5 Tips on Spontaneous Wedding Photography

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Wedding reports have changed dramatically in recent years. Most wedding couples flee from the images of traditional and excessively posed weddings, looking for a spontaneous and more natural wedding photography.

This way of photographing is not simply to point the camera and shoot constantly. Nor is it an excuse to photograph with poor care settings or bad lighting, but it requires a series of skills, attitudes and aptitudes to achieve that naturalness in photographs while we go unnoticed.

In this post I will share some ideas and tips that I hope will help you to photograph a wedding with a more natural style.

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1. Know your equipment and use it wisely

Knowing your team well is something basic, both in wedding photography and in any other photographic discipline. When it comes to capturing moments that just last a moment you can not afford to be fighting with the buttons or looking at the back screen of your camera.

It is highly recommended that you leave the flash off unless it is absolutely necessary, since throwing flashes in the face of people does not help anything to go unnoticed. If your pocket allows it, choose bright optics and fast focus, you will greatly appreciate it when the light conditions are not good (that is, in 80% of the churches).

Try to travel light of luggage. Leave the studio flashes, generators and tripods for other types of reports: not only will it help you to pass more unnoticed, but you can also move with greater freedom.

It will also help you to use smaller and lighter camera bodies. In the photographic industry, more and more compact models tend to be manufactured and some photographers have switched to the mirror less systems of Olympus, Fuji or Sony. Maybe in the future we can have the power of a DSLR in a pocket camera (like the Light project).

2. Think fast, move slowly

As a wedding photographer you must make numerous technical and aesthetic decisions in a matter of seconds, you must be agile in mind so as not to lose moments with indecisions. Observe the light, the environment and the characters, process it and make your decisions as fast as you can.

Move, change the point of view, and look for different angles but without running from one side to the other like a chicken without a head. Not only will you arrive late to those moments but you will also attract the attention of boyfriends and guests (especially if you measure 1.90m as I do). It is not about running around here chasing moments, but to anticipate what you believe (or know) that will happen. And this brings me to the next tip…

3. Anticipation

Probably one of the keys to spontaneous wedding photography: being able to “sniff” when and where an interesting moment can happen.

If you are able to foresee an action (or your instinct tells you that something can happen) you will be able to place yourself in the best position to be in the right place at the right time. Having a good location will give you at least 50% chance of getting a good spontaneous wedding photography.

4. Pay attention

Beyond what grooms do, there are dozens of stories that occur simultaneously, so keep both eyes open even when you are looking through the lens of your camera. And listen: follow the sound of laughter, or that of a cry, or a racket, probably lead you to something interesting.

5. Communication

As said: information is power.

Make an effort to get to know each couple, know as much as possible about their wedding and what will happen throughout the day. That way you can anticipate more easily. It is also essential that you know who the most important people for each couple are and be very attentive to the connections that occur between these people. Our work is not limited to showing how handsome the couple is, but also telling the parallel stories that occur throughout the day of the wedding.

What are your suggestions about spontaneous wedding photography?

Do you feel comfortable photographing in this way or do you give another focus to your wedding photography?

Feel free to comment with your impressions and, if you liked the entry, you can share it 😉

2018 Wedding Planning Tips and Trends

Wedding Planning Tips and Trends
If you have a wedding to plan that will take place in 2018, chances are you’re wondering what the hottest wedding trends will be in color, ceremony, receptions and wedding cinematography styles. It’s oddly comforting to know that the economy has taken a toll on wedding trends, and will continue to do so next year with more simple yet elegant wedding plans.
This means you can breathe a sigh of relief about a lack of funds, and are free to make more unique choices with your wedding and still stay with the times. Home weddings and/or receptions are and will continue to be hot. Having part or all of your wedding at home sets the stage for a more relaxed, and tighter knit wedding than a huge church ever could.
For your wedding, concentrate more on the lasting memories and on the relationship itself, rather than the stress of good hosting and grand showmanship. Remember the spirit of the day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, so use lots of pictures and décor that have meaning for the two of you. Adding small touches and attention to detail will be much more important than having the right number of flowers.

Hire unknown freelancers for your wedding. A local photographers or cake designer will be more attentive to your desires and will work harder to make you happier than a large company. You get the benefit of totally customizable, professional-quality work AND the bonus of a cheaper price (most times.) Of course, ask for work samples or portfolios and work up a contract agreement with the person, as you would with any big company. You might just be pleasantly surprised when you choose to use local artists.
Favors will be hotter than ever in 2018, so don’t skip out on them. These don’t have to be expensive or require hours of bagging. Make them something more meaning full than a box of mints, too. Use something like thank you cards with personal pictures or tiny stuffed animals, trinkets, even magnets. Favors that will last more than a week will be appreciated for years.
The wedding color predictions for weddings in 2018 are bright hued, monochromatic weddings. Meaning a main color of bright royal blue with secondary colors of baby blue or cornflower. Color themes to look for next year include blues, reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, silver and greens. Gone are the tired old layouts of red, black, and white.
Videographers are very cutting edge in their profession, and with guest lists growing smaller to accommodate lower budgets, they are in high demand. Consider hiring a professional to video tape the wedding, and then play the video for guests who may be at the reception, but weren’t at the wedding. This replaces the tired option of the dinner side slides show of you and your finance growing up.
For weddings in 2018, planning around a tight budget is bound to get easier than it has been in the past. Now it is the “in” thing to do, so all stress of appearance is gone. This leaves the door wide open for you to personalize your wedding without looking cheap. Aim for the feeling of “cozy and romantic”.

10 Tips for Finding the Best Wedding Venues in LA

Wedding Venues in LA

When you’re planning a wedding, there are a million details that need to be worked out. Along with picking out the perfect wedding dress and going back and forth on who will be removed from the guest list, the couple will need to find a venue that can meet their needs. For those in “The City of Angels” who get all these questions answered, they also find themselves looking for a venue that will accommodate guests while still being stylish and elegant. If you’re looking at the best modern wedding venues in Los Angeles and need some help finding the best spot for your wedding, here are 10 tips that may help with your search.

1- Remember the Logistics

As the big day approaches and you have yet to find the perfect venue for your wedding, you may start to panic a bit. If you do, chances are you’ll wind up picking the next venue you see and signing the contract, even though you’ve failed to think it through. However, once the dust settles and you start finalizing the guest list and choosing the accommodations and technology you’ll need, you may realize you acted in haste. To avoid this, know the details beforehand, which will let you find the best venue among the top wedding halls in Los Angeles.

2- Keep Your Wedding’s Time of Day in Mind

When you visit a venue, be sure you do so at the same time during which your wedding will take place. By doing so, you’ll be able to judge how the sunlight streams through the windows, how hot or cold the building will be, and other factors both good and bad that may come into play.

3- The Venue and its Services

When looking for the best wedding venues, you should find out how many of them are full-service. If the venue is willing to provide catering, table and chair rentals, linen supplies, and more, chances are you’ve found one of the best wedding venues in Los Angeles.

4- Your Wedding’s Style and Feel

To make sure your wedding comes off as planned, be sure you take your wedding’s style and feel into consideration when choosing a wedding venue. While scouting out the top wedding halls always keep your wedding’s style and feel in mind. Whether you’re looking for a romantic vineyard, an elegant country plantation, or a country club setting, deciding on the style and feel you want for your wedding will make it much easier for you when looking at the best wedding venues.

5- Keep Asking

Before you start your tour of the best wedding venues in Los Angeles, make a list of all the questions you’ll want to ask at each venue. And once you get there, don’t stop asking questions until you’ve got the answers that satisfy you. While this may sound pushy to some, failing to do so will inevitably set you up for disappointment on your special day.

6- Parking and Transportation

Needless to say, before signing your name on the dotted line, it’s a good idea to ensure the venue you’ve chosen has adequate parking for your guests. Whether it’s free parking or easy access to public transit, make sure you take care of these details.

7- Technology

Depending on your venue and the type of wedding you want, check to see if the technology you’ll need will be available. Most often this involves A/V equipment, so be sure the sound system you’ll have will be adequate for your needs.

8- Reasonable Rates

Even if you find the best wedding venues, make sure the one you want has rates that are reasonable and fit into your budget. And remember, even if the one you want may have rates that are higher than you can afford, a little negotiation can go a long way.

9- Venue Restrictions

 While a venue may have everything you need to make your day special, it may contain a surprise or two if it has certain restrictions. For example, some venues may have specific times at which your event must end, so be sure you are aware of this beforehand. Otherwise, you may be in for a very embarrassing situation on your big day.

10- Venue Layout

 Once you’ve found a venue for your wedding, keep in mind that you may need a layout that suits a variety of guests. For example, if you’ll have guests in wheelchairs, make sure your venue can make it easy for them to attend.

While it can be a challenge to pick from the top wedding halls in Los Angeles, you’ll have a much better chance of selecting the best venue for your needs if you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. Whether it’s paying a reasonable rate or having a venue that’s comfortable for your guests, your special day will be just that by following these tips.