The Loremo.

I came across the Loremo somewhere in spring 2006, its one of those cars everyone who doesn’t like to fuel up their car will love. The designers of the car claim it will only use 1,5L per 100Km witch is pretty amazing considering that average car will usually drink around 15L for the same distance. Loremo manages their fuel efficiently by keeping it light (450Kg) and aerodynamics this combined with a 2 cylinder turbo diesel engine the Loremo is the most fuel efficient car I came across to far. Loremo came up with 2 versions of the car the LS and the GT, the main difference between the 2 is speed and efficiency. The GT version has 50HP witch translates to a top speed of 220Km/h and will do 0-100 Km/h in 9 seconds, the costs for this extra horse power is gas mileage. The GT will give you 2,7L to a 100 Km and is also about 4000 euros more expensive then the LS. The Loremo LS is more fuel efficient but only has 20 horsepower with makes it considerably slower (0-100 in 20 sec top speed 160) but then a wise man once said “why would I need speed, if your important people will wait”


A 450Kg car doesn’t come across as being very safe, to increase strength of the car Loremo chose to rethink their door locations. On a regular car the position of the doors also brakes up the strength of the chassis. The Loremos door opens by taking the front of in a Lamborghini like way. This allows the car to be split up in cells and have three solid support bars in the length of the car to increase safety and allow for a very good crumple zone

the Loremeo is a great initiative towards 0 emission cars I can only hope other company’s will soon follow . Sadly enough the Loremo wont be in stores any sooner then 2009 so until then I guess were walking.
For more information check their website