Commercial Locksmiths Services

Commercial Locksmiths Services

Commercial locksmiths are the best integrators for most Small businesses security. When you need a combination of mechanical security (High Security Locks) to work with all different kinds of door hardware. The challenge comes in finding the right high security locking system for your needs.
There is:

Key Control

Key control is accomplished by patenting a process that your lock performs so that no-one can sell copies but the manufacturer then controling the keys distribution to correct channels. Most companies are not in need of elaborate high security locks if they are able too issue keys that cannot be duplicated by employees. If you remove that ability then you will not have as much of a need to keep re-keying (changing lock combination)or replacing your locks. After all, if the employee returns the key and no longer has one and you are positive of that, then you save yourself the expense. Not to mention the disruption of your daily routine and that of your staff.

High Security Locks

High Security Locks Like Schlage Primus and Medeco Freedom are not just keyed control through their patent but also have a level of pick resistance. Medeco goes a step further by including drill resistance into their High security locks. Their are a variety of these locks out but medeco is the best known and the Freedom Series offers the customer the ability to buy keys from any Freedom Dealer.

Schlage introduced the Primus to have the ability to key regular non high security locks up to (as long as they are Schlage compatible. That means you can have a few High Security Primus locks keyed up with dozens of cheaper locks, that is a big advantage for many facilities.

Access control and electronics with the ease of use of a wave of the hand and the ability to turn cards on and off with a push of a button is gaining popularity with places that have high turnover rates or the need to keep the front door secured all thew time. For more info see Our Electronics page.

Commercial Locksmiths Perform Door Maintenance

Most door repairs are actually hardware issues and commercial locksmith services perform these repairs. Due to the variety of hardware locksmiths work with, there is a better chance of finding the proper replacement hardware than any other tradesman. Integrating new technology with older hardware is another reason to use locksmiths service on your delicate installations. We are called by many security companies to perform retrofits to existing doors and are constantly consulting with companies on the best systems for their application.

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