How to Carry Out Perfect CCTV Camera Installation?

CCTV Camera Installation

Security of home and commercial establishments are necessary for the owners and it can only be achieved with the help of perfect CCTV camera installation.  Whether you are placing the camera outdoors or indoors, it is vital to follow certain tips and tricks that would help to monitor the movements of the people moving in or out of the premises.

Lighting is the Key for The Users:

If you are installing a camera in the dark, it might not be possible to see the images clearly. The daily and annual position of the sun would go a long way in influencing the decision. In the case of poor lighting, the camera may not work effectively and would soon result in a security lapse. Additionally, care should be taken that any change in weather condition doesn’t impact the resolution of the CCTV.

Special Camera for Low Light:

You should install the low light intensity cameras to get the desired results. They operate on the infrared LED technology to project clear picture in a hassle-free manner. Even if the person is not visible in the naked he/she would be caught with the help of the night vision version.

The Location Is Critical for Effective Performance:

Only an experienced professional is able to identify the location that would help to provide a large coverage area. For instance, businessmen can monitor their manufacturing units by placing the camera at a significant height than the normal. It helps to offer a perfect vision to the users. By deploying the imaginations as well as calculation, one can evaluate the position in an impeccable manner. Experts work in tandem to find the best option for the customers.

Fascia Board:

The CCTV should be placed on the fascia board to capture the imagination of the people. In fact, the point of meeting of the wall and roof is ideal for the regular monitoring job. 360-degree view is essential so that the premises of the homes are secured.

Purchase Strategy:

Before installing the camera, you should measure the area that has to be monitored. Some premises require one camera while other may require many. One should also check the lens of the product. It needs to provide perfect viewing capability to the users. If the images beamed by the cameras are not recognized, the whole process of procurement is rendered futile.

Purchase the Right Type of DVR:

The digital video recorder is responsible for processing and storing of the videos. There are different technical levels of resolution for the users. They can pick any one of them according to their requirements and specifications. Check the frame rate of the Digital video recorder to select the best option. Users should never buy the run of the mill product but focus on the branded version only.

Hire a Specialist:

One can always attempt DIY option to install the CCTV system however for large premises; it might not work according to plan. The wires have to be set up along with the DVR and majority of people end up with the shoddy output. Moreover, in the case of a wireless camera, repeaters have to be installed. In order to prevent nasty surprises and accomplish the task within the shortest possible time, one should immediately contact the CCTV system expert.

contact the CCTV system expert

Installation seems to be a simple process but it should be completed under the guidance of expert professionals only. You should use the internet to find the company providing requisite services. There is a different option for the users, therefore visit the website and find the quality of customer support before zeroing in on the best alternative.

What You Need to Know about Ad Exchange and its Benefits

Ad Exchange and its Benefits

If you are familiar with digital marketing then you must have come across the word ‘ad exchange’ in your daily coffee conversations. Just like how a marketplace is a platform that brings together buyers and sellers, similarly, ad exchange is a marketplace for online advertisements.

To elaborate further, an ad exchange is a virtual market where publishers and advertisers are brought together on the same platform, to interact and participate in online display advertising from a list of participating sites. An ad exchange enables buying of high-volume, low-price inventory, that too in real time.

This exchange of online ads is carried out in a competitive auction-based manner where publishers place their unsold ad inventory and buyers can bid on this inventory through an automated interface. A publisher that owns the ad exchange site requests for ads to be placed.

The greatest advantage of ad exchange is that it eliminates redundant middlemen which in this case are ad networks, from the entire ad buying and selling process. It connects the two parties—advertisers and publishers, directly, enhance transparency and most importantly, it controls costs from shooting through the roof as the entire process is controlled through an automated bidding system.

An ad exchange is advantageous not just big companies but also for an average website owner who wants to earn additional income through giving space on his websites for online advertisements. With ad exchanges in place, he no longer needs to pitch for ads, build its own clientele, and do the maths to come up with monetization figures that make business sense, or even pay a cut to middlemen in the process.  With ad exchanges, half is job is done. All one needs to do is enrol in an ad exchange.

You are thus not only saved from finding and managing advertisers, but you are in fact able to maintain a steady stream of income to cover your operational costs and even some more. With ad exchanges, small time website owners can turn their business into hugely profitable models by getting ads placed on their websites.

Ad exchanges want that the ads that are placed on any website should perform. This means they have built-in algorithms to ensure that the ads are of high quality, well targeted and relevant to website visitors, so that more and more clicks are generated. Through ad exchanges you can connect to a large number of advertisers. Ad exchanges enable you to connect to global traffic. These exchanges will have a wide array of ads, and thus can align varied mix of advertisements on your site. This in turn ensures higher click-through rate for the ads placed in your website, leading to more revenue through ads.

Ad exchanges work great for the average website owner because on doesn’t need selling skills. With ad exchanges in place, you don’t need to bargain and negotiate with advertisers. The ads are placed on the website through an automated network, and at a non-negotiable fixed price.

Transparency is another major advantage. Ad exchanges enables advertisers a complete view of where their ads would be featured or the pages that are currently running in. This lets the advertisers give a view of potential ad performance, and get know exactly what is working and what needs to be changed.  Some ad exchanges take transparency to a whole new level by allowing advertisers to see their competitors’ bids.

Another significant advantage of using AdServer Solutions is that your operations are rendered cheap. Inventory on ad exchanges can be purchased for very low CPMs, often below $0.50. Even banners with a low click rate can deliver a very low cost per click.

In a nutshell, ad exchanges enable seamless interaction and collaboration between publishers and advertisers, leveraging technology. It cuts down unnecessary operational costs and allows publishers to get the best price for their ad space and lets advertisers target relevant users.

How and Where to Find the List of the Top 10 Protein Shakes?

Protein Shakes

The weight gaining has become a universal health issue among the people. In fact, the inefficient digestive system, fast food consumption, and less physical exercises always lead the increase in body weight. On the other side, it has become a more complicated thing for the people to execute specific physical exercises to stay fit, prevent obesity and maintain the body smartness. Anyways, if you are suffering from obesity issues, you should come to read and use the top 10 protein shakes. These shakes are protein rich, while all of these shakes are the extracts of organic sources and foods that have concentrated protein in pure form. Today, it is very simple for you to find the best retailers, stores and shops to buy the top protein shakes for burning fats and achieving ideal fitness level.

The online search is the best way to find the best protein shake just in few minutes. Anyhow, Rule One Protein, On Gold Standard Whey Protein, Muscle Tech Phase 8, Combat Protein Powder, Rule One Whey Blend, Myotein, Zero Carb Protein Powder and Core Performance Whey Protein Powder are extremely popular, efficient and 100% satisfaction guaranteed protein shakes that work fast and deliver the results to users just in a week or so. All these are more reliable, trusted, recommended and highly efficient protein shakes for the weight loss. On the other side, you can also find the top 10 protein supplements that work quickly and burn the fats completely. All these products are available on online stores and the shops.

Know All about Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ordinary split AC or window AC works on the principle of triggering the compressor when temperature reaches a higher level that what is set. The unit then works to cool the room, so that the temperature on an average remains at the set temperature. In this scenario, what we have is a room that gets hot and then suddenly gets cooled with almost a sine wave type cooling cycle. Reverse cycle air conditioning maintains the temperature of the room almost steadily at the set temperature.

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems use inverters which raise or lower the frequency of the supply to the AC unit ensuring a steady performance. An inverted reverse cycle air conditioning keeps the temperature within +/- 5% of the set temperature. This considerably reduced the running cost and offsets a tad higher initial investment.

This revolutionary climate control system is suitable for both home and office spaces too. More and more people are opting for this environment friendly and extremely power efficient technology for home climate control.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Advantages of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

We all have seen ducted air conditioners in commercial buildings. The same mechanism is now being introduced to our homes, by being able to route cooling, heating, or humidity exclusively to the desired rooms and even exclusively to the desired zones of the room by channelizing the ducts.

  • You can climate control more rooms.
  • You can climate control a particular zone of the room.
  • You do not have to waste energy or cooling by having to cool the entire house using multiple split AC’s.
  • You can control both cooling temperatures, heating temperatures, as well as humidity.
  • By incorporating the inverter ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system you can save on your power bills.

Climate controlled air, moves through different zones of your house through vents that are installed in your ceiling and can be concealed by false ceilings. The outlet into your room is through vents which are not obtrusive and adds to the aesthetics than a split AC indoor unit. The vents can be chosen from a wide range of designs that suits the aesthetics of your room.

The ducts can be pre installed during the time of construction and can be passed over false ceilings and thereby not affecting the aesthetics of the room. These ducts have filters which ensures that we have a cleaner air circulating in our homes.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is more silent than any other AC units. Reverse cycle is used to name the ability of the unit to undertake both heating and cooling cycles. This unit makes a rapid spike in heating and cooling functions and then stabilizes on the desired temperature without overshooting the set temperature. This system uses R410A ozone friendly refrigerant.

The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system has a powerful operating mechanism that is low on maintenance. This system is easy to install and easier to use. These can be controlled by user friendly remote control devices. These revolutionary power efficient cooling systems now come with a 5-year warranty to encourage more users to opt for this total climate control solution air conditioning system.

Spring Edge introduced SMS Add-on Marketplace For E-commerce Industry

Bengaluru based business communication company Spring Edge, Today announced the launch of its add-ons marketplace which enable developers to use voice and messaging functionalities in applications with one-click installations without writing complex code.

Using these add-ons, developers who use spring edge’s API to power the messaging features of their apps and services can easily combine spring edge’s messaging services with applications. Add-ons developed keeping in mind various important factors for enterprise customers such as reliability, security, scalability, budgeting and user management.

“SMS gateway plug-in service is created as a result of a great demand in the market. Many tech, crm and e-commerce companies had shown keen interest to integrate sms services in their products thereby enhancing their customer value proposition. The sms gateway plug-in service provides the ability to notify and communicate with the customers instantly.” mentioned by Spring Edge, on the occasion of the launch.

Founded in 2014, core services of Bengaluru based company includes messaging and voice communications with comprehensive and customized platform for all business scales. The company offers customers complete flexibility by offering clients complete tailor-made solutions as per requirement and have more then 500 paid clients and the numbers are increasing day by day.

Spring Edge is working with more partner organizations to develop add-ons for their product platforms to build communication right into their product apps with one click installation add-ons. These add-ons are available for spring edge’s Programmable sms, Programmable voice and other related spring edge services.

Spring Edge

By Launch of add-ons, spring edge allow developers to do more with less code. In order for a large scale business to flourish it is very important for businesses to engage with their customers, Enterprises today are looking for solutions that enable them to reach customers rapidly and more efficiently.

Tinder Platform Anticipate Meeting Your Matches in Future

Tinder Platform Matches in Future

Now a day online dating has become intensely famous, with 38 percent of American person who is single or looking for any relationship and therefore having experimented with it. Mobile dating applications have become especially common in the current years. The most evident shift of these applications authorize is the ability to find and interact with nearby possible mates. Therefore location on based services has long been brag about as a finical revolution like hailing taxis and maxi cabs. However, only recently has the introduction of people become famous. One of the applications stands out in the attention.Tinder app presents the people who use this app with photos of other people who is near to them and therefore the people who use the platform are then granted to either give like or dislike the pictures for the recent posts. If two people like each other with the pictures, they will be given the chance to communicate through the text messaging and this type of process is called a match. When in the face the past dating services have focused on matching on the people who having the same interests in the Tinder platform, instead, matches on the locality area.

Thus, by aim attention at on the first impressions and this is important too, Tinder authorizes a cut-down version of the online dating site or in-app, without any of the specification that makes it potential to understand the wide characteristics of the possible mates. In spite of the popularity of the Tinder app platform, there is a specific lack of research on the usage of the application. As first the heterosexual dating application, we are specifically interested in understanding the communication between the two genders of humans, as its original style of the matching and uncertainty in user resolute to increase many queries that have not been analyzing yet.

In this app, first of all, they will ask how gender force matching and the messaging service rates for the Tinder application profile. Previous work has found clear the variation between how the genders seek the romantic engagement; as such, they are peculiar to know how this converts to the normal matching and therefore the usage style of the Tinder platform. The second thing they ask, what profile typical feature are usual in the Tinder platform, as well as which the features can create a strong impact matching and the messaging rates. Although the previous online dating analysis has shed insight on the behavior of the people who use this service and these usual services differ highly from how the Tinder matches the users on the service.

To delve into these questions, they have act a measurement for the stump of the Tinder app. they have built a number of curated profiles, which they have added into London and New York City. They have used these profiles to the monitor and the way others respond to them, especially in terms of the matches and the consecutive text messaging. Through the data on almost half a million consumer, we show that the two common genders exhibit the completely different matching and the text messaging mode.

Women are tending to be highly discriminating in whom they like and have confident, leading to a need for the matches for the men who is single. Men, on the other hand, are more considering in their practices, by putting like for a far huger capacity of women. This mirrors things many are sociological attention about the pairing, although the Tinder application seems to act out completely extreme and this is examples of this.

Our verdict to suggest a feedback loop, whereby the men are running to be less discriminating in the hope of securing a match, whilst women are raising driven to be more selective, safe in the understand that any profiles of the user they like will regularly result in a pair. This leads us to analyze key features that effect on the user matching rates. They show that normal and usual improvements that can considerably raise the popularity and this, particularly for the men. Interestingly, these raises come primarily from the women who reply more actively to these accounts improvements. In addition to that, the app also acts a user questionnaire to approve and extend our interpretations of the information.

A match made in heaven?

First, the app wishes to analyze the variation in matching and the messaging rates rank for the male and the female users on the Tinder application. They hypothesize that, in the line with development of the social theory, gender will have an important reason for these measures. They start by simply analyzing when the users choose to use the Tinder application. The usage of the Tinder application in the London city profiles. Therefore it clearly shows that the how they entirely use the application for the dating purpose and therefore they use around 9 to 18 hours in the online site.

Find matching within 5 years:

As accepted by the Sean Rad, the look for the Active Information making of matching for you does seem a little bit scary. But, it also might just be the way to verdict better possible matches with the loved one. With Active Information are able to search by ransacking via user profiles which are faster than any other human, it could build perfect matching which is based on the interests, musical taste, hobbies and so on. Without a people who use the app is having to swipe without end to left or right. That said that the Active Information does seem to express the outcome in future where they are taking the matter of love into your own hands is no greater than a thing. Therefore they asking a simple question why to try to discover a match for you when you can just get into some data and have an Active Information do it for you and this will help in future.

But it to be honest and fair, let’s all allow that the first and foremost thing a Tinder app user does when looking for a possible date is look at user photos. They are immediately peaked to the physical attractiveness but it is not certainly interesting. Still, if we take the key of the Tinder app by using the Active Information a step further, maybe it will one day select possible dates based on the physical attractiveness of the other person with opposite general for us as well. It would not automatically be hard to have a user to upload a few pictures of the people and therefore they are attracted to the user of other, and then have an Active Information search by ransacking through the Tinder app profiles of yours looking for same people which is based on the facial recognition technology in the app.

Therefore the future lives and breathes of the Tinder app on its capacity to stay the most famous application for getting the people which are composed and into the relationships. More currently the opposing services like bumble that have to display the signs of disrupting the dominance of the Tinder app. The key selling point of the Bumble is the fact that the women who have to initiate the conversations with the guy.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies is a leading social and mobile development company which has launched a Discreet Dating App called Datingo . I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

Why Do You Need to Tow Your Cars to The Servicing Centers Periodically?

Is your car getting stalled in the middle of your journey?  Have you neglected and denied your car a much demanding service for a long time?  Then, without a second thought, tow your car to the garage and get it serviced by the expert technicians.  These people check for the minor to major damages in the car and replace the malfunctioning parts before they get permanently damaged.  This helps you to drive safely with high confidence when you hit the roads for a long drive in your car.  There are many people who offer car servicing. However, you need to hire an expert car service technician to get this job done proficiently and effectively.  These people use latest technology and tools to improve the performance of your car.

So, no matter whether you have purchased a normal car or a luxurious and plush one, you need to get it serviced on a periodical basis to keep it in a healthy condition and reduce costly repairs.  Unfortunately, many people who use their cars every day tend to ignore to give it for servicing, resulting in significant repairs which will burn holes in their pockets.  Ideally, the technicians will check out for the flat tires, clutches, and other crucial components of the car.
  • Avert breakdowns on roadsides:  You cannot imagine the situation of your car getting breakdown on your way to office for attend an important meeting.  Basically, the breakdown would be of many reasons.  Few of them include leaky fluids and other minor problems that are often overlooked. However, when you give the car for servicing, you could never experience such stressful and frustrating situation.
  • Improve the fuel efficiency of your car:  When the car is not sent to the garage for a long time, it consumes more fuel and eats away your money.  Undeniably, the car that is kept in a proper condition would consume less fuel despite travelling miles together.  Basically, when the car is given for servicing, the engine of the car is inspected thoroughly.  The engine that is well-tuned will make your car fuel efficient, thus saving money and thereby the environment.
  • Check the condition of brakes:  There are high chances of you ramming into another vehicle due to failure of brakes.  Failure of breaks is menace for both the people inside and outside the car.  The brakes should be inspected and adjusted to ensure high safety.
  • Curtail wear and tear:  Each and every part in the car should be kept in a proper condition.  In case of some parts stops to function properly, the stress is shifted to the other parts of the car, compelling them to wear down.  When the components are worn out, you would need to replace them before their guarantee period.  However, by handing over your car to a certified technician, who will fix the technical glitches immediately can help you get rid of these problems.
  • Check the car lights: When the car is given for servicing, the lights are to be checked for any cracks or damages.  Undeniably, you would not be able to notice whether your car lightings are working properly or not, until and unless you check the same.  However, these people will check them on your behalf and replace the damaged ones.
  • Improve the longevity of the tires:  These are the important car parts that assure high safety.  You need to get the tire pressure checked periodically.  However, during the car servicing, the technician will check the tires and replace the tires that are in deteriorated condition and let you have a smooth drive all the way.
Given above are some strong reasons why you need to tow your swanky or normal car to the car service center regularly.

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You Can Stay Quiet, While The AI Chooses a Potential Pair in Tinder

You Can Stay Quiet, While The AI Chooses a Potential Pair in Tinder

The online dating markets is flourishing and guess what, the developers are planning to make it even more exciting by including the technology.

The founder of the Tinder online dating app, Sean Rad in a report said that the dating platform is going to incorporate with the hint of artificial intelligence that can help the Tinder app users in finding the right match. By using the artificial intelligence in the dating platform, the dating app will show the best match.

Most of the traditional online dating apps offer the bowling nights and cookery classes at the moment, but by the use of the augmented reality the users can experience everything in the real world, as if it happens in the room. Though some apps do not use much of the technology, it allows the users to reach out to the best matches by asking tons of questions, by analyzing the answers of the user and their interest- the app matches them with best set of matches.

With the use of the artificial intelligence, the online dating apps will know better about the person more than himself/herself.

Lack of discretion

When the dating apps are more intelligent in matching the best pair for the online user, then there are chances for the app to leak the privacy information about the user with the third parties.

As a plan to showcase on how the online dating application over-share the personal information of the users, the Privacy International set up a spoofing online dating site. The Privacy International is a privacy awareness pressuring group based in the United Kingdom. It is a registered charity center that promotes and defends the right to privacy across the globe.

The main objective of the charity group is to promote the human rights of privacy all over the world and to set out the Universal declaration to the human rights. Some of the specific conventions and declarations are,

  • To seek the way by which the IT can be used in the privacy protection
  • To increase the awareness, provide educational materials and conduct research regarding the surrounding threats about the personal privacy.
  • To monitor the effectiveness, nature and the extent of the measures to protect the privacy and to find out ways via the information technology to safeguard the private information of the public
  • To work in the international and national levels to offer an effective and strong privacy protection

The reason behind the group spoofing a dating site is to create an idea for the people to stop proving personal information in this kind of dating application as that makes them a marketing material. The charity group is concerned mainly with the match group of Companies- it is an organization that operates an octopus kind of operation that is seen in the online dating applications. All the personal information of the users can be shared with many people that can be a very serious issue in the end.

When a person registers himself in the online dating app, he will furnish most of his personal information in the site like the passion, interest, sexual preference, taste, political views. Though the app matches with the mutual match, everyone must be aware of the fact that all the popular dating apps in the market are linked with a large group.

The Privacy International refreshed the Privacy Policy of the Tinder app, according to the policy terms the company has the right to seek the personal and non- personal information about the users from all the business partners, Match businesses and other third parties.

Future of love through AI

The Tinder online dating app is the popular app among most of the online daters and the app has more than twenty billion parings since the establishment of the app in 2012 and now the app has grown to fifty million active users.

The dating site is in the process of including the artificial intelligence in the dating app that will connect analyze all the users and pair the users with the potential match. And the artificial intelligence has the capacity to scan all the profiles faster than the human and it is capable of pairing the matches based on the passion and interest of the person. So the users in the Tinder app need not worry about the concept of rejection and they also need not waste time in swiping right or left to find the best pair as the AI takes care of it.

Tinder concept

The Tinder online dating application is a social search mobile application that uses the Facebook to communicate between the users having mutual interest. The users using the app choose a mutual pair by looking at the profile picture and use the swipe motion. When a user finds a potential match, they can swipe right and they can swipe to the left when they are not interested on the picture and move on to the next profile.

As the Tinder users choose their date simply by looking at the photo, they look out only for the physical attraction. And if the online dating application is using the Artificial intelligence, then there are chances for the AI technology to select on potential matches based on the physical attractiveness and preference of the user. And it will not be difficult to have the user upload some of the pictures of the people they are interested in, so that the app can match the users with the people who look similar to the photos they have uploaded on the app using the facial recognition technology.

The founder of the Tinder online dating application said that within 5 years of time the company will launch the app that is collaborated with the AI, and makes the process of searching the potential match easier for the users.

However, analyzing all the profiles and going through a set of profiles in the application platform is the interesting part of the online dating platform. And if these things are taken out from the platform, it will be difficult to understand the person when they are met in the real time. Also the dating application is the number game and at present the app uses primitive information like the location, age and mutual friends of the user. The mutual friends are analyzed by the interest fact of the user in the Facebook, like the things they ‘like’ in the social media platform.

The augmented reality is a technology that overlays all the digital images into the real life scenario as a person walks and so far the only application that uses the augmented reality technology is the Pokémon Go that helps to bring the players together, however it is not the relationship application but presumably most of the people are looking for this kind of technology that will help in finding out the relationship status of a person without asking them.

The future of the dating application lies on the fact that the ability of the app to remain as one of the leading dating apps that help to hook up people and fall into a relationship. However, the app should ensure that it does not encroach the common decency, privacy and manners of the app users.


Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo app is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.

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Travel Industry Gears Up for the Fast Lane

Travel Industry Gears

Travel is not merely an industry, it is an emotion, it is a feeling, and, just like any deep emotion or feeling, people takes it slow and easy and lets it seep in. This is why travel is associated with leisure. There is no hurry. There is no immediate deadline to be met. Or, so, it has been till recent past.

The last couple of decades witnessed major changes and shifting of the paradigm in the travel industry. The urgency with which changes took place and the speed of delivery of service that is being aimed at in the travel and tourism industry is anything but leisurely.

Technological advancement restating priorities in travel and tourism industry

Ever since the introduction of Internet access to information across the globe has become easier. It has also become highly affordable across the world. However, a major change came with the introduction of the Smartphone. The handheld device with the power and functionality of a mini computer made it possible for information to be mobile as well.

Today, a person looking for flight tickets simply needs to log into any one of the travel planning websites and access the airline reservation system. A few clicks later he/she will have the ticket confirmed. Similar is the case with various hotel reservation systems. This convenience and mobility have transformed user experience. A mobile application is able to perform the job of travel agents. Thus, faster response time and better customer service have become priorities for the travel agencies.

Disruptive forces are gathering momentum

While some will state these as disruptive forces, others might see them as stronger competitors. Whatever be it, fact remains that the travel booking software is a major threat to the traditional travel agencies. The past 20 years saw a decline of 50% in the number of bookings happening through the travel agencies. The reason is the availability of online travel booking software that transformed the way booking of flight tickets and hotel reservations are made.

While the internet indeed played as a disruptive force threatening the business of the travel agencies, the next big threat came in the form of the Smartphone. Allowing people from across the globe access to the Internet on the go, the Smartphone has opened up the horizon that was not presumed to be possible earlier.

Today people can access the airline booking system directly with the help of a mobile based application. The process is faster, more secured and simpler. Most importantly, it is accessible by a vast majority traveling via airlines, if not all.

The tourism industry is looking at a boom that is unprecedented. Yet, there are a fast declining number of people opting for the travel agents for the purpose of reservation of travel and accommodation, a key component in the tourism service segment. The force that has been gaining momentum is both constructive as well as destructive. It is a time the tourism industry take note and make arrangement to harbor the positives of the force for their own benefit.

Wielding the force

In the past decade, the travel agencies are trying to cope up with the challenge being presented, first by the Internet and thereafter by the Smartphone providing greater access to the Internet. Rising popularity of travel software for tour operators is certainly a sign that the travel agencies are restructuring themselves, and that too at a fast pace.

Today most of the major travel agencies have their very own mobile applications. Mobile applications not only allow a better and greater reach and penetration but also important insights into the needs and wants of the users. Thus allows the creation of customized deals and providing promotional offers best suiting the needs of an individual.

As a tourist, with all the available features via the mobile application ad web-based portals, we will always wish to receive personalized service and best customer support. This can only be guaranteed through the integration of information technology with the existing services provided by the travel agencies. And, if the recent trend is to be believed, the travel agencies are certainly heading that way.

A road yet to be built and traversed

Even though the initiative has been taken and change is occurring, the road is yet to be built. Personalized travel agency software is the need of the hour. It must be able to handle the requests of the tourists and make special arrangements as per requirement and availability. While technology is progressing at a fast pace, human intervention still holds good. There is a reason why 70% of the total tourists still rely on travel agents for taking care of their travel planning. There are areas where human intervention will get the better result as compared to an automated system.

Functioning of the leisure industry isn’t leisurely anymore. The travel industry is in the fast lane and unless they continue to keep gearing up, they will fall behind once big data makes it possible for automated systems to be as competent as human agents.

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Top Sales Trends to Watch Out in 2017

Top Sales Trends to Watch Out in 2017

The Internet and the web have enabled access to information easy to the consumer at the click of a mouse. The customer no longer depends on the information provided by salespeople. Now when a consumer reaches out to a salesperson, he/she already knows a lot and needs answers to specific questions.

That’s why salespersons have to change and abandon their traditional role. The following trends are likely to have a direct impact on the bottom line in 2017. If you’re not planning for these trends you could be falling behind your competitors. If you think you don’t have the right training capabilities  in-house, it is always advisable to depend on sales training professionals in  Spokane, Washington.

 1) Automation, Technology, and Artificial Intelligence likely to play crucial role in Sales

Advancements such as call or email intelligence will make the sales process more efficient by supporting and training staff. Advanced technologies will ensure better coaching of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) based on input data and success outcome data. Their calls can be automatically recorded, transcribed, and understood via instrument, helping managers train their staff more effectively.

As a result of this and other AI technologies, the SDR position is likely to be crucial and holds greater value at the end of 2017. Employers will focus on hiring the right SDRs and retain them.

2) Customer Success Leads as a Growth Engine

Bringing a new client can cost 500% more than keeping current ones. While spending time on the right audience lowers customer churn rate by 5%, it can increase a company’s profitability by 25-125%. It is a proven fact that current customers usually convert at a higher sales price and faster. Current clients are often neglected because the focus is always on new leads.

Companies focus on getting more outbound and more inbound leads, but they miss the third one the current clients. A new customer success position for driving the success and adoption of the new technology might emerge with a focus on if there is an upsell potential in the business.

3) Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing are two sides of the same coin but their goals often aren’t. Marketers complain that salespeople ignore marketing materials and often walk away with all the credit. Salespeople on the other hand complain that marketing people deliver poor quality leads that don’t translate into sales. The best companies have a marketing and sales alignment tied toward the ultimate goal of revenue and customer satisfaction.

Successful marketing leaders are the ones working in tandem with Sales to create an alignment of Account Based Selling (ABS) and Account Based Marketing (ABM) on top accounts. According to Dunlap, accountability and transparency for how to land and expand named accounts will be the key in 2017.

 4) Fast action based on Human – technology combination

Customers make a decision based on when you contact them. Marketing Automation in association with a team can make decisions faster. It’s a formula for success: increasing sales and seizing the opportunity without alienating your customers.

For example, the system identifies user’s interest. You need a skilled professional who will research the person quickly before dialing his number. A smart salesperson doesn’t call blindly but he calls after making proper home work to swing the deal in favor of the company.

 5) Transparency and accountability is the key to revenue success

For best policies every point of the sales process right from engagement to close needs to be accounted and monitored as there is no perfect blueprint for any one particular sale.

The takeaway is to mine and analyze your company data to better understand the sales, set new processes for training and develop benchmarks. Getting smart depends on knowing your sales structure and creating repeatable success. Companies in 2017 will focus more on understanding what makes a deal more likely to close and how to emulate that process for future deals.

6) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are the new kingpins

Technology has brought a paradigm shift in the way a product is perceived and sold. The digital and social media revolutions are in full swing, and if you are not immersed in the nitty gritties of modern communication from Facebook to Snapchat chances are you won’t be able to harness clients. Right now, there is an abundance of information available to customers via public domain through social media and third party sites, but how can the average salesperson handle that?

SMEs, such as Digital Marketing Managers will fill this void with their deep knowledge of markets and value selling. They will help position a company against the competition with their understanding of the solution landscape.

The ability to leverage new sales technologies, through the hiring and utilization of digital experts in the larger interest of the organization will become more and more vital in 2017.

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