Fashion Tips for Winter: The Right Way to Wear a Pashmina

Pashmina scarf

The Pashmina scarf made its grand debut in the western world in the late ’90s, but it’s still a stylish and fashionable look for winter trends, serving as a shawl, wrap, and simple accessory. If you’re looking for a new way to accessorize this year, consider adding a luxurious pashmina to your closet with a little background on its roots, and a few fashion tips for winter.

What is Pashimina, Anyway?

Pashmina is a blend of high quality silk and wool, and the source of wool is derived from goats that are bred and raised in Central Asia. Pashmina is easily found in Pakistan, India, and Chinawhere it’s been used as a shawl and coverup; the softest Pashinas are a blend of wool and silk, and offers plenty of comfort and warmth for chilly days. Finding an authentic Pashmina scarf can be challenging, and you’ll notice the difference in the texture and overall feel of cheaply made wraps as a result.

Fashion Tips for Wearing Your Pashmina

A pashmina can be the perfect way to top off an outfit and keep you cozy and warm for a blustery day ahead. Here are a few styles that work with this year’s trends:

1. Go Hollywood style. This is the easiest way to wrap yourself up in a pashmina with a simple scarf-style arrangement. For this look, you just wear it like a real scarf around your neck, except you twist it with two different colors for contrast. It pairs really well with a fashionable watch, like this one from Great Watches.

2. Make a noose. This is the classic look that is becoming even more popular this season; the ‘noose’ is created by folding the pashmina until it reaches a quarter of its original size, then tying it around the neck to form a loop. Simple and chic, this is an easy look when to pull off when you’re on the run.

3. Wear it as a stole. This is the perfect coverall when you’re not sure if you need a cardigan for a night out; the stole covers your entire upper body and makes the pashmina the center of attention.

4. Turn it into a full wrap. This one wraps around your shoulders and ties in the front, around your waist. It’s another way to make the pashmina take center stage for your outfit, and easily replaces a cardigan or vest.
5. Wear it as a belt. Your pashmina can be draped around the hips or waist and tied to the side to serve as a belt. It’s a simple addition to a one-color outfit, and you can contrast bold and bright colors with a monochrome outfit for a chic and fashionable look.

The Pashmina can be a great alternative to simple cardigans and bulky sweaters this season, and you’ll find it in different colors, prints, and beaded variations. Try a new look this winter with these tips, and enjoy the comfort of cashmere in a new way!

Here’s Why ZMA is the Health Supplement That You Need

fitness industry

With the development of the health and fitness industry, more fitness supplements are coming out each year. Consumers are now focusing on the type of add-on they take, the benefits they expect and any side effects they might experience. It is advisable that you have sufficient knowledge of what you are purchasing even before you start using the supplement. At times, customers become confused on what is best for them and their fitness program.
A popular supplement that is well known for its excellent benefits is ZMA. If you are avid health watcher, then you probably have heard of its advantages in meeting the zinc and magnesium body requirements. Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate is a natural supplement that comprises of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 that help the body in muscle recovery. The supplement is popular with athletes and body-builders because of its capability to improve testosterone levels while also increasing lean muscle mass. However, before I divulge more, here are other benefits I would like to bring to your attention.
i. Immune booster
As a dietary supplement, ZMA can boost your immune system to work in harmony and protect the body from illness. The healthy combination of zinc ensures there is an adequate dose of the element on a regular basis. Whenever there is depletion of zinc in your body, you are bound to get sick from common illnesses. A prescribed ZMA tablet will keep the disease at bay.
ii. Builds strength
If you work-out regularly, then the ZMA supplement is best for you from time to time. This is something regular gym users use for a good reason. Accompanying your workout with ZMA gets your testosterone levels up, to enable you to manufacture, repair and maintain your muscle tissue. Research conducted has shown the supplement is capable of decreasing muscle cramps while increasing workout strength and muscle gains in athletes by more than twice. More and more sports people and body-building enthusiasts are now taking ZMA as a regular part of their supplementation.
iii. Sleep aid
Another advantage often overlooked is the supplement’s ability to help one fall and stay asleep. ZMA acts like a natural sedative to the body by helping the muscles relax and heal. Lack of quality sleep can have a damaging impact on the growth and recovery of your muscles. A little under one-hour before bedtime and two after your meal is the perfect timing to take a ZMA tablet as it improves the overall REM sleep time. A good quality sleep will leave you with enough energy for the next day.
iv. Fight catabolism
For anyone looking to build muscles, having a body that goes into the catabolic state is a fear that you may tend to avoid at all costs. ZMA improves the body’s protein synthesis process, and you won’t need to break down your hard earned muscles to get energy. An excellent protein synthesis state will leave your body in a muscle building state known as the anabolic state. The supplement does this by increasing the anabolic hormone levels significantly to reduce the oxidative stress in the muscles thus allowing more muscle building.
A Final Thought:

Whereas countless online health stores sell ZMA, it is advisable you first compare prices and quantities before making your purchasing decision to help save time and money. Do enough research on the quality of the vendor to ensure the supplement meets the required quality criteria. However, before you get involved in the world of fitness supplements, make sure the use of any supplement is the right one for you. Read more and seek advice from professionals and other users to understand the pros and cons of using this particular supplement. 

Coupon Marketing – Customer Acquisition and Customer Retainment

Coupon Marketing

Business owners and marketers are often caught between customer loyalty and customer retainment. Retainment, according to, is the process of keeping something in possession, or keeping someone engaged. When you keep a customer that in your business and having them come back for more, instead of going to your competition, this is an example of retainment.

One recent by SheerID study sought to find out how companies offer discount coupons before the holiday season. In particular, the study aimed to examine the impact of discounts on both customer retainment and customer acquisition. Some of the findings of the study which involved 76 companies include the following;

  •  It emerged that up to 84% of companies are planning to offer discount coupons before this year’s holiday season, mostly via social media marketing channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • 75% of companies in the U.S sacrifice margins to offer customers exclusive discount vouchers.
  • Among the companies involved in the survey, 64% were already offering or had plans to start offering exclusive discounts to their customers.  
  • Discount coupons and promotions are critical to many customer loyalty programs.
  • 63% of these companies said they offer promotions throughout the year with 68% of their promotions being online, 39% being in-store promotions, and another 37% offered on mobile devices. 
  • Customers are increasingly shopping for discounts. This being the case and in an attempt to stop their customers from going elsewhere, business owners are more willing than ever to sacrifice margins to win customers.

The above findings do not seem to cause any surprise to many stakeholders in the online retail industry. In fact, they confirm a few facts as far as coupon marketing is involved.

What is discount fraud in coupon marketing?

Discount fraud in coupon marketing is when merchants offer discount codes that apply only to a particular demographic, i.e. students, and customers provide false information about themselves in order to qualify for the offer, i.e. people pretend to be students.

Data from the findings indicate that in a bid to minimize discount fraud, businesses use email and passwords to verify customers. These verification methods are still highly vulnerable to fraud. For instance, an existing customer may use a different email address or a fake name to redeem a discount offer that is exclusive to new customers.

Also, the survey realized that a majority of companies that are not offering any exclusive promotions are doing so for two reasons. Firstly, these companies lack the necessary IT resources needed to track and monitor the offers, and secondly, there is the risk of unqualified individuals redeeming the discount offers (discount fraud). These companies, however, admit that if they knew that only qualified individuals would receive the discounts, then they would more likely offer exclusive discounts.

Loyalty programs is the best answer to discount fraud

Two opinions immerge on how to deal with discount fraud from the results of SheerID’s survey:
“On the one hand a business can focus on investing in sophisticated technology to verify new customers and ensure that certain coupons go out only to new prospects. Though they may achieve to offer coupons to qualified leads only, they will cause anger and resentment to their existing customers”.

“On the other hand”, claims Alex Papaconstantinou of UK voucher site WikiGains,“I have seen that if companies focus on building relationships using customer loyalty schemes, and make their offers available to all, without discriminating between demographics then discount fraud will not happen”. 

Unknown Facts About Forex Market Structure

Forex Market Structure

How to Choose Forex Market Structure

The stock exchange is a monopolistic place to be in, and there’s actually only a single entity. By its very nature, it tends to be very monopolistic. You wish to examine what the stock exchange is about, and so as to compare it to the Forex market, you must determine what the stock exchange actually looks like or the way that it is running.

When you’re in a decentralized market, then you own a lot of alternatives to select from. It’s an unregulated market, meaning there is no trade commission overseeing transactions and there aren’t any restrictions on trade. If, as an example, the currency market is full of sellers from whom the specialists must buy but no prospective buyers are on the opposing side, the specialist is going to be made to purchase from the sellers or be in a scenario where they can’t sell a commodity that’s being sold off and falling in value. A significant part the currency market comes from the financial activities of organizations seeking foreign exchange to cover goods or solutions. It is the most liquid financial market in the world. Consequently, it was relatively static.

The Battle Over Forex Market Structure and How to Win It

Currency carry trade denotes the action of borrowing one currency which has a very low rate of interest so as to obtain another with a greater rate of interest. In the School of Pipsology, when it regards the particular approach to trade currencies, will be primarily discussing the spot forex marketplace. If you wish to sell your currencies, then you simply have to visit your bank and create the transaction. In place of actively participating in the industry purchasing and selling their currency, central banks instead utilize verbal intervention to influence the worth of their currency.

Forex Market Structure: the Ultimate Convenience!

If you are ready to put in the effort to comprehend and learn the complexities of this current market then the results will follow. It builds on the industry structure and doesn’t require any trading indicator. Knowing the forex market structure provides you an idea on the way in which the forex market trading works.

There are always likely to be differences between quotes based on who’s making that marketplace. Always keep in mind that the forex market is an enormous market. It is a decentralized area, and the people in the market can be categorized through a series of ladders. It’s no central market that would set the cost into one for particular currency pairs at any certain time at different currency dealers. There’s no unified or centrally cleared market for a lot of trades, and there’s very little cross-border regulation.

The Lost Secret of Forex Market Structure

Since it’s a centralized market, there is specialist which goes in between that may control the prices on the market. It has gotten so extended that nowadays there are zero reasons to negotiate in the parallel industry. Different financial markets have various behaviors. In regard to the volume of trading, it’s unquestionably the greatest market on the planet.

What is the perfect hair color shade for me? Discover your best hair shade

perfect hair color shade

Do you dream about becoming blonde or are you a lover of warm brown hair?

What you have in mind could be mixing up the rainbow colors to surprise everyone with your hair. Before taking up the coloring kit, it will be necessary to check out all your options and really understand the important facts regarding hair color.

There exist some hair days when all seems perfect, but the oomph is not still there. Your magical transformation time is now!

Changing your hair color could be the key to that miracle! Definitely, what you desire should play a role in the new color you choose for your hair but your natural hair color and complexion must be considered as well.

Keep reading if you are interested in getting some help in finding the colour of hair made for you.

Full colour or just a streak?

The feeling of wowing friends and family may not be your drive but you may rather prefer taking baby steps towards a new color for your hair. It is often worth trying out some streaks, which may provide great ways to get the perfect color to improve nature.

Perhaps you should talk with your local hair salon about their recommendations for your colour.

Hair colouring kits,which are semi-permanent, also offer a secure way to experiment and discover the hair colours which best suit you. This is particularly true for people who have natural light hair or those who don’t like streaks. Semi-permanent hair colour can be washed out quite quickly and it gives you the opportunity to check if the colour works great with your complexion and style.

The very common two-tone look is also an excellent way to check out different hair colours without necessarily colouring your whole head of hair at once:just the colour of your hair endings change!

Enjoy the experiments! You should only go for the permanent hair colour after you are sure you have the colour, which feels and looks perfect for you.

Which Blonde Shade?

Shades of blonde fall between platinum and dark blonde. The lightness of your blonde hair shade should directly relate to the lightness of your complexion. The popularity of beige blonde shades this year is commendable. This hair colour is currently trending. It is really attractive especially when combined with green eyes and faintly tanned skin. A lighter complexion combined with blue eyes work perfectly with champagne blonde hair. Platinum and Ash blonde hair with bluish-violet shades complement soft rosy complexions.

Which Shade of Brown?

Every woman seems to look great in chocolate brown hair. It’s perfect especially for women who are alluring and confident.

The dip and dye technique will serve you effectively if you have long hair and you want to ensure it doesn’t look too dark. Like Sandra Bullock, you can use light brown to dip and dye just the lower part of your hair. Of course, you could instead use lighter colours on top and darker shades on the lower half. If you have long hair, the colour transition would be best around chin level. The colour should change around the ears if your hair is medium long.

People with light complexions and peach or yellowish tinge tend to appear very attractive when wearing warm brown hair shades such as golden brown, chestnut or anywhere between light and medium brown. If you have light skin plus a faint bluish undertone, ash brown shades would be great.

Which Shade of Red?

The lighter your skin, the brighter the red shade should be. Lighter shades of red such as golden red copper and strawberry blonde blend perfectly with light skin and peach-coloured or yellowish shimmer.

Hair colours such as purple or Bordeaux, which have a touch of blue, are ideal choices especially for women having faint bluish-tinged, rosy skin.

Take note that hair picks up red colours quite efficiently, even though it also has the tendency of quick fade. More care is required to maintain red hair shades than other colours such as brown or blonde.

If you are indecisive over brown or red, you may like the idea of colouring your hair with shades of reddish brown such as golden brown, chestnut or mahogany.

Which Shade of Black?

Black hair appears unnatural and stark for a wide variety of skin types. It often fits perfect with women having pale Snow-White complexion. When colouring your hair black, you can add dark streaks of brown to introduce some display of movement. If not, the black hair may appear like a rigid helmet.

Which other colour options are available? Blue,pink, etc…

If you are a lover of unusual hair colour experiments, there is a wide range of very expressive colour displays of exotic birds from which you can choose. The current trendy colours are purple, pink and blue (They have all been tried by Katy Perry!). You may as well be drawn by Kelly Osbourne to try out one of the many popular shades of

This Is How You Get To Meet Sir Richard Branson

empowers entrepreneurs

Time to Step-up? Try Richard Branson’s Change Makers Rule Breakers!

Set on spectacular Necker Island in the Atlantic Ocean is an organization that empowers entrepreneurs and thought leaders to change the world.

Sir Richard Branson, along with the global achievers in their field, work with invitees at
the week long experience to help them reach the next stage of their personal development
and provide the spark that only a fully re-energized thought leader can provide to their organization.

Imagine being invited to experience this once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneurial opportunity. You
could be exposed to the following:

  • Leadership gatherings
  • Workshops
  • Sharing ideas with global change makers
  • Contribute to social, environmental and economic ‘positive change’ initiatives
  • Innovative ‘workcations’

Sometimes, all it takes for people to perform at their best is the opportunity to network with others on similar career trajectories working to become agents of global change.
A higher perspective and a new network allows thought leaders to innovate the
kind of change that facilitates a quantum leap forward in thought and action.

Well, the ‘Change Makers Rule Breakers’ event on Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker
Island is certainly up there with the best innovation and networking
opportunities today. With their mantra of ‘be the change you wish to see in the
world’ there is no doubt that change is set to be the one constant we must all
seek to embrace.

It isn’t all about solving problems (even if some of the workshops present ‘fun problems’ to solve) it’s also about finding a broader perspective, a new way of looking at existing paradigms, and using creativity to out-succeed the present challenges.

For a chance to be involved in this experience, you need to be invited by someone who has
previously done this, via a membership.

We spoke to Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour,a chiropractor from Australia, on her recent experience meeting with Sir Brandon on Necker Island. This is what she had to say:

“I had the most surreal experience. It was definitely an experience that is ticked off my
bucket list. ​To be in the presence of like-minded successful people, who are
making global changes to society, was a mind-expanding experience.” Said Dr.

A successful invitation to the Change Makers Rule Breakers event could see you sharing ideas with the world’s most innovation and entrepreneurial brains. Additionally,
being able to learn from Sir Richard Branson’s business and philanthropy
experience could prove to be a game changer for you.

In case you don’t know, Branson is the iconic billionaire in charge of the global Virgin
Group, including Virgin Airlines and Virgin Credit Cards. He has in fact
overseen approximately 500 companies and is currently involved in over 200
active companies. Branson lives on Necker Island with his wife.

If you want to step-up and have a desire to contribute to positive change in the world, this
event could be perfect for you.

Human capital at its best = thought leaders, visionaries, balanced leaders and management
excellence. This is what will make the 21st century all it can and should be.

Find out more about the Change Makers Rule Breakers event here:

Check out Remember Me by Lil Fifty on Spotify

Check out Remember Me by Lil Fifty on Spotify
Lil Fifty’s building a repertoire for himself in the industry. Boasting a pioneering sound along with a dynamic stage presence, this artist’s music is turning eyes and ears. This is one artist that you’ll want to keep up with and follow his career. High impact moves are being made by Lil Fifty, and it won’t be long before he’s a household name.Coming from the south and the city of Yazoo City, MS, this artist does music for the struggle and he speaks on his life stories. Lil Fifty has been in and out of jail his whole life and is now trying to put all the negative energy toward his music. He’s looking to push his music as far as he can go, and he’ll be going harder and harder with each new track.

Sperm Protection and Flow of Blood

Most of the men are unaware of the fact that sperms can also get damaged due to number of reasons. Sperms need to be protected in a meaningful and timely manner. Once the sperms are damaged, it can have an effect onto:
  1. Sperm movement
  2. Sperm form
  3. Sperm count

All of these abnormalities can be treated with the help of valuable supplements. These substances can treat more than one disorder at the same time. With the recommended use of these products, the weakness like blood flow can also be optimized. As soon as the blood vessels get the required amount of the blood it can help testosterone levels to gradually increase. Most of the men would ask “What Are the Benefits of the Priamax?Well, increased blood flow is one of the prime benefits that this supplement can provide.
The problem of lower sex drive with age
With the passage of time and age, the sex drive can get lower. It is quite natural to have this sort of problem. But the urge of having sex should be maintained. There should always be sense of pleasure during the sex. Male enhancement products are useful addition in this particular domain. There is a common question that is often asked that “What Are the Benefits of the Priamax?” The answer to this question is that the supplements like Priamax can help men get higher sex drive.

Having sex less frequently is not a healthy sign at all. It is an indication that there is a lack of healthy and pleasurable sex life. The formulations like Priamax can boost up the natural production of testosterone and at the same time can improve the quality of the sperms produced.

Three Steps to Ensure Quick Muscle Buildup with Dyna Storm Nutrition

Muscle development is no longer difficult for the bodybuilders. Lots of practices and exercises are present to bring the bodybuilders close to their goals. How to ensure positive results? Exercises and workouts are efforts to achieve the goals but there is a need to add a special formula which ensures positive results. Dyna Storm Nutrition is a considerable approach to improve the health and fitness. Muscle development will become extraordinary fast. This all requires full attention and guidance.
Always use reliable supplements:
Are you disappointed? Lots of supplements present in markets promise to deliver specialized results but users have reported extreme level of disappointment. This shows that only a reliable supplement can deliver expected results.  Don’t waste your precious time and energy because DSN pre workout formula is ready to explore the world of achievements.
Be consistent in your efforts:
When using this amazing pre workout supplement it is necessary to be consistent. Actually, it will boost your performance level. This is a perfect moment to take the advantage of real formula. However, there is no need to be hurry. These moments will stay for longer. All you have to do is keeping using the supplement with your diet.
Contact gym experts:
Never ignore the significance of fitness experts working at gyms. These are the experienced people with lots of knowledge about muscle strengthening with the help of exercises and supplements. Ask them to prepare a perfect muscle buildup plan. They will definitely create a perfect diet plan with supplement.

2018 Wedding Planning Tips and Trends

Wedding Planning Tips and Trends
If you have a wedding to plan that will take place in 2018, chances are you’re wondering what the hottest wedding trends will be in color, ceremony, receptions and wedding cinematography styles. It’s oddly comforting to know that the economy has taken a toll on wedding trends, and will continue to do so next year with more simple yet elegant wedding plans.
This means you can breathe a sigh of relief about a lack of funds, and are free to make more unique choices with your wedding and still stay with the times. Home weddings and/or receptions are and will continue to be hot. Having part or all of your wedding at home sets the stage for a more relaxed, and tighter knit wedding than a huge church ever could.
For your wedding, concentrate more on the lasting memories and on the relationship itself, rather than the stress of good hosting and grand showmanship. Remember the spirit of the day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, so use lots of pictures and décor that have meaning for the two of you. Adding small touches and attention to detail will be much more important than having the right number of flowers.

Hire unknown freelancers for your wedding. A local photographers or cake designer will be more attentive to your desires and will work harder to make you happier than a large company. You get the benefit of totally customizable, professional-quality work AND the bonus of a cheaper price (most times.) Of course, ask for work samples or portfolios and work up a contract agreement with the person, as you would with any big company. You might just be pleasantly surprised when you choose to use local artists.
Favors will be hotter than ever in 2018, so don’t skip out on them. These don’t have to be expensive or require hours of bagging. Make them something more meaning full than a box of mints, too. Use something like thank you cards with personal pictures or tiny stuffed animals, trinkets, even magnets. Favors that will last more than a week will be appreciated for years.
The wedding color predictions for weddings in 2018 are bright hued, monochromatic weddings. Meaning a main color of bright royal blue with secondary colors of baby blue or cornflower. Color themes to look for next year include blues, reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, silver and greens. Gone are the tired old layouts of red, black, and white.
Videographers are very cutting edge in their profession, and with guest lists growing smaller to accommodate lower budgets, they are in high demand. Consider hiring a professional to video tape the wedding, and then play the video for guests who may be at the reception, but weren’t at the wedding. This replaces the tired option of the dinner side slides show of you and your finance growing up.
For weddings in 2018, planning around a tight budget is bound to get easier than it has been in the past. Now it is the “in” thing to do, so all stress of appearance is gone. This leaves the door wide open for you to personalize your wedding without looking cheap. Aim for the feeling of “cozy and romantic”.