Methods to brand an app effectively

Come January 2017, featured are over 2.5 million apps and 2.2 million apps in the  Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. These figures are bound to enlarge further as well. There is an intense vying in the market, hence proper guidelines must be followed so as to boost the app’s downloads as a productive outcome in advance to its release

 Below listed are eight productive methods to brand an organization’s app.

1) Website

In order to emphasis and stress on the fact that a brand’s app is very much integrated with the enterprise, it has to be branded well in the company’s website such that its existence is well accentuated and firmly established in the minds of people.

2) Social Media

Implementing the aspect of social media is integral for an app’s branding. There is 2 variations of it namely organic and paid mode.

ORGANIC –  This type of branding is typically signified as possessing a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. Profiles have to be generated and tracking must be done on people who represent future customers and audience. The audience has to be acquainted by publishing details which appeal to them and are of vital importance for them.

PAID –  Based on a research in 2016, the click through rates related to apps soared by 32 % YoY whereas on the contrast the cost per click saw a sharp decline by about 33 %. It is wise to invest assets related to branding an app so that the visibility of the app is augmented and many customers are generated. Facebook and Instagram neatly fit this role as proficient branders.

3) Public Relations

The value of press is very much emphasised. An atmosphere filled with excitement about the app can be generated by the media. The following are some of the aspects to be contemplated. It involves press release, staging a party to enchant the media and technological sectors, holding conferences with the technological writers and newspapers. Guest blogging is also one of the effective methods.

4) App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization is undoubtedly the mobile app domain’s SEO factor.It is optimzed by the following factors namely, the distinctiveness of the app name, pertinent keywords, a summary related to the potential of the app which is updated on a consistent basis, video recordings which display the app/s main traits and whether the app is associated with good reviews and ratings among the others.

5) Search Ads 

Ever since the debut of iOS 10, Apple has revealed a mode of paid advertisement in the App store named as Search Ads. It assists in displaying the app of a brand in the first place. Despite the fact they are newcomers, their potential is great and nearly half of the consumers tap on advertisements which come to their observation.

6) Influencer/Celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are also filled with various benefits and potential with relation to branding an app where the brands and organisations have sources and influencers in the technological domain. Such powerful sources can brand the app effectively in their media channels and blogs to augment user retention and get more new users.

7) Traditional Advertising/In-Store

Provided the organization has a physical store, then the company has to brand the app via its store for good productivity. Captivating schemes have to be created to encourage the users to download the app. A typical instance is Shake Shack, which provided a free burger for users who installed the apps. The scheme was extremely profitable bring considerable visbility and awareness of the brand.

8) Word of mouth

Ultimately, the app has to be built to operate efficiently and satisfy the user’s various tasks productively where there is an intense vying in the market and users have become entranced by state of the art apps. Hence in advance, a good marketing strategy has to be implemented so that it provides details related to involve and maintain customer loyalty, which on the contrary will result in massive user churn. Hence mobile app marketing should be apt enough as users prefer a customized experience and also to retain users in the long run.

To conclude, the brands should consider app promotion as a typical product release and lots of time has to be invested in formulating an apt user retention scheme. Organizations must prioritize the quality of the app as the prime most factor and they should comprehend the target audience and brand appropriately based on the situation.

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