Dyson V8 Absolute or the V6

Dyson V8 is an upgraded version of the V6, with extra features that allow a longer battery life, better suction, and a new appearance. Both the cordless vacuum cleaners are light in weight and come with extension tubes which can be removed to make it a hand held device.

When comparing these two Dyson V8 vs V6, the Dyson V8 has a larger bin capacity of 0.14 gallons compared to 0.105 gallons of the V6, which means that emptying the bin can take place less frequently. Apart from this, the V8 has an increased suction power of up to 115 Air watts compared to 100 Air watts of the V6. This increase in the suction power enables better cleaning even in areas that are difficult to get to. The operating time in the V8 has doubled to 40 minutes from 20 minutes in the V6. However, due to the extra power that it provides, the V8 takes approximately 5 hours to charge compared to 3.5 hours of the V6. Owing to a stronger motor and a larger bin the V8 weighs 5.75 lbs whereas the V6 was lighter weighing 5.1 lbs. Nevertheless, the V8 is far more advanced than the V6 and if you need a cordless vacuum cleaner that reaches inaccessible crevices of the house, then the V8 is indeed the best option to give you an ideal cleaning.

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