How to Minimise Your Efforts for Carpet Cleaning

Constantly dealing with all manner of domestic chores can easily become a daunting task and more so, it can make you despise household maintenance as a whole. In such situations it’s always a good idea to take a break from cleaning for a while and to look for easier ways you can keep your household spotless. There are tons of useful DIY guides for different cleaning detergents, tips and tricks for various chores and step-by-step guides on achieving great results with minimal effort.
There are thousands of easy and simple carpet cleaning guides on the internet and even though 80% of them deal with various stains and spills. However, the carpet cleaning experts from Go Cleaners London are giving some hints on how you can keep your textile floor coverings clean, without dedicating a whole day to achieve it.

The Vacuum Cleaning Method

The simplest, and in most cases easiest, way to take care of the messy state of your carpet is to use your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to use the proper brush attachments and to clean with a bit of force, especially in places, where lumps of hair have gathered. This way you’ll be able to remove any solid dirt and hairs, which have managed to nestle between the fibres of your carpet.
Regular maintenance of your piece will not only prolong its life, but improve the indoor air quality.

The Steam Cleaning Method

If your carpet is clean or if you’ve finished cleaning it with your vacuum, you can use a steam cleaner to wash your carpet. Simply follow the instructions for the steam cleaner and proceed to clean your carpet by moving the cleaner, either in a horizontal or vertical motion.
Go Cleaners London recommend using a proper detergent for the cleaning process. First, make sure that the detergent is compatible with the steam cleaner and add a bit of the detergent before you continue the process.

Use A Scrub Or Wire Brush

The next best thing after a vacuum cleaner (and in case your vacuum can’t clean your carpet properly) is a scrub or a wire brush. Both of these will do a great job at successfully removing any and all hairs and threads that have sunken into the fibres of your carpet, as well as excess quantities of dust. Using force is a must with both of these, as light scrubbing may only push everything further into the carpet, which is something you definitely want to avoid.
Make sure to scrub the surface of the carpet either horizontally or vertically, as circular motions will do nothing but complicate the cleaning process.

Types of Detergents

You can use detergents in combination with the scrub or wire brush to clean and wash your carpet at the same time. For this method you’ll need two buckets – one filled with clean water and one filled either with the detergent or a mixture of the detergent and water, depending on the detergent itself.
By using the brush you’ve chosen to clean with, you’ll have to dip it into the bucket with the detergent and scrub your carpet either horizontally or vertically for the best results. Keep dipping the brush as often as needed and once you’re done with the scrubbing and cleaning part, you’ll have to rinse the brush thoroughly, before proceeding to rinse your carpet by using the bucket filled with clean water. After you’re done, simply allow the carpet to air dry.
As a conclusion, don’t forget to clean and pat your carpets and rugs frequently, as they easily gather excess dust. Also, small rugs can easily be put in a washing machine, so you won’t need to scrub or vacuum them at all.