What is the perfect hair color shade for me? Discover your best hair shade

perfect hair color shade

Do you dream about becoming blonde or are you a lover of warm brown hair?

What you have in mind could be mixing up the rainbow colors to surprise everyone with your hair. Before taking up the coloring kit, it will be necessary to check out all your options and really understand the important facts regarding hair color.

There exist some hair days when all seems perfect, but the oomph is not still there. Your magical transformation time is now!

Changing your hair color could be the key to that miracle! Definitely, what you desire should play a role in the new color you choose for your hair but your natural hair color and complexion must be considered as well.

Keep reading if you are interested in getting some help in finding the colour of hair made for you.

Full colour or just a streak?

The feeling of wowing friends and family may not be your drive but you may rather prefer taking baby steps towards a new color for your hair. It is often worth trying out some streaks, which may provide great ways to get the perfect color to improve nature.

Perhaps you should talk with your local hair salon about their recommendations for your colour.

Hair colouring kits,which are semi-permanent, also offer a secure way to experiment and discover the hair colours which best suit you. This is particularly true for people who have natural light hair or those who don’t like streaks. Semi-permanent hair colour can be washed out quite quickly and it gives you the opportunity to check if the colour works great with your complexion and style.

The very common two-tone look is also an excellent way to check out different hair colours without necessarily colouring your whole head of hair at once:just the colour of your hair endings change!

Enjoy the experiments! You should only go for the permanent hair colour after you are sure you have the colour, which feels and looks perfect for you.

Which Blonde Shade?

Shades of blonde fall between platinum and dark blonde. The lightness of your blonde hair shade should directly relate to the lightness of your complexion. The popularity of beige blonde shades this year is commendable. This hair colour is currently trending. It is really attractive especially when combined with green eyes and faintly tanned skin. A lighter complexion combined with blue eyes work perfectly with champagne blonde hair. Platinum and Ash blonde hair with bluish-violet shades complement soft rosy complexions.

Which Shade of Brown?

Every woman seems to look great in chocolate brown hair. It’s perfect especially for women who are alluring and confident.

The dip and dye technique will serve you effectively if you have long hair and you want to ensure it doesn’t look too dark. Like Sandra Bullock, you can use light brown to dip and dye just the lower part of your hair. Of course, you could instead use lighter colours on top and darker shades on the lower half. If you have long hair, the colour transition would be best around chin level. The colour should change around the ears if your hair is medium long.

People with light complexions and peach or yellowish tinge tend to appear very attractive when wearing warm brown hair shades such as golden brown, chestnut or anywhere between light and medium brown. If you have light skin plus a faint bluish undertone, ash brown shades would be great.

Which Shade of Red?

The lighter your skin, the brighter the red shade should be. Lighter shades of red such as golden red copper and strawberry blonde blend perfectly with light skin and peach-coloured or yellowish shimmer.

Hair colours such as purple or Bordeaux, which have a touch of blue, are ideal choices especially for women having faint bluish-tinged, rosy skin.

Take note that hair picks up red colours quite efficiently, even though it also has the tendency of quick fade. More care is required to maintain red hair shades than other colours such as brown or blonde.

If you are indecisive over brown or red, you may like the idea of colouring your hair with shades of reddish brown such as golden brown, chestnut or mahogany.

Which Shade of Black?

Black hair appears unnatural and stark for a wide variety of skin types. It often fits perfect with women having pale Snow-White complexion. When colouring your hair black, you can add dark streaks of brown to introduce some display of movement. If not, the black hair may appear like a rigid helmet.

Which other colour options are available? Blue,pink, etc…

If you are a lover of unusual hair colour experiments, there is a wide range of very expressive colour displays of exotic birds from which you can choose. The current trendy colours are purple, pink and blue (They have all been tried by Katy Perry!). You may as well be drawn by Kelly Osbourne to try out one of the many popular shades of

Hair Loss and the available surgical & non surgical treatments

Loss Of Hair

Some of us continuously face loss of hair, and this remains to be a permanent issue. With excessive fall of hair, hair care experts remain to be worried and hence, they suggest an immediate hair care regime. Excessive hairfall can lead towards a receding hairline in men specially. Be careful on this, as these remains to be an early sign of baldness. However, experts suggest that, there is nothing to worry as permanent baldness can be treated for a better outcome. 
How can medical treatment help?

It is important to know for most of us, that baldness whether temporary or permanent, can be treated medically. However, doctors might ask you several questions so as to find out the real reason for baldness. Baldness although a very serious issue is very common in men. Doctors have identified a male hormone which is called DHT (Dihdrotesterone) responsible for causing baldness. Please note that baldness can affect you at any point of time, and till any extent. Stress related to certain lifestyle factors as well as an unhealthy lifestyle remains to be a major cause for baldness. However, young men tend to suffer a lot due to baldness as this affects their personalities. Feeling uncomfortable can be a major outcome of baldness, as this affects your personality.  However, a proper treatment regime should be followed in order to take care of baldness affecting your personality.

Taking a temporary solution:

Medical solutions are generally offered in order to take care of baldness at an early stage. Strong medications are available which are approved by FDA. However, medicines need to be consumed under medical supervision and experts suggest that medicines should be taken in proper doses. Medical practitioners suggest that you should take an immediate guidance if you feel that baldness can turn serious. Hair transplantation remains to be the last option in case you feel that baldness is going to last forever. Hair transplantation can actually help you in gaining confidence as it lends a hundred percent natural outlook. The process needs to be taken under the strict supervision of a surgeon.  Experts suggest that, you visit a proper clinic in order to take things forward in an organized fashion. Prices are competitive, therefore, a patient need not to worry. Such services in addition to other options have had a high demand in various cities. For instance, if you take the example of Ludhiana, hair transplantation in Ludhianahas grown to be a small scale industry as such.

Is a non-surgical option available?

The answer is yes, and of course you have nothing to worry. Non surgical options for treating baldness remain to be based on certain aspects related to lifestyle management. Plasma Replacement therapies can be considered in case you prefer to go for the same. Scalp Micro pigmentation technique can also help you to get the exact look you want. Scalp pigmentation can be undertaken in reputed clinics by any patient who would not like to go for a surgical process of hair transplantation.

Various types of hair transplant surgery

Based on various technologies followed for hair transplantation, we can list down a few. Most of the patients would like to continue with Follicular Unit Transplantation which is the most commonly available technology as far as the market of hair transplantation is concerned.  Follicular Unit Extraction remains to be a little inconvenient as it can leave linear scars on your scalp after the surgery takes place. Plasma Replacement therapy is preferably one of the most important non invasive and risk free technologies that can be applied to patients. Cost of incurring hair transplantation varies according to the technology followed. At the same time, reputation of the clinic undertaking the surgery matters a lot in improving prices. Experienced surgeons should be deployed which remains to be one of the most important determining factors that can affect your surgery.

Various types of hair transplant surgery

Take Your Beauty and Spa Business to the Next Level with Promotional Products

Beauty and Spa

Promotional spa and beauty product with luxurious feel is a perfect promotional marketing choice for a business. These are the products that never go out of style. These are unisex products used throughout the entire year. A business can use these products to target any age group.

Promotional beauty and spa products are pretty popular these days. Many small and big brands are using these products as marketing tools to attract new clients. And, a productive marketing strategy with promotional beauty spa products is always rewarding for a business as it increases the sales. This is a quick and dependable way to build your brand. When you give custom made promotional products to your customers, your customers believe that you care about them and their business with you. They feel that they are valuable for you. A promotional product can be used as a perfect thank you gift. You can give the promotional product as a gift with some other product purchased by the customer.

Promotional products have done wonders for many businesses. No matter whether you are in the business of cosmetic products or you are selling custom printed nail polish, these products will be incredibly productive for your business also. Take Femme Promo’s custom printed nail polish as an example. These high-quality wholesale nail polish products will keep your brand in the sight and mind of the potential customers. People remember what they see. When something goes out of sight, it also goes out of mind.

Giving away custom printed nail polish is a unique way to attract and retain customers. The wholesale promotional nail polish is available in a variety of colors. Therefore, a promotional nail polish can easily blend into the color scheme of your company. Reputed promotional cosmetic products companies like Femme Promo can also provide nail polish bottle in a shape that fits your liking. You can get promotional nail polish bottles in personalized shapes.

Custom nail polish or any other promotional product is a one-time investment in the advertisement. These products are Permanent adverts. By giving promotional products, you can make customers your brand ambassadors. Your customers help you in increasing your exposure. And, this exposure is essentially required in the growing competition. The success of a business depends on customers. It is the customer who buys your products and avails the services you provide. Therefore, it is essential to keep your existing and new customers engaged and interested in your brand, especially those who give repeated business.

These products ensure repetitive business with clients. Promotional products provide you with a way to express your gratitude. You tell them that you appreciate and have respect for their support and loyalty. This satisfies your customers. And, this is what one of the objectives of a business – customer satisfaction.

Femme Promo utilizes the potential of promotional products by delivering unique promotional products that convey the message of your brand.

Hiring A Wedding Florist? What To look For While Selecting The Best One

When it comes to planning a wedding ceremony, flowers are an important part of your special day, so finding and selecting the right and a reputable florist for your wedding ceremony is very important. Wedding florist is the only person who can change your boring wedding venue into a beautiful place. He is the only one that gives you a unique style and helps you to express your personality with beautifully arranged flowers. Wedding florist is the ultimate wedding stylist.

Finding and hiring the best florist in London can be a daunting task, but not impossible. In fact, planning the wedding decoration without the floral designer is like a marriage without vows. Same for the flowers, they are also the most important for a wedding. They are not only used to decorate your wedding venue, but they tend to express your heartfelt emotions about your partner that sometimes words will fail to express.


To make beautiful wedding arrangements, hiring the best and experienced wedding floral designer is very important. When you start finding a florist who beautifully makes your wedding decorations, but you are confused because there are lots of florist websites on the web and local wedding florist shops in the market.

Only to stay out from this confusion, here I have written some astounding traits that you have to look for while selecting a wedding florist. Surely, these qualities will help you to select the right wedding florist who can make the best wedding arrangements for you.

1.  Ideal Person : While choosing a wedding florist, make sure that the person you choose has years of experience in their field. Your florist should have greater knowledge about the different varieties of flowers and wedding arrangements according to the latest trends. Your florist should also have the ability to handle the different kinds of blooms in different seasons.

He should be an ideal person who makes their own ideas and would be able to blend with your suggestions. Through which he will make a unique and attractive wedding arrangements to make your wedding day special and memorable for you, your partner and your relatives too.

2. Creative : Always choose that floral designer who’s creativity shows in their work. Your florist should be able to make the beautiful wedding arrangements with your favorite flowers easily in your limited budget. When choosing the best florist, also make certain that he should be optimistic about his creativity and always making efforts to find more creations about the wedding arrangements.

3. Attentive : Always select that florist for your wedding who is always ready to hear your ideas and understands what you want about your wedding decorations. Your flower professional should always keep in their mind your personal taste about wedding bouquet style and other floral arrangements. He would be able to make your dream come true on your special day.

It’s important to find that wedding florist, who understands your imagination and is capable of doing in reality. Your florist should be able to create unique wedding arrangements that perfectly suit your style and personality.

4. Quality Conscious : This is one of the most important factors, that you have to be considered the first. Your florist should also be concerned about the quality of flowers which are being used in all the arrangements. You should choose that florist who always use the freshest blooms to make your wedding bouquet and making all the decorations with good quality flowers.

Your floral designer should have the proper knowledge about the variety of flowers available in your wedding season that are being used for decoration.

5. A contemporary outlook : The florist you choose for your wedding arrangements should have a combination of both the experience and latest fashion. By keeping in his mind your wedding theme, he should be able to make beautiful floral arrangements and wonderful wedding bouquet that meets the latest trends. Additionally, those arrangements and bouquets will completely show your style and personality.

How To Choose Clothes With Blue Shoes for Men?

Different colors and shades of clothes distinguish us from one another. This year, the buzz is all about the color blue. Blue is not only tranquil and trendy but is also vibrant and noticeable. For this reason, the shoe industry for men is all about blue shoes this year.
While men are more comfortable in blacks and browns when it comes to shoes, nonetheless, blue can be rocked equally if paired with the right clothes. Take a look below and gather a few tips and secrets to flaunt blue footwear this season and be the talk of the town!

Casual Clothing


It is no secret that men feel rather relaxed in casual clothing. Why not take the casualness one step ahead and go for blue shoes? If you are planning to go out for shopping at a mall or are planning a rendezvous with friends at a nearby café, let the spotlight be on you when you walk in blue footwear with style.
Simply opt for blue Chukka boots which are ankle high, laced up and come in the material suede. You can pair these boots with your favorite blue jeans, a nice printed t-shirt or even a casual collared shirt. Voila! You will look unique, funky and boyish.

Semi-Formal Events
For semi-formal events such as a BBQ with family and friends or a concert or simply a casual lunch, go blue all the way. Ditching plain blacks this summer will be ideal, trust us!
So, merely wear your jeans or pants, (blue), pair them with a nice sweatshirt or a collared shirt and drape yourself in a nice upper/jacket. As for shoes, opt for tussled pumps or stylish loafers. These shoes come in many different shades of blue, hence choose the shade that goes with your skin tone.

Formal Occasions

Formal Occasions

Like it or not, we all need to attend formal events once in a while. Be it a family gathering, a friend’s engagement party or a wedding, the clothing choices can seem limited. Step up your fashion game and opt for blue shoes this season. Not only will you be eye-candy of the event but the girls will drool over you as you will gain all the limelight.
Get yourself stitched a nice dark blue suit and pair the suit with a nice blue (Right shirt). For the ideal 3 piece suit, either go for a velvet coat or keep it manly and opt for a blue stripe. As far as shoes are concerned, settle no less than oxfords, derby or monks. Check out the Lisbon Blue Derby for the ideal pair.

The idea is to step away from the norm and try something different and set the trend high! If oxfords are not for you, go for a formal manly appeal and drape yourself in a long coat, nice formal pants and wear blue Chelsea boots.

Get all the spotlight this year and settle no less than trendy fashionable shoes.

A Few Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger

Makeup Tricks

Most women think that using bright lights and a phone with a good lenses camera can help you disguise those fine lines on your face, then think again. You might be overlooking some of the easiest tricks to look younger with makeup!

Apart from the makeup hassle, there are a certain other things that you need to incorporate into your skincare routine so that you can prepare your skin for the application. Furthermore, another thing to remember is that using too many products all at once can, in fact, increase the wrinkles and fine lines.


One of the most important yet effective steps of reducing not only the signs of aging, but also making you look years younger before the makeup application. You need to moisturize on a daily basis, but apart from that, you cannot skip this step when you are getting ready. Plus, it is best if you opt for liquid makeup products rather than using loose powder, etc., as it increases the visibility of the signs of aging. The more you hydrate before and after your makeup, the more your skin will glow, even if you are wearing a heavy coverage.

The Right Products:

Nothing seems more youthful than a properly covered complexion. Using the right products can have a massive impact on your appearance, which is why if you are over 40 or 50, then don’t miss out on a liquid concealer at all costs. Even if you don’t experience any dark spots or any other blemishes, even then you need to apply it. Try using the things that don’t require you to use a brush, so that you can keep it in your bag to use whenever it is required.

Warm Tone:

Another great tip for you is to switch your foundation shade to a slight gold one, as it does a great job in hiding the blemishes and lines. Using a warm undertone for your concealer, loose powder, and dermablend foundation can give you a nice glowing effect that can help you in looking years younger! However, it is compulsory that you choose a warm undertone according to your natural complexion, so that you don’t overdo it. Blend it in seamlessly for the perfect makeup finish, and until and unless your foundation is not applied properly, the rest of your efforts of looking younger will all go to waste.

Make certain that you make use of the aforementioned makeup beauty tricks if you want to achieve a flawless look. Apart from that, do not skip your skincare routine and moisturizing at all costs, as you can easily put some proficient gels, moisturizers, creams in your handbag to utilize at all times.

Don’t forget to make your eyes look big and bright with the help of an bareminerals eyeshadow Dubai  that is in the opposite shade of your eye color, so that your eyes can shine bright as ever.