear it as a stole. This is the perfect coverall when you’re not sure if you need a cardigan for a night out; the stole covers your entire upper body and makes the pashmina the center of attention.

4. Turn it into a full wrap. This one wraps around your shoulders and ties in the front, around your waist. It’s another way to make the pashmina take center stage for your outfit, and easily replaces a cardigan or vest.
5. Wear it as a belt. Your pashmina can be draped around the hips or waist and tied to the side to serve as a belt. It’s a simple addition to a one-color outfit, and you can contrast bold and bright colors with a monochrome outfit for a chic and fashionable look.

The Pashmina can be a great alternative to simple cardigans and bulky sweaters this season, and you’ll find it in different colors, prints, and beaded variations. Try a new look this winter with these tips, and enjoy the comfort of cashmere in a new way!