How to Build a Dashing House for Your Dog

Dashing House for Your Dog

Everyone loves his dog, the most loyal friend in our life. Doesn’t this friend of yours deserve a house of its own? Sure, it does. By building a house for him, you can keep him dry, cool and help your own house keeping clean. However, you would want to make sure that the house has a bold look to keep up with your personality.

Tools and Equipment

To make the house you will need the tools stated below.

1. A large sheet of plywood
2. Paint
3. Wood cut into pieces.
4. Pieces of cedar wood
5. Container for food and water
6. wood screws
7. Nameplate and small nail
8. Bed for the dog
9. Electric drill or screwdriver

Wear safety goggles and gloves for your own safety.

You might want to start with making the base for the house. While doing that you want the insulation to be air tight as it will help the house to change its thermal state according to the weather outside. Make a square shaped base for your dog house, where it will lie down. Make the base high enough to prevent flooding. And if it rains a lot in your neighborhood, use waterproof and non-toxic materials.

Use a pencil and framing square to produce the rectangle base. Use measurements according to the size of your dog. Imagine the area of the base according to the space your dog might need. Make a diagram and build the base frame. Attach the base pieces using screws you bought earlier.

Calculate the area of the base according to the frame and draw it on a sheet of plywood and cut it with a jigsaw, accordingly. And attach the base to the frame with each screw at each geometric end. For a medium sized dog, the area should be around 517.5 square inches (23” into 22.50).

Now while making the side wall. Cut them into rectangles of 16 inch by 26 inches. Make two of them. Again, for the front wall, make a rectangle of 16’’ by 24’’, and it should have a triangle adjacent to the top of it (as shown in the pictures) which has a 12-inch height.

Make an opening on the front wall about 13 inches in height and 10 inches in width.
Make four 15” long corner framing and four 13” long roof framing pieces. Then fasten the 15” ones to each edge of the side walls using at least three galvanized screws. Then attach the front and the back panels.

For the roof build a triangular sloping roof as it helps the rain to slide off and contribute to increasing the inner space for the dog. The dimensions of each roof panels should be 32” long and 20” in width. After that attach four of the 13” framing pieces to the top of each angled edge. While attaching framing pieces, you can use regular drills or cordless ones. For the best cordless drill set, I would definitely ask you to research properly to find out the options you have.

Now turn the house into an art class while you paint it according to your taste. Obviously the color he chooses. You can add tar-paper or asphalt impregnated roofing paper for making it extra rain resistant. Add carpet, bed, or blanket for your dog; whatever makes him feel at home.

To finish things off. You can add a name plate with your pup’s name on it.

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