How To Choose Clothes With Blue Shoes for Men?

Different colors and shades of clothes distinguish us from one another. This year, the buzz is all about the color blue. Blue is not only tranquil and trendy but is also vibrant and noticeable. For this reason, the shoe industry for men is all about blue shoes this year.
While men are more comfortable in blacks and browns when it comes to shoes, nonetheless, blue can be rocked equally if paired with the right clothes. Take a look below and gather a few tips and secrets to flaunt blue footwear this season and be the talk of the town!

Casual Clothing


It is no secret that men feel rather relaxed in casual clothing. Why not take the casualness one step ahead and go for blue shoes? If you are planning to go out for shopping at a mall or are planning a rendezvous with friends at a nearby café, let the spotlight be on you when you walk in blue footwear with style.
Simply opt for blue Chukka boots which are ankle high, laced up and come in the material suede. You can pair these boots with your favorite blue jeans, a nice printed t-shirt or even a casual collared shirt. Voila! You will look unique, funky and boyish.

Semi-Formal Events
For semi-formal events such as a BBQ with family and friends or a concert or simply a casual lunch, go blue all the way. Ditching plain blacks this summer will be ideal, trust us!
So, merely wear your jeans or pants, (blue), pair them with a nice sweatshirt or a collared shirt and drape yourself in a nice upper/jacket. As for shoes, opt for tussled pumps or stylish loafers. These shoes come in many different shades of blue, hence choose the shade that goes with your skin tone.

Formal Occasions

Formal Occasions

Like it or not, we all need to attend formal events once in a while. Be it a family gathering, a friend’s engagement party or a wedding, the clothing choices can seem limited. Step up your fashion game and opt for blue shoes this season. Not only will you be eye-candy of the event but the girls will drool over you as you will gain all the limelight.
Get yourself stitched a nice dark blue suit and pair the suit with a nice blue (Right shirt). For the ideal 3 piece suit, either go for a velvet coat or keep it manly and opt for a blue stripe. As far as shoes are concerned, settle no less than oxfords, derby or monks. Check out the Lisbon Blue Derby for the ideal pair.

The idea is to step away from the norm and try something different and set the trend high! If oxfords are not for you, go for a formal manly appeal and drape yourself in a long coat, nice formal pants and wear blue Chelsea boots.

Get all the spotlight this year and settle no less than trendy fashionable shoes.