Terri Lynn Land should run for the US Senate – and the GOP should support her

Terri Lynn Land

I think it’s time for Michigan Republicans to get behind one candidate for the US Senate and start working on winning in 2014.  I think that candidate is Terri Lynn Land.

Why Terri? Two reasons:

1) She can win.
2) She wants the job.
The other two major names tossed around – Justin Amash and Mike Rogers, do not have both of those qualities.
She can win. I don’t think Amash could.
Every Michigander in the state knows Terri Lynn Land – they’ve seen her name for years as our Secretary of State.  While it will take work to convert that name recognition into support for her campaign, it’s a far better position to be in than not starting off with statewide recognition.
Justin Amash’s has support in Grand Rapids, but where else in the state?
More damaging is…what is he notable for?  Amash royally irked the House leadership. So much so, they bounced him off the House Budget committee – a plumb assignment for any member, especially one early in their career.
In retaliation, Amash tied to lead a coup during this January’s reelection for Speaker Boehner during the opening of the 113th Congress.
These are not the traits of teamwork and comity many Republicans are looking for.  Ever hear of Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment?  Amash will win reelection in 2014, but his career will be stymied until he understands the value of working with others.
She wants the job. Rogers doesn’t seem interested.
To be honest, I think Mike Rogers would have an easier time winning than Terri Lynn Land.  Rogers has good name recognition and a strong leadership-oriented brand – he comes across as a serious person doing serious things.
But, he’s been avoiding making a decision on the Senate – perhaps he’s waiting for a shot to be FBI Director, perhaps he’s unsure if wants to let go of a sure seat in the US House, with a great committee assignment as chair of the important and high-impact committee on Intelligence.
I wish Rogers had made a decision either way instead of neither.  I get the feeling that he would run while being distracted by his duties in the US House.  I would admire a Rogers’ Senate campaign if he decided to quit as Intelligence Chair to focus on running – thus showing he was in to win.
Time is ticking, and the GOP needs someone now who will give it their all and has a chance at winning.  There’s no guarantee of victory, but we need someone running now.
That person should be Terri Lynn Land.
What do you think? Could Land win?  Why or why not? Leave a comment below!