Eight Amazing Benefits of Honey

Eight Amazing Benefits of Honey

Honey! Honey! Honey! We all love this spectacular extract from our not so favorite honey bees. Not only is it exquisite in its taste but it has numerous health benefits as well. It is a part of many prescribed medicines and is so healthy that it’s considered as a power food; a must-have for everyone in their kitchen.

It is just not the sweet taste but also its positive effects in improving and maintaining your health! Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which honey is beneficial.

* Your Blood’s Best Friend

Honey impacts your body in different ways depending on how you’re taking it. If you mix it in hot/lukewarm water and have it, it has a beneficial effect on your red blood cells; increasing their count. These cells carry oxygen in the blood to different parts of your body. It really helps those individuals who are anemic as it boosts their hemoglobin levels. Anemia (an iron deficient condition) compromises the ability for these blood cells to carry oxygen in the body which leads to fatigue, shortness of breath and at times depression. So honey reduces these issues by working on the oxygen deliverance.

* Better Than Sugar

A lot of debates and research has been carried out criticizing white sugar and the impact it has on our bodies. Honey is the perfect replacement as it is not only sweet but also safe to have.

There is no denying the fact that it includes simple sugars in its compound but it is different from white sugar; it also contains starch and good doses of glucose and fructose. This ideal mix mediates the blood sugar levels in our bodies.

* Complements Yoga

Highly recommended for individuals practicing yoga. It balances out the body chemistry that yoga practitioners have to keep up. Taking honey in a routine makes you more alert and active. Taking lukewarm water mixed with honey every morning can help open your system up.

* Antibacterial and Antiseptic

Numerous studies have discovered how honey can help in healing wounds. It is considered a positive antioxidant, encourages antibodies and fights off any bacterial activity. Studies also show that honey can be used as a purifier as it eradicates all traces of bacteria in your body. Only within a week of application honey heals your wounds by sterilizing them. It also treats problems related to the respiration system. If consumed on a daily basis, it helps with excess mucus and asthma as well.

* Super Power Boosting

Whether you’re conventional or super modern, you need to be aware of the fact that honey provides you with instant energy. This argument is supported by the fact that honey contains a good amount of glucose and fructose. Both these molecules are separate unlike how they’re mixed up in white sugar. So because of this glucose is portrayed as a major source of honey. Its consumption is highly recommended as it contains small portions of vitamins and minerals as well.

* Digests Well

It can be considered as a minor form of laxative because of which it prevents constipation, along with gas problems and how some individuals feel bloated. It is enriched with probiotics which boost your immune system helping with digestion and also prevent allergies.

* Prevents Skin and Scalp Ailments

Not only does honey help you with your health but also in maintaining clean and clear skin. It complements your skin making you look ever young and beautiful as ever. Added to this it helps you with your scalp as well. If you’re having dandruff, hair loss issues, itching or scaling, honey makes it all easy to deal with. All you have to do is gently apply it in the problem areas and rub for a couple of minutes. Leave it in your hair for two to three hours and see the results.

* Sleep Like a Baby

Studies have gauged that honey makes children sleep soundly. They sleep for longer hours without any disruptions. A lot of parents, who were interviewed in a research, said that honey helped in dealing with a cough and congestion for their babies resulting in good sleep.

It is better to indulge in natural remedies than processed foods, so take on honey!

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