The Uber Clone – A Brand that needs no Introduction

Uber Clone

A brand that becomes a household name is a brand in the true sense. Names like Mc Donald, Levi, Hugo Boss, and Nike are recognized all over the world. Adding to this list is another name that is proudly included amongst this list of these esteemed brands, the Uber clone.

In fact, my 6-year-old girl probably does not know any of the other brands other then coco cola and Mc Donald but she does say “Mum let’s go out in Uber”. The reason being that, she has heard and seen people using Uber to travel all over.

I am not lazy neither have lazy bones, but would accept that when it comes to regular commuting, I am the first one to back off. The reason being, driving from one place to another is the most frustrating task. Even going to work or dropping kids to school feels boring to me, on the other hand the expense of owning and maintaining a car is yet another task on its own. Looking at the scenario there are many people who feel the same as I do, and they all are looking for easy, safe and cost effective methods of commuting. Uber taxi on demand is the service we are looking for.

Capitalizing on the novelty of the concept, many companies have started the business of cloning.  Using a team of efficient and experienced developers, they invest in the development of taxi booking app script application in order to venture into the business of on demand taxi service and thus make huge profits.

Things to know

The versatility of the app is its simplicity to manage two app products in one app. The app contains a driver interface module and a passenger interface module as they are the two main users who are going to use the app.

The driver accepts the request from the passenger and uses it to keep track of all the requests, booking confirmation and eventually drive the passenger to their designated location. The rider selects the taxi service, makes payment for using the same and after the ride, can also provide his/her reviews pertaining to both the driver and the car.

The Mobile App clone features

  • Being fast is the key to progress and compete; keeping that in mind a quick process of online registration for both the driver and rider is designed. The ease in signing up for procedures is what makes it a favorable app to use.
  • Notification alerts are sent to the concerned parties frequently.
  • A difficult or inconvenient interface will hinder the success of an app. Therefore, it becomes important to ensure that the app designed with user-friendly interface, making it convenient for the user to use.
  • Google integrated services like maps and navigation control gives the app an added advantage.
  • 100% transparent system of payment by which the payment of the ride gets deducted from his registered account and an invoice being sent for the same, with a copy being sent to the driver too.
  • Features like searching for drivers, or searching a location easily or ride sharing as and when required are additional features that are required.

This easy looking and perfectly functional app is not easy to design, but a company has mastered the concept and can design this app in no time. Their expert developers can design a clone with customized features as per the specific requirements of the clients. In the ever demanding and rapidly growing taxi business, the uber app clone has opened and continues opening the doors for profit making opportunities.