Why Do You Need to Tow Your Cars to The Servicing Centers Periodically?

Is your car getting stalled in the middle of your journey?  Have you neglected and denied your car a much demanding service for a long time?  Then, without a second thought, tow your car to the garage and get it serviced by the expert technicians.  These people check for the minor to major damages in the car and replace the malfunctioning parts before they get permanently damaged.  This helps you to drive safely with high confidence when you hit the roads for a long drive in your car.  There are many people who offer car servicing. However, you need to hire an expert car service technician to get this job done proficiently and effectively.  These people use latest technology and tools to improve the performance of your car.

So, no matter whether you have purchased a normal car or a luxurious and plush one, you need to get it serviced on a periodical basis to keep it in a healthy condition and reduce costly repairs.  Unfortunately, many people who use their cars every day tend to ignore to give it for servicing, resulting in significant repairs which will burn holes in their pockets.  Ideally, the technicians will check out for the flat tires, clutches, and other crucial components of the car.
  • Avert breakdowns on roadsides:  You cannot imagine the situation of your car getting breakdown on your way to office for attend an important meeting.  Basically, the breakdown would be of many reasons.  Few of them include leaky fluids and other minor problems that are often overlooked. However, when you give the car for servicing, you could never experience such stressful and frustrating situation.
  • Improve the fuel efficiency of your car:  When the car is not sent to the garage for a long time, it consumes more fuel and eats away your money.  Undeniably, the car that is kept in a proper condition would consume less fuel despite travelling miles together.  Basically, when the car is given for servicing, the engine of the car is inspected thoroughly.  The engine that is well-tuned will make your car fuel efficient, thus saving money and thereby the environment.
  • Check the condition of brakes:  There are high chances of you ramming into another vehicle due to failure of brakes.  Failure of breaks is menace for both the people inside and outside the car.  The brakes should be inspected and adjusted to ensure high safety.
  • Curtail wear and tear:  Each and every part in the car should be kept in a proper condition.  In case of some parts stops to function properly, the stress is shifted to the other parts of the car, compelling them to wear down.  When the components are worn out, you would need to replace them before their guarantee period.  However, by handing over your car to a certified technician, who will fix the technical glitches immediately can help you get rid of these problems.
  • Check the car lights: When the car is given for servicing, the lights are to be checked for any cracks or damages.  Undeniably, you would not be able to notice whether your car lightings are working properly or not, until and unless you check the same.  However, these people will check them on your behalf and replace the damaged ones.
  • Improve the longevity of the tires:  These are the important car parts that assure high safety.  You need to get the tire pressure checked periodically.  However, during the car servicing, the technician will check the tires and replace the tires that are in deteriorated condition and let you have a smooth drive all the way.
Given above are some strong reasons why you need to tow your swanky or normal car to the car service center regularly.

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How To Choose The Best Transmission Service In your Locality?

Best Transmission Service
The car transmission is an important part of the car engine, as it is the machinery that controls the change of the gears and the movement of the wheels, as per the pressure exerted on the clutch. If any defect arises in the transmission, the car may stop moving at all or the gear refuses to change when required, which can cause severe accidents. Hence, it is important to hire a professional for periodical transmission service, to avoid any such danger while driving on the road. Besides, it is similarly essential to select only a competent service provider for this purpose, as the incompetency in this matter may give rise to greater dangers.

Steps To Be Followed For Hiring The Competent Car Transmission Service:

  • Check the expertise – The knowledge and the experience level of the technicians of the transmission service provider company should be checked well, before hiring. The warranty policy offered by that company and their promptness in customer service should also be checked for getting the best maintenance service offered for the car.
  • Ensure proper certification – The knowledgeable technicians of the service provider companies must possess required certifications in technical line and license for carrying out these kinds of technical repairs of the cars. The certification of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is much preferable for a competent technician of car repairing field. It is better if they have received further trainings from the major automobile companies, who hire skilled and specialized technicians to repair their cars.
  • Verify through references – First of all, one should ask his family members and friends for referring any competent transmission repairing service provider in the locality. The references of reliable and known people always weigh the best in choosing any specific company. In case, you lack such reference, then the website of each service provider should be checked, to find out the reputation of that company from the posted reviews or testimonials of the satisfied customers..
  • Get numbers of quotes – It is wise decision at least to contact minimum three service provider companies for transmission repairs. Ask about the estimates of the repairing costs from all of them and then compare all quotes. In this way, you will have multiple choices, from where you can select the best and the most affordable service provider for repairing car transmission. The choice should be made on the basis of the competency as well as quality too, as much as the cheapness is required to be considered.
  • Check for sufficient insurance – The customer should ensure that the service provider company for car transmission repair is adequately insured with reliable and valid insurance company. Therefore, if any damage caused during the car repair can be fulfilled by the insurance company and not by the customer. So, it is better to check the insurance documents of this company to make sure.
  • Understand the problem with the car – A car may have numbers of technical problems inside the engine, mainly in the transmission part. Hence, always discuss the problem and issues you are facing with the mechanic. The discussed problem report must be sent to the  technician providing repairing service which also reveals more about the clear knowledge and the skills of that technician. The customer should be explained about the type of repairs required in his car transmission and whether any part needs to be replaced. So that in future, he may be aware about that problem and avail the service immediately.
Well, in order to get the high-end and best quality transmission service, you can consider above-mentioned points.

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You Can Stay Quiet, While The AI Chooses a Potential Pair in Tinder

You Can Stay Quiet, While The AI Chooses a Potential Pair in Tinder

The online dating markets is flourishing and guess what, the developers are planning to make it even more exciting by including the technology.

The founder of the Tinder online dating app, Sean Rad in a report said that the dating platform is going to incorporate with the hint of artificial intelligence that can help the Tinder app users in finding the right match. By using the artificial intelligence in the dating platform, the dating app will show the best match.

Most of the traditional online dating apps offer the bowling nights and cookery classes at the moment, but by the use of the augmented reality the users can experience everything in the real world, as if it happens in the room. Though some apps do not use much of the technology, it allows the users to reach out to the best matches by asking tons of questions, by analyzing the answers of the user and their interest- the app matches them with best set of matches.

With the use of the artificial intelligence, the online dating apps will know better about the person more than himself/herself.

Lack of discretion

When the dating apps are more intelligent in matching the best pair for the online user, then there are chances for the app to leak the privacy information about the user with the third parties.

As a plan to showcase on how the online dating application over-share the personal information of the users, the Privacy International set up a spoofing online dating site. The Privacy International is a privacy awareness pressuring group based in the United Kingdom. It is a registered charity center that promotes and defends the right to privacy across the globe.

The main objective of the charity group is to promote the human rights of privacy all over the world and to set out the Universal declaration to the human rights. Some of the specific conventions and declarations are,

  • To seek the way by which the IT can be used in the privacy protection
  • To increase the awareness, provide educational materials and conduct research regarding the surrounding threats about the personal privacy.
  • To monitor the effectiveness, nature and the extent of the measures to protect the privacy and to find out ways via the information technology to safeguard the private information of the public
  • To work in the international and national levels to offer an effective and strong privacy protection

The reason behind the group spoofing a dating site is to create an idea for the people to stop proving personal information in this kind of dating application as that makes them a marketing material. The charity group is concerned mainly with the match group of Companies- it is an organization that operates an octopus kind of operation that is seen in the online dating applications. All the personal information of the users can be shared with many people that can be a very serious issue in the end.

When a person registers himself in the online dating app, he will furnish most of his personal information in the site like the passion, interest, sexual preference, taste, political views. Though the app matches with the mutual match, everyone must be aware of the fact that all the popular dating apps in the market are linked with a large group.

The Privacy International refreshed the Privacy Policy of the Tinder app, according to the policy terms the company has the right to seek the personal and non- personal information about the users from all the business partners, Match businesses and other third parties.

Future of love through AI

The Tinder online dating app is the popular app among most of the online daters and the app has more than twenty billion parings since the establishment of the app in 2012 and now the app has grown to fifty million active users.

The dating site is in the process of including the artificial intelligence in the dating app that will connect analyze all the users and pair the users with the potential match. And the artificial intelligence has the capacity to scan all the profiles faster than the human and it is capable of pairing the matches based on the passion and interest of the person. So the users in the Tinder app need not worry about the concept of rejection and they also need not waste time in swiping right or left to find the best pair as the AI takes care of it.

Tinder concept

The Tinder online dating application is a social search mobile application that uses the Facebook to communicate between the users having mutual interest. The users using the app choose a mutual pair by looking at the profile picture and use the swipe motion. When a user finds a potential match, they can swipe right and they can swipe to the left when they are not interested on the picture and move on to the next profile.

As the Tinder users choose their date simply by looking at the photo, they look out only for the physical attraction. And if the online dating application is using the Artificial intelligence, then there are chances for the AI technology to select on potential matches based on the physical attractiveness and preference of the user. And it will not be difficult to have the user upload some of the pictures of the people they are interested in, so that the app can match the users with the people who look similar to the photos they have uploaded on the app using the facial recognition technology.

The founder of the Tinder online dating application said that within 5 years of time the company will launch the app that is collaborated with the AI, and makes the process of searching the potential match easier for the users.

However, analyzing all the profiles and going through a set of profiles in the application platform is the interesting part of the online dating platform. And if these things are taken out from the platform, it will be difficult to understand the person when they are met in the real time. Also the dating application is the number game and at present the app uses primitive information like the location, age and mutual friends of the user. The mutual friends are analyzed by the interest fact of the user in the Facebook, like the things they ‘like’ in the social media platform.

The augmented reality is a technology that overlays all the digital images into the real life scenario as a person walks and so far the only application that uses the augmented reality technology is the Pokémon Go that helps to bring the players together, however it is not the relationship application but presumably most of the people are looking for this kind of technology that will help in finding out the relationship status of a person without asking them.

The future of the dating application lies on the fact that the ability of the app to remain as one of the leading dating apps that help to hook up people and fall into a relationship. However, the app should ensure that it does not encroach the common decency, privacy and manners of the app users.


Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo app is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.

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Top 7 Workable Ways to Increase Your Business Revenue through Mobile App

Today mobile apps are incredibly changing the way how we live. It is not just colouring our life, even it is empowering businesses to take their venture to the next level. If you’re a business owner, thinking to increase revenue by developing a mobile app, then this guide is exclusively for you. Let’s see 7 fruitful ways to amplify your business revenue through mobile app.

1.Mobile orders

Today more than 60% of online purchases take place on mobile, in which 70% take place through app only. If your customers have your app on their hand, they can place the order within a minute at anytime anywhere.

2.Geo-targeted push notifications

Push notification is one of the biggest capabilities that differentiate mobile app from websites and other marketing channels. Geo-targeted push notifications let you send notifications to users in a certain geographic location, so you can instantly inform about the offers when they are near to your store. So you can target right people at the right time.

3.Powerful use of device capability

Mobile apps can better make use of device capabilities. For example, customer needs to scan the bar code, what he can do to do the same with website. Nothing is convenient here. But with the mobile app, it is hassle-free, he will just pick up the phone, scan the code within a fraction of second and complete the order. Using map, Bluetooth, everything is easier with mobile app.If you want to build a same feature in your app, prefer experienced mobile application development companies as they can better understand this type of technology to effectively integrate into app.

4.Highly effective to complete sales funnel

Most online users don’t make purchase on their first visit. In this case, persuading them to make buying decision is easier with mobile app. You can send notifications on regular interval to encourage them to complete the order, which will trigger them perfectly.

5. Personalised offering

With the data you gather during the registration, you can send them personalised offers. It’s a wonderful way to know what interest them most or what not. If it is a teenage guy, sending him an offer of party wear pant coat doesn’t make any sense. Instead, according to his age, offering stylish t-shirts and trousers will well trigger him. This even helps you fine-tune your marketing strategies.

6.Loyalty rewards

Loyalty rewards lets you engage both new and existing customers, which is like hitting down two birds with one stone. If you conduct loyalty reward program with a mobile app, it will be easier for customers to scan the digital coupons and avail other attractive offers.

7.Social referrals

As you know, social media is the most viral and powerful network in the world. If you integrate social media plugins like Facebook and Whats-app into your app, your customers can easily share their favourite products with their loved ones. With this, your products can reach millions of new customers within a few days.


Hope now you better understood the power of mobile apps. Build a powerful mobile app that should be able to take your business to the next level. When developing the app, if you need the support of mobile app developers, choose only a reliable and experienced mobile app development company who have a very good understanding of latest app trends.

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Can Hairstyles Cause Hair Loss?

No one likes losing their hair, especially women. With the various different kinds of hairstyle tricks going around these days, how can one resist themselves from trying them out? Excessive heat styling can undoubtedly cause more damage to the hair than you can ever imagine, but does that stop us from styling them? Definitely Not!

The point here is that, not all hairstyles can cause your hair to fall out, as there are a few things that you might be doing, which ultimately leads to hair loss. You might not notice it at first, but once the issue gets out of hand, you might end up with bald patches on your head. Just make sure that you steer clear of the hairstyles that cause hair loss. Nevertheless, this case is quite rare among women, but even if you experience hair thinning, you are likely going to lose a good amount of hair, only because of your carelessness.

A few of the hairstyles that can cause your hair to fall out are braids, tight buns, tight ponytails, and tying the hair before going to bed. Basically, when you put your hair up in a loose bun before going to sleep, less damage is seen, but the best way to avoid it is by sleeping with your hair open. Another thing that is noticed is that tight ponytails, and buns ultimately lead you down to the road of hair loss due to traction alopecia because the strands are tied up in a manner that they begin to fall out.

The thinning scenario might not be visible on the first day or two, but within a month, you will notice your hairline receding, which is the first sign of thinning. Prolonged tension in the locks can cause them to become weak and ultimately the follicles can produce scarring or inflammation on the scalp. Furthermore, twisting the strands and throwing them up in a bun also does the same amount of damage, as not only the strands are damaged, but they begin falling out, and you can identify it easily through your hairbands, brushes, pillow, or in the shower.

Hairstyles Cause Hair Loss

The women’s risk of losing their voluminous locks is real and it’s definitely a daunting experience to see your strong and wavy hair falling out all at once. Self-confidence is something that is closely linked to the appearance of both, men and women, and thus, when anyone or anything interferes with it, the entire confidence built over the years, is shattered. Therefore, make certain that you recognize the issue once in the initial stage so as to halt it at the right time so as to treat it accordingly.

If you have lost a good amount of hair, then you can opt for the non-surgical hair replacement system in Dubai, as it allows you to enjoy your new hair as you would treat your original strands. Just for the record, loose hairstyles are in for the season, so try going for those if you want to stick to the trends!

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Top 6 Benefits Of Buying Wedding Flowers Online

Flowers speak the language of love. They tend to express your deep feelings and emotions to your partner that sometimes even words fail to express. With the advancement in the technology and e-commerce, buying and sending flowers these days is just a few minute task. Day to day changing technology has brought plenty of lovely comforts to a human being.

If you don’t have time to go to the flower shop, then you can easily buy flowers for your wedding online. There are so many websites of florists who offer amazing deals for buying flowers for any occasion. Online floral designers have made it very convenient for their customers to buy luxury flowers online. Additionally, it saves a lot of time.

There are several advantages of purchasing wedding flowers through internet, some of them are explained below.  
  1. Always open and available 

The internet allows you to buy flowers for any occasion at any time and from anywhere in the world. There is no fixed time to shop flowers through the internet. However, local florist shops have specific times for opening and closing.    
  1. Convenient way of shopping 

Purchasing flowers for your wedding are the most convenient way of shopping. This is one of the most obvious advantages when you decide to shop flowers via the internet. You can buy flowers wherever you are. So, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get to order the flowers.

Shops of online florists are open 24*7 and therefore there is no need to worry about the opening and closing. While ordering flowers for your wedding, you need to choose the flowers according to your wedding theme, style, and color. After selecting your blossoms leave the address of your wedding venue and other necessary details for delivery. For continuous connection, you just make sure that your mobile device or computer has not lost the internet connection. 

  1. Wide range of choices 

When you decide to buy flowers through internet, you will realize that online floral designers have a wide variety of flowers and their color, wedding bouquets types and styles at their store. They make different categories of flower, bridal bouquets, backdrops and centerpieces according to the flower varieties, colors, styles, and sizes. You can view or order the displayed flowers and fill the request form for delivery.     

  1. Time-saving process 

The entire process of buying flowers for your wedding through the internet from selection to submit your request is very easy and time-saving. Through the online shopping of flowers, you can alter the bridal bouquet, centerpieces according to your wedding theme, style, and color. You can get your favorite blooms for your wedding in the correct and desired shape.

When you go to the shop of a local florist, it gets tough for the seller, to show you different types of blooms for your wedding according to your taste; whereas only a small process will do it online. 

  1. Affordable prices 

Always remember that selling flowers online is a new trend and it still requires some time to be as popular as buying flowers from the local florists. So, the online florists are always trying to sell flowers by offering good quality flowers that too at a cheaper price. Most of the online florists provides some discounts on buying flowers in bulk to attract their customers. 

  1. Comparisons 
A large variety of bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and flowers for other wedding decorations are available at the store on the florists website, also with their description and price tags. The largest differences are in between the flower’s price, quality, and offers of the online florists with the local florists. You will feel the differences by yourself when you compare all these things. Only, for this reason, it is recommended to choose to buy wedding flowers online.

With the help of the internet, our life has become very easy. Because it gives an opportunity for people to buy and send flowers and many other things online at any time and any place. With so many advantages, buying flowers via internet for any occasion is by far the best option.

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Carrum Downs – The Accident Repair Center

Carrum Downs Accident Repair Center is one of the popular centers which repairs and services damaged vehicles. These are vehicles which have met with accidents and due to the impact caused, the damage could range from very minor to major ones. The company promises to deliver the best quality services towards satisfaction of their clients. They are running a family owned business and they have repaired more than millions of damaged cars in the last thirty years. Apart from that, they are the the authorized centre of various insurance companies, and they can also help you to settle your account and claim the insurance for your accidentally damaged car.

Qualified Professionals at Work:

Only qualified professionals who are experts in the field are employed at Carrum Downs repair center. These people have undergone all the critical trainings necessary.  They are also able to perform the services required in the best possible manner and handle all the safety requirements of the vehicle with utmost care. They are operating their business with some leading car dealers and they can incorporate the best quality car service only. They have some top experienced panel beaters, automobile engineers and mechanics in their team who can restore your damaged car to its factory condition. So if you want to restore your damaged car and make it as new as factory condition, then contact the Carrum Downs and they will resolve your problems within few days only.

Special Features of Carrum Downs Repair Center

The Carrum Downs owner runs the business as well. The people who are employed know what is required in order to offer the best services to their clients.

  • The center owns modern facilities and this is combined with the latest equipment, which is needed to service the most advanced vehicles in the market.
  • The Carrum Downs is in the market for more than 3 decades and their generation has witnessed the evolution of cars. This kind of knowledge and expertise is missing with most of the new repair centers. Apart from that, they are experienced and they are knowledgeable about different car models. So they can easily fix the problems, and they can repair your car or restore your damage car to its factory condition.
  • They also guarantee the best quality fix for the cars that come to their center for repairs. They also ensure that no additional damage or fix would be required to be addressed by the owners of the cars. If you find any damages within their warranty period then you can claim the free service from their centre.
  • The professionals at Carrum Downs repair center understand that cars are almost a necessity for a majority of the people. Hence these professionals ensure the cars are fixed quickly and as per the time frame which was estimated and communicated. These professionals ensure that the safety standards are incorporated in the cars as well.

accident repair carrum downs

What are the services offered by the Carrum Downs?

  • Repairs due to Accidents, where the expense may be covered either by the insurance provider or by the private party.
  • For minor cosmetic repairs of the vehicles such as scratches or dents, the company offers spot repair services to their clients.
  • Crash Repairs are usually offered after a discussion with the professional at the repair center to talk about the extent of repairs that would be required and the cost involved in fixing.
  • The repair center also takes care of the replacement of critical parts of the vehicles such as windscreen damage or other parts of the vehicle, which have been damaged due to accidents.

Apart from that, they can also repair the motorcycle and the fleet cars. So now you can contact with them for any requirement and save your car-repairing cost.

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Majority of patients who have undergone hip replacement surgery are often anxious about when they can return to normal life. There are many factors that determine recovery time and it varies from person to person. But on an average, patients can return to normal life in the space of 1 to 6 months.

It is good to be prepared for the surgical procedure including ascertaining hip replacement in india cost. One must also be prepared for short term and long term recovery.


It is the early stage of recovery where you are evaluated on basis of being able to get out of hospital bed and thus be discharged from hospital.

It is quite common that, on the first or second day, majority of patients are provided a walker for stability. Most patients can go home on the third day.


Short term recovery also consists of being weaned off pain killers and the ability to sleep full nights without pills. There comes a stage when patients does not need any walking aids and can walk around the room without pain. These are signs of recovery of short term. In this case, patient can even walk two blocks around the house without rest or pain. On an average, short term recovery time for this surgery is four to six weeks.


It involves total healing of internal soft tissues and surgical wounds. Long term recovery is when patient can return to daily routine activities and even work. One another indicator is when patient begins to feel normal. On an average the time for recovery after hip replacement surgery is around 6 months.  Patients are considered as ‘recovered’ when their current situation has improved beyond their arthritic pain level before the surgery.

There are other factors impacting recovery time.

  • Have a positive attitude: patient must be ready to face some pain, some hard work and a belief that they are going to be well.
  • Patient must be fully aware of what the surgery entails and how they can recover successfully.
  • Patient must have strong support network.
  • Patent must be prepared financially to meet hip replacement cost india.
  • Patient must get medical support for pain management. Many patients worry about getting addicted to pain medication. They risk recovery if they stop pain medicine. Patients need to know that they can reach out to their medical team for help in pain management.
  • Physical therapy is another crucial factor. Majority of exercises for hip replacement surgery can be carried out at home. Patients are urged to consider physical therapy as an integral part of recovery program. The more dedicated is a patient to physical therapy, sooner is his or her recovery.


  • Stitches will be removed within a fortnight.
  • When your are recovering at home, don’t be surprised if you feel tired as this is the impact of this major surgery. This is part of your healing.
  • You need to consume anti-blood clotting medicine for at least a month.
  • Consult doctor for pain relief medication like ibuprofen and paracetamol.
  • Avoid certain movements like crossing your legs or twisting your hip.
  • You will need crutches for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Follow surgeon’s advice before resuming the task of driving.

These are some aspects about recovering from hip replacement surgery.

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Travel Industry Gears Up for the Fast Lane

Travel Industry Gears

Travel is not merely an industry, it is an emotion, it is a feeling, and, just like any deep emotion or feeling, people takes it slow and easy and lets it seep in. This is why travel is associated with leisure. There is no hurry. There is no immediate deadline to be met. Or, so, it has been till recent past.

The last couple of decades witnessed major changes and shifting of the paradigm in the travel industry. The urgency with which changes took place and the speed of delivery of service that is being aimed at in the travel and tourism industry is anything but leisurely.

Technological advancement restating priorities in travel and tourism industry

Ever since the introduction of Internet access to information across the globe has become easier. It has also become highly affordable across the world. However, a major change came with the introduction of the Smartphone. The handheld device with the power and functionality of a mini computer made it possible for information to be mobile as well.

Today, a person looking for flight tickets simply needs to log into any one of the travel planning websites and access the airline reservation system. A few clicks later he/she will have the ticket confirmed. Similar is the case with various hotel reservation systems. This convenience and mobility have transformed user experience. A mobile application is able to perform the job of travel agents. Thus, faster response time and better customer service have become priorities for the travel agencies.

Disruptive forces are gathering momentum

While some will state these as disruptive forces, others might see them as stronger competitors. Whatever be it, fact remains that the travel booking software is a major threat to the traditional travel agencies. The past 20 years saw a decline of 50% in the number of bookings happening through the travel agencies. The reason is the availability of online travel booking software that transformed the way booking of flight tickets and hotel reservations are made.

While the internet indeed played as a disruptive force threatening the business of the travel agencies, the next big threat came in the form of the Smartphone. Allowing people from across the globe access to the Internet on the go, the Smartphone has opened up the horizon that was not presumed to be possible earlier.

Today people can access the airline booking system directly with the help of a mobile based application. The process is faster, more secured and simpler. Most importantly, it is accessible by a vast majority traveling via airlines, if not all.

The tourism industry is looking at a boom that is unprecedented. Yet, there are a fast declining number of people opting for the travel agents for the purpose of reservation of travel and accommodation, a key component in the tourism service segment. The force that has been gaining momentum is both constructive as well as destructive. It is a time the tourism industry take note and make arrangement to harbor the positives of the force for their own benefit.

Wielding the force

In the past decade, the travel agencies are trying to cope up with the challenge being presented, first by the Internet and thereafter by the Smartphone providing greater access to the Internet. Rising popularity of travel software for tour operators is certainly a sign that the travel agencies are restructuring themselves, and that too at a fast pace.

Today most of the major travel agencies have their very own mobile applications. Mobile applications not only allow a better and greater reach and penetration but also important insights into the needs and wants of the users. Thus allows the creation of customized deals and providing promotional offers best suiting the needs of an individual.

As a tourist, with all the available features via the mobile application ad web-based portals, we will always wish to receive personalized service and best customer support. This can only be guaranteed through the integration of information technology with the existing services provided by the travel agencies. And, if the recent trend is to be believed, the travel agencies are certainly heading that way.

A road yet to be built and traversed

Even though the initiative has been taken and change is occurring, the road is yet to be built. Personalized travel agency software is the need of the hour. It must be able to handle the requests of the tourists and make special arrangements as per requirement and availability. While technology is progressing at a fast pace, human intervention still holds good. There is a reason why 70% of the total tourists still rely on travel agents for taking care of their travel planning. There are areas where human intervention will get the better result as compared to an automated system.

Functioning of the leisure industry isn’t leisurely anymore. The travel industry is in the fast lane and unless they continue to keep gearing up, they will fall behind once big data makes it possible for automated systems to be as competent as human agents.

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Xiaomi Redmi Pro: Another Promising Mobile from Xiaomi’s Cap

Xiaomi is an electronics company which deals with manufacturing of smartphones, consumer electronics and tablets. The brand name has been associated mostly with that of smartphones. The Xiaomi brand has a Chinese origin with its headquarters in Beijing. It has been known as the 4th largest manufacturer of smartphones.It was in the year 2011 when the brand ventured its foot in the smartphone arena, and it soon carved a unique identity for itself. It successfully became one of the most loved smartphone brands after Apple and Samsung. There are a number of factors that have helped the company to achieve this position, but among all the factors, the quality of handsets is the foremost important one.

In 2014, the brand expanded its foot to India and created a buzz in the market. The handsets by Xiaomi brand were affordable yet packed with state-of-the-art technology and excellent features. The Xiaomi smartphones give tough competition to other brands in every segment, be it low-cost range or mid-range. In a short period, the brand has captured a good share of the market. Hence today the competitors, as well as market experts and customers, also wait for the new device launched by the company.

After showcasing a stellar performance in the Mi series, Xiaomi launched its Redmi series which took the market by storm. The Redmi series has become one of the most loved phones of all. The brand is geared up to launch its brand-new phone in the Redmi series with Redmi Pro. The device which is expected to offer some additional features will be launched in India by May 2017.

Owing to an impeccable performance by the previous phones from the brand, the expectations around the new phone have already begun. It is known as one of the most coveted handsets of 2017.

Let’s have a look at the features, specifications, and price of Xiaomi Redmi Pro:

Display and Screen

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro is a device equipped with a 5.5-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen. It has a screen-to-body ratio of 72.07%. The full HD multi-touchscreen comes with a screen resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels along with a pixel density of 401ppi. It is to be noted that the pixel density of Redmi Pro is the best in its segment. The device is designed with a full metal body. The Xiaomi Redmi Pro is available in three classic variants of Silver, Gold and Grey.So, those who love formal colours can have different options to enjoy the device with beauty.

The dimensions of the device consist of 151.5x 76.2x 8.1 mm. The device weighs around 174 grams which make it bit heavy in comparison to the most of the handsets which are launched these days. The weight might be a drawback for the device which may bother few buyers.

The device is enabled with an OLED jet black and super bright display. As a result, the screen offers fabulous visualisation while playing games and watching videos which can surely induce the video as well as game lovers to this device.


The Xiaomi Redmi Pro is enabled with incredible cameras both front and rear. While the rear camera offers 13 MP, the front camera offers 5 MP with the wide-angle feature. The camera boasts to be at par with the SLR cameras. It offers video recording at 1,080x 1920p (30fps) videos along with 720x 1280p(120 fps) slow motion videos. The handset offers an image resolution of 4128×3096 pixels. Hence on this front also this device gets a nod from the experts.


The Xiaomi Redmi Pro runs on Android version 6 Marshmallow operating system which offers great efficiency. It is packed with three excellent processors quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A53, dual-core 2.1GHz Cortex A72 and quad-core 2GHz Cortex A53. The processor is one of its major strengths.

It is supported by 3GB of RAM which offers excellent performance. The device has Mali-T880 MP4 graphics engine and sports a MediaTek MT6797 chipset. The fingerprint scanner is embedded in the home key.

Storage and Battery

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro offers great storage and battery support. It offers an internal storage of 32 GB which can be further expanded to 128 GB with the help of Micro SD card.

The device also offers a brilliant battery backup. It sports a 4050 mAh Li-polymer battery which boasts of sustainability up to 2 days.

Connectivity options

The device offers dual SIM service- Micro and Nano(Hybrid). It involves connectivity options like 4G, dual SIM, VOLTE support, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB type C.


This beautiful device is also expected to be priced around 17990 which makes it a device that will be placed in mid-range. In this segment, the device will have to face a lot of competition from other brands such as Samsung, Vivo and Lenovo.


Like other Xiaomi phones in the Redmi series, this device too seems promising. Owing to the exceptionally good features and specifications, the phone has already created a buzz in the market. In fact, it is much popular as one of the most coveted phones of 2017.

The excellent camera, sleek body, battery backup and VOLTE support makes it a must buy. However, if you are not a fan of a non-removable battery, the device might disappoint you along with the Hybrid SIM slot. Overall the phone looks like a safe bet at given price but only time will decide the fate of the device as it has not been launched yet in the market.

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