Mobile Marketing For Online Travel Marketers

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Whilst most marketers are sitting and staring, mobile is firmly driving the seat for hotel industry.  According to Google research, smartphones are used by 67% of leisure; 78% of business traveler use smartphones at some point during the process of planning and booking a trip. Hence, a solid mobile search strategy is important to achieve success in any online marketing effort.

Find  things for travel marketing in 2017

  • Make your SEO mobile-friendly:
    At present, most searches take place on mobile devices. Google prefers mobile experiences to rank a site. There are lot of things a brand can do to improve their mobile SEO. Before getting into the strategies, follow these simple ye effective ways to increase natural search traffic –
  1. Make web pages responsive: Responsive sites optimise the structure of web content according to the screen size of the browser.

  2. Define a particular topic per page: Stick to one topic per page of your website and devote all content to that topic. Remember not to make a page ‘container’ of multiple topics. Pages focused on a single topic seem better on mobile screens, as the contents are clearer.
  3. Identify the terms relevant to particular topic: For topic on each page, use “keyword Planner” from Google Ad Words. Google does not charge a single penny to use this tool. Such tools are proved better to plan a paid search, but it works great for SEO for travel agency. Find some natural ways to insert some popular phrases in your page content and it will boost your mobile ranking.
  4. Include simple graphics or informative text: Search engines like lightweight pages. On the other hand, designer and visitors having creative mind want cool pages and pictures that make pages heavier. By eliminating heavy applets and graphic files, you can improve mobile viewing experience. Thereafter, give concise text to engage visitors for long.
  • Deliver personalised experience:

    The key to ensure personalise user experience is collect necessary information and build customer profiles. Retaining records in this way allow you to understand customers’ preferences in advance.

  • Enable location based services:

    88% people search on smartphones. Location-specific offers, directions, maps and localised search results play an important role here.

  • Offer local insights:

    Reputed hotel and airline apps offer local area guides and activity booking tools as well. It makes travel experience richer.

  • Have social media presence:

    Nearly 80% of social media time happens on mobile according to comSore. Social networks are great platforms to stay connected with customers. Ask your travel website SEO company to showcase your rating, followers and contents to win the confidence of your page visitors.

Google and Luth research has identified more than 400 individual moments during real-life travel, 80% of which take place through mobile. If your brand is not present at the key moments in such journeys, you will miss the chances of winning the heart, minds, and money too. Even, it would be a real joy for travelers if companies start anticipating their needs in advance. For example, you can develop an app as an additional service to know a place in more details. By thinking carefully about the way mobile experience cater travelers, you can embrace being digital than the competitors.

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