The Loremo.

I came across the Loremo somewhere in spring 2006, its one of those cars everyone who doesn’t like to fuel up their car will love. The designers of the car claim it will only use 1,5L per 100Km witch is pretty amazing considering that average car will usually drink around 15L for the same distance. Loremo manages their fuel efficiently by keeping it light (450Kg) and aerodynamics this combined with a 2 cylinder turbo diesel engine the Loremo is the most fuel efficient car I came across to far. Loremo came up with 2 versions of the car the LS and the GT, the main difference between the 2 is speed and efficiency. The GT version has 50HP witch translates to a top speed of 220Km/h and will do 0-100 Km/h in 9 seconds, the costs for this extra horse power is gas mileage. The GT will give you 2,7L to a 100 Km and is also about 4000 euros more expensive then the LS. The Loremo LS is more fuel efficient but only has 20 horsepower with makes it considerably slower (0-100 in 20 sec top speed 160) but then a wise man once said “why would I need speed, if your important people will wait”


A 450Kg car doesn’t come across as being very safe, to increase strength of the car Loremo chose to rethink their door locations. On a regular car the position of the doors also brakes up the strength of the chassis. The Loremos door opens by taking the front of in a Lamborghini like way. This allows the car to be split up in cells and have three solid support bars in the length of the car to increase safety and allow for a very good crumple zone

the Loremeo is a great initiative towards 0 emission cars I can only hope other company’s will soon follow . Sadly enough the Loremo wont be in stores any sooner then 2009 so until then I guess were walking.
For more information check their website

Wind Mills

Wind Mills

When we think of decentralized home energy there are a lot of options out there. We can choose, water, solar or wind energy. When it comes to fitting your home with some kind of home energy device people usually think of solar energy, both water and wind power seem to have to many disadvantages and seem to be to costly. Well that’s history now, all over the world company’s are coming up with residential wind mills, wind energy will probably catch on faster then power companies would like. One of these wind mills originally designed by a Dutch engineer is the Energy Ball. By curving the rotor blades in such a way that the center of the mill depressurizes the wind turbine essentially turns in to a wind magnet. In the average wind generator you can see an energy return of about 60% but the unique blade construction of the Energy ball gives a return of about 85% making it very efficient. The other advantage of these types of blades is the noise reduction making the energy ball perfect for residential areas. These wind mills come in 3 types 2 of witch are not for sale yet, the finished one is the V100 this small wind energy device weights about 30KG and will on average produce about 500W with 220V this will not power your whole house but can reduce your electrical bill by about 15%. Assuming the electricity prices wont suddenly rise sky high it takes about 10 years to earn back your investment. But after that its free energy. The energy ball doesn’t require a lot of maintenance just a couple of new rotors every 10 years or so and it will last you for about 25 years by witch time there is probably an other free energy device on the market. The energy ball will set you back around €3000,- and is one of the cheaper residential windmills I came across.

For more information go an see the website at

Jumping Stilts

Jumping Stilts
When you think of environmentally friendly transportation you probably think of an electrical car or a bike, but what’s wrong with walking, our ancestors walked al the way from Africa to were you live now. Humans are pretty good at walking I read somewhere that a human can walk up to 600 Km on the amount of energy one 1L of gasoline can provide witch makes human performance in general quite efficient … but not very fast. So when I came across this gadget I just had to write about it. Essentially they look like an inspector gadget invention. Their called Jumping stilts, Power stilts, 7 League Boots, flying Stilts, Velocity stilts, Bionic boots, Powerskips or Powerizers there seem to be several brand out there in a price rage of $300 and up. The people who came up with this contraption probably did not have a form of passive transport in mind but were more in to extreme sports. However what people fail to see it that these human performance improvement gadgets have the potential of being the ultimate fuel efficient vehicles.

These Jumping Stilts are made out of high performance materials also used in aero space engineering the spring blades in these stilts have a remarkable spring to weight ratio witch allows for the wearer to make kangaroo like jumps and run really fast without to much effort.


Jumping stilts require some training and although I have not seen any “jumping stilts accident statistics” I can imagine you can fall pretty hard. They are a great gadget for the people who are in to the more extreme sports, and all the other ones should maybe stick to inline skates

What is a Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy test is needed to ensure if a woman has conceived or not. After getting pregnant, the blood & urine of the woman infused with a pregnancy hormone also known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hCG is detected by the test & thus pregnancy confirms. The length of pregnancy can also be detected as the amount of hormone is directly proportional to the length of pregnancy. The egg is  fertilized by a sperm cell in a fallopian tube. After six-nine days the egg & sperm merge as the egg moves down the fallopian tube into the uterus & implants to the wall of the uterus. This phenomenon produces hCG in the female body. Let us know some types of pregnancy tests available.

Pregnancy Test

Types of Pregnancy Tests at doctor

Generally there are three widely used tests to detect pregnancy. Those are:

  1. Urine or home pregnancy test– All home pregnancy tests come in easy-to-use kits. One should follow the instructions carefully & check the expiry before giving it a try. This is performed by collecting the first urine in the morning. The test strip should be dipped for seconds. After waiting for 1-3 minutes one may get the result. If the result is negative the test should be done after few days if period or menstruation discontinues. And if its positive or a faint line came then there is a high possibility of being pregnant. Some pregnancy test kits which are available in market are clear view, pregcolor card, pregtest card, velocity easy, prega news, acutest by cadila, & many more. This test is mostly tried & popular as it is easy to use, convenient, accurate & inexpensive.
  2. Blood or Serum test– Another efficient performance given by blood test. After doing urine test a woman should confirm pregnancy through blood pregnancy test as it eliminates all possible doubts due to it’s accuracy & precise results. Doctors take blood sample & confirms from lab about the result. Two types of blood tests are available as-

    • Quantitative blood test– It is also known as hCG. With confirming the pregnancy result it also tells the length of it. It also detects if any abnormality or problem resides.
    • Qualitative blood test– This differs from the former by only confirming the result. Doctors recommend this to be done as early as possible after a missed period.
  3. Digital or Clinical urine pregnancy test– Latest advancements in the home pregnancy test equipment gift us with the digital pregnancy test strips. It is the same process, as by detecting the hormone in the urine it clearly says “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant”. Thus no confusion creates as the first one. It also can be done at doctor’s clinic. As the help of a professional eliminates any confusion and bring accuracy. If one meets with confusion trying once, she can try it at least one hour later of the first test. Clearblue digital pregnancy test is an example of such instrument available in the market.

Curb Appeal: 7 Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Property

You can’t judge a book by its covers, but you can judge a house by its exterior. Regardless of whether you’ve decided to sell your house or not, the outer appearance of your home will leave a certain impact on your guests. And since the first impression does matter, you’d better make it count. Not only will the curb appeal of your property increase its value, but it will also make you feel proud to call it yours. With just a few simple steps, and without too much investment, you can improve the appearance of your home in no time.

Style up the front door

One of the focal points of your home’s exterior is the front door – not only does it welcome your visitors, but it also reflects the interior style. If you don’t want to give your entry a complete makeover, you can make some small changes, such as replacing the door knob, or polishing up the door fixtures. However, you can give it a new look by painting it in a different colour, or installing a new wooden door. Don’t be afraid to express your personal style and taste – after all, your home should reflect who you are.

Lighten up

You don’t want your home to appear gloomy and dark, but welcoming, warm, and lively. Not only will lighting help you achieve this, but it will also illuminate the beauty of your house. Additionally, lighting fixtures can be used as powerful accent details – just make sure to opt for those that work well with the general style of your house. For a symmetrical look, you can place lighting fixtures on each side of your front door. When it comes to your garden, lighting can help you create an intimate atmosphere. By placing lights on the branches of trees, or concealing them in the garden path, you can create a subtler look.

Welcome nature

Your home will look more stylish and colourful if you add some greenery. Of course, if you have a garden, you probably have your natural oasis for relaxation. However, even if you don’t, you can still welcome nature into your home. A couple of plants on your porch in decorative boxes will immediately bring a more natural and cheerful vibe. For a more cohesive look, you can opt for plants and pots that reflect the general style of your house.

Dress up the façade

One of the most important factors that has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal is its façade. Over the years, it’s not unusual for a façade to become worn out and the paint to start peeling off. It goes without saying that this affects the visual appeal of your house immensely. However, you can quickly dress it up and give it a new look. You can cover your façade with easy-to-install composite panels and increase its durability. This way, you’ll transform the look of your house and enhance its curb appeal.

Get the roof in shape

An important element of your home’s curb appeal is the roof, so you shouldn’t just glance over it and move one. Start by cleaning it and removing leaves from the gutters, and then check whether any shingles are missing, or if there are any weak spots. Replacing your roof completely might require a sizeable amount of money, but it will significantly increase the value of your house.

Spruce up your garden

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a beautiful and sunny day in your own garden. However, an unkempt garden is far from a natural sanctuary, and it can create an impression of messiness and disarray. To give it a more polished look, you can lay out a stylish path, replace old and rusty furniture, and clear out the weeds. Afterwards, you can enjoy a glass of lemonade and admire your work.

Freshen up the driveway

A stained and cracked driveway can reduce the curb appeal of your home significantly. Since the driveway and the garage take up a lot of space, you need to maximise their visual appeal. Therefore, you should repair and seal your driveway to give it a new and polished look. Firstly, check it for any weak spots and cracks, and remove stains and weeds. Afterwards, you should fill in the cracks in order to prevent any further damage. Finally, you should apply a sealer, and let it dry for 24 hours.

The exterior appearance of your home is a major indicator of its interior style and your personal taste. With just a few simple updates, you can ensure that your home’s first impression is a positive one.

Valuable Tips on How to Hire a Best Commercial Electrician

If you are running a business, you will not want any electrical issue to hamper your normal workflow. Due to downtime, you may lose both customers and money, which in turn will prevent your business from operating smoothly. You need to fix the electrical issues correctly as fast as possible. If you want efficient work at affordable rates, you must go for Commercial Electrical Services. You can be hassle free if you have all your electrical works in place so that it does not cause you any kind of disruption.

Commercial Electrician

Reasons for hiring Commercial Electrical Services

Your employees require proper environment at their workplace and for this reason, you need to ensure everything in your workplace is well kept, including your electrical systems. They can go wrong at any point of time creating a great mess for everyone. Their failure status can directly affect the productivity of your staff, in turn putting your business at loss. Your first step should be calling for reliable Commercial Electrical Services. The licensed and qualified electricians are able to perform all the operations required to settle down the electrical problems.

Some important reasons for hiring a commercial electrician are:

  • By using an electrical service company, you can decrease the harsh or serious impact of electrical problems that may arise anytime. Thus, you are not just protecting the building but also providing enormous security and safety to your staff.
  • A major electrical problem can disrupt your business. Only commercial electricians can comprehend the urgency of the situation. After considering everything, they will take the best possible move to restore everything in normal order.
  • The professional personnel will visit your commercial building not just with tools but also knowledge to handle any kind of situation related to an electrical problem. They are more skilled than residential electricians as they have completed extensive training.
  • The working technique of the commercial electricians is also different from that of the residential ones. They can tell you how your project can be accomplished at the lowest costs. It hardly matters whether you are engaged in new construction or repairing already existing wiring.

Tips for finding the best Commercial Electrical Services

 Getting an efficient and reliable commercial electrician or electrical contractor can be a tedious process. You should take the time to find the qualified one suitable for your project. A company that provides Commercial Electrical Services shows its excellence in different fields like damaged wiring repair, new electrical work installation or a building renovation. Hence, it is obligatory to hire the right person to complete your work.

In an era of internet and mobile apps, you need few seconds to get a long list of companies offering Commercial Electrical Services. It becomes difficult to select the one fit for your purpose. There are many factors which you need to consider thoroughly before finalizing anything. Here are certain useful tips you can follow to make your searching process easy and smooth.

  • Review all requirements: You can easily find an online electrical engineering firm. But before that, you must make a list of all the things need to be installed, inspected, repaired or replaced. Thus, you can match your list with the service provided by your company. This way you can save a lot of time.
  • Compare the estimate: When you deal with commercial electrical contractors, you must not feel hesitant or afraid to ask for an estimated price for your project. After receiving it, you must compare it with price lists given by other service providers.
  • Check project timelines: You have to ensure that the firm is able to deliver the services within the given project timelines. This will assure that the work will not be delayed unnecessarily.