2018 Wedding Planning Tips and Trends

Wedding Planning Tips and Trends
If you have a wedding to plan that will take place in 2018, chances are you’re wondering what the hottest wedding trends will be in color, ceremony, receptions and wedding cinematography styles. It’s oddly comforting to know that the economy has taken a toll on wedding trends, and will continue to do so next year with more simple yet elegant wedding plans.
This means you can breathe a sigh of relief about a lack of funds, and are free to make more unique choices with your wedding and still stay with the times. Home weddings and/or receptions are and will continue to be hot. Having part or all of your wedding at home sets the stage for a more relaxed, and tighter knit wedding than a huge church ever could.
For your wedding, concentrate more on the lasting memories and on the relationship itself, rather than the stress of good hosting and grand showmanship. Remember the spirit of the day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, so use lots of pictures and décor that have meaning for the two of you. Adding small touches and attention to detail will be much more important than having the right number of flowers.

Hire unknown freelancers for your wedding. A local photographers or cake designer will be more attentive to your desires and will work harder to make you happier than a large company. You get the benefit of totally customizable, professional-quality work AND the bonus of a cheaper price (most times.) Of course, ask for work samples or portfolios and work up a contract agreement with the person, as you would with any big company. You might just be pleasantly surprised when you choose to use local artists.
Favors will be hotter than ever in 2018, so don’t skip out on them. These don’t have to be expensive or require hours of bagging. Make them something more meaning full than a box of mints, too. Use something like thank you cards with personal pictures or tiny stuffed animals, trinkets, even magnets. Favors that will last more than a week will be appreciated for years.
The wedding color predictions for weddings in 2018 are bright hued, monochromatic weddings. Meaning a main color of bright royal blue with secondary colors of baby blue or cornflower. Color themes to look for next year include blues, reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, silver and greens. Gone are the tired old layouts of red, black, and white.
Videographers are very cutting edge in their profession, and with guest lists growing smaller to accommodate lower budgets, they are in high demand. Consider hiring a professional to video tape the wedding, and then play the video for guests who may be at the reception, but weren’t at the wedding. This replaces the tired option of the dinner side slides show of you and your finance growing up.
For weddings in 2018, planning around a tight budget is bound to get easier than it has been in the past. Now it is the “in” thing to do, so all stress of appearance is gone. This leaves the door wide open for you to personalize your wedding without looking cheap. Aim for the feeling of “cozy and romantic”.

How Floating Flooring Can Help In Your Home Improvement?

How Floating Flooring

Have you heard about floating flooring? If not it is one of the latest ways which is bringing about home improvement in most of the modern homes of today. Floating floor is a type of installation where people use planks and board to design their floors. This floor cannot be applied for the sub-floor and the basement.

And in some cases, technicians also use some tiles for designing the floating floor, and they attach these tiles with glue and make the floor quickly.  Before we go into further details how this new concept of flooring helps in the overall improvement of homes let us first understand what it is all about.

Flooring materials generally used: 

There may be various flooring materials, which may be used for this type of flooring. Out of the all the material types used wooden floor materials are very popular. There are many reasons for their popularity. When these are used they are attached to one another by gluing or snapping to one another. Floating flooring can be used for the laminated floors, vinyl floor, and engineered and ceramic floor substrate. In such cases, people can paste or attach several boards to design the laminated floor, and similarly, they can also nail and staple down the engineered flooring.
  • These are not attached to the substrate. There are other materials, which can be used for similar flooring. These include plywood, concrete, ceramic tiles or even vinyl sheets.
  • Most people however prefer wooden material instead. One major reason is that wooden materials can be installed faster in comparison to other materials.
  • If you are to use porcelain or ceramic tiles for floating flooring then they must be mortared before they can be used for this purpose. In this regards, you need to apply some adhesive for attaching these ceramic tiles and you can easily design the floating floors with these tiles. But most people like to design their floating floor with wooden boards, because it is durable and it can provide you the great polished look.

What are the benefits of Floating Flooring?

Be it your basement or any other place at your home but the flooring is of prime importance. These types of floating floors can serve as an excellent option in terms of durability, comfort and looks. Thus it is widely used in most homes, commercial as well as office space as on date.
  • These floorings are best for adapting to humidity changes
With changes in seasons humidity levels and temperatures keep changing. These can create expansion and contraction of the flooring in most building materials. Any such changes are easily handled by floating floors. They are therefore better suited to adjust to any changes and are much more durable as a result.
  • Floating flooring is easy to install
In comparison to other types of flooring the method for installing floating floor is much easier. They therefore are also a cheaper option for flooring. Experts feel that engineered wooden floating floors are the best option in terms of ease of installation.
  • Floating floors give a great look and are easy to clean
No matter how great your flooring looks at the beginning but maintenance and cleaning it is the most important. So you need to go for flooring styles that not only have a great look but also easier to clean.

To conclude we can say that it is clear that if you are looking for home improvement solutions in terms of your flooring then floating floors are one are the best options to opt for. But while you must do your complete research before going in for the same.

The Dark Pleasure – Benefits of having dark chocolate

 having dark chocolate

Are you a lover of dark chocolate? Do you crave a bite from one bar at least once in a day for this special treat? Well then here is some good news for you-

Dark chocolate actually has some very good effects on your health! Yes, you heard it right, if you have chocolates you are actually doing your body some effective benefit. But you have to keep in mind that, dark chocolates and not the milk ones have these benefits. So if you are planning on sending chocolates by post to someone who is a fitness freak, then make sure that you send them dark chocolates.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important health benefits that chocolates have:

  1. Dark chocolate is very nutritious when had in controlled amounts. It is not advisable that one has a bar of dark chocolate daily but a small piece will be better for your health than doing it any harm. Chocolate is made from cocoa which is full of minerals like Copper, Iron, Manganese and loads and loads of fibre which is very good for digestion as well. So if had in proper amounts, dark chocolate can prove to be very nutritious for your health.
  2. Recent studies have also shown that having dark chocolate in small amounts can also go a long away in bringing down the cholesterol level in one’s blood and also help in controlling blood pressure. So if you want to send chocolates by post to someone you know who has a history of high blood pressure of cholesterol level in their blood, then this would make a lovely gift for them- tasty as well as good for their health.
  3. There is a lot of speculation going on currently regarding this particular health benefit of chocolates, but there is a high possibility that having chocolates on a regular basis can also bring down the risk of developing memory related diseases in a person significantly. Memory decline naturally begins with old age and this can be pushed back a few years if one has the habit of having chocolate in limited doses almost on a daily basis.
  4. Cocoa has a lot of powerful health benefits and one of them is the presence of a concentrated amount of antioxidants in it. Thus when one has dark chocolate, a lot of powerful antioxidants go into the system that helps in controlling ageing and wrinkling of your skin. Thus dark chocolate is also good for your skin.
  5. There have been many studies in the past which has shown that chocolates are very good when it comes to lowering the chances of having heart diseases. Since they help in lowering the blood pressure and plays an important role in controlling the flow of the blood, hence it has been said from time to time, that chocolates go a long way in lowering heart related disease risks.

Now that you know how good dark chocolate hampers can be for your health in the long term, you can now go and enjoy a bar without feeling guilty!

5 Reasons Why Croatian Coast Is Considered the Most Beautiful Destination in Europe

The Croatian Coast is considered to be the most beautiful destination in Europe. Indeed, the coast is characterized breathtaking mountainous landscapes and deep blue panoramas. Today, with improved infrastructure and a bit of modernization, access to this magical place has become much easier compared to the past.

There is a deep history tying tourism to this destination. It dates back to the Roman Empire era. Presently, apart from natural sceneries, the coast is also dotted with many classy resorts, hotels and sports facilities. Read on to find out why this coast is the most loved in Europe.

I. History and culture

It is very typical of humans to be intrigued by culture and history. The Croatian Coast is like a time travel ship that will let you have a glimpse of the past. Historic buildings in popular cities like Spilt and Venetian ooze vintage art. The ancient monuments in Dubrovnik, for instance, have been classified as Unesco world heritage sites.

Many artistic performances and concerts take place in venues in these cities, attracting many people. There is also remarkable architecture at the cathedrals in Trogir. In North Dalmatia, Zadar town is also home to very ancient churches and old museums.

II. Uncorrupted nature

The Croatian coast is dotted with incredible pinewood. No one can resist falling in love with long sandy beaches backed by greeneries. Places like Istria are not only known for their culture and history but also for the amazing landscapes.

Whether you are looking for a tourist destination, or a place to settle down, you will find peace here. You will love the wonderful scenes of natural trees and vineyards.

III. Natural attractions

Kornati National Park near Zadar has amazing rocky islets only accessible by sailing boats. On the other hand, rolling landscapes, pebble beaches and the rocky Biokovo Mountain makes Dalmatia a place you will always want to visit.

The entire coastline is clustered in a back drop of rolling mountains and a beautiful beach front. The beaches are known for inspiring rock features and clear waters.

IV. Beautiful beaches and cool amenities

You will not miss mangroves, oyster bars and lagoons. Many people love sun bathing as they enjoy the scenic view of rolling landscapes and trees. Popular resorts where clothing is optional include Koversada and Istria.

Here, tourists take their love with nature to the next level. In islands like Rab and Pag, the beaches are most popular for dance and music festivities.

V. Cool amenities

Popular resorts like the Valamar Club also have amazing tennis and golf courses in picturesque landscapes. The city of Sibenik is one of the growing cities on the Croatian Coast. Sibenik has a picturesque neighborhood, with nice facilities and amenities. Many investors are now rushing to this destination for prime Croatia real estate development.

A great number of night clubs can be found on the Croatian Coast and they are known to host nice parties. Sometimes the nightlife extends all the way to the dawn in clubs like the Aquarius in Zrce. Comedy clubs are also wild and will guarantee you a fantastic evening.

Whether you are a tourist or you are looking to settle down there, the Croatian Coast is an amazing place to be.The thrill never ends on this destination with a coastline of 3600 miles.

Mobile Marketing For Online Travel Marketers

travel marketing

Whilst most marketers are sitting and staring, mobile is firmly driving the seat for hotel industry.  According to Google research, smartphones are used by 67% of leisure; 78% of business traveler use smartphones at some point during the process of planning and booking a trip. Hence, a solid mobile search strategy is important to achieve success in any online marketing effort.

Find  things for travel marketing in 2017

  • Make your SEO mobile-friendly:
    At present, most searches take place on mobile devices. Google prefers mobile experiences to rank a site. There are lot of things a brand can do to improve their mobile SEO. Before getting into the strategies, follow these simple ye effective ways to increase natural search traffic –
  1. Make web pages responsive: Responsive sites optimise the structure of web content according to the screen size of the browser.

  2. Define a particular topic per page: Stick to one topic per page of your website and devote all content to that topic. Remember not to make a page ‘container’ of multiple topics. Pages focused on a single topic seem better on mobile screens, as the contents are clearer.
  3. Identify the terms relevant to particular topic: For topic on each page, use “keyword Planner” from Google Ad Words. Google does not charge a single penny to use this tool. Such tools are proved better to plan a paid search, but it works great for SEO for travel agency. Find some natural ways to insert some popular phrases in your page content and it will boost your mobile ranking.
  4. Include simple graphics or informative text: Search engines like lightweight pages. On the other hand, designer and visitors having creative mind want cool pages and pictures that make pages heavier. By eliminating heavy applets and graphic files, you can improve mobile viewing experience. Thereafter, give concise text to engage visitors for long.
  • Deliver personalised experience:

    The key to ensure personalise user experience is collect necessary information and build customer profiles. Retaining records in this way allow you to understand customers’ preferences in advance.

  • Enable location based services:

    88% people search on smartphones. Location-specific offers, directions, maps and localised search results play an important role here.

  • Offer local insights:

    Reputed hotel and airline apps offer local area guides and activity booking tools as well. It makes travel experience richer.

  • Have social media presence:

    Nearly 80% of social media time happens on mobile according to comSore. Social networks are great platforms to stay connected with customers. Ask your travel website SEO company to showcase your rating, followers and contents to win the confidence of your page visitors.

Google and Luth research has identified more than 400 individual moments during real-life travel, 80% of which take place through mobile. If your brand is not present at the key moments in such journeys, you will miss the chances of winning the heart, minds, and money too. Even, it would be a real joy for travelers if companies start anticipating their needs in advance. For example, you can develop an app as an additional service to know a place in more details. By thinking carefully about the way mobile experience cater travelers, you can embrace being digital than the competitors.

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