Wedding Flower Decorations: Know Your Florist

When it comes to planning a wedding, no task is easy. You need to be prudent about every detail. Choosing the right wedding florist is among one of those things that need to be done with utmost care.

Designing and organizing the wedding flowers is a tough job, but if you hire the right florist, this could be a lot easier. There are many florists out there but you need to find the right one to get a quality next day flowers delivered at your wedding venue.

Wedding Flower Decorations

Here is a complete guide on choosing the right florist for your wedding:

Know The Types Of Florists
There are many different types of florists who have an expertise in their own area. It is important to know the types of florist that are out there so that you don’t end up choosing the wrong one:

1. Retail Florist
These are the florists whom you can find on the roadside. They own a small shop and take small orders. They do not have the necessary staff and experience for decorating big events. For events like a funeral, they can do the floral arrangements, but not more than that.

2. Floral Designer
These are the skilled wedding florists. They have the creativity and vision to foresee the decorations at the wedding venue. They have garnered these skills through years of experience. As compared to other florists, they are a bit costly but when you pay them, you are paying not only for the flowers but also for their service and artistry.

3. Full-Service Event Decorator
These are similar to the Floral designers mentioned above. But they are a complete package and know how to decorate a place with flowers as well as with other non-floral decorations. They will help you with decorations that include the use of candles, paper-works, balloons and other decorative items. They have more design ideas and have the expertise of decorating big events. As compared to a floral designer they are usually more expensive to hire. You should hire them if your budget is high.

Before you begin to hire a florist it is important to look into some of the key factors, like:

Determine Your Budget
When you plan your wedding, you must determine how much are you willing to pay for the wedding. Figure out a value based on these numbers and determine the sum you are prepared to invest on wedding decorations. This is very important as it will greatly help you in selecting the flowers and the florist, both.

Figuring Out The Style
There are many types of floral arrangements and its design variations can make a huge difference in its cost. Choose the design that represents you and goes well with the wedding theme. Here are some of the floral designs you might find with the florist:

Classic: These are round and crisp floral designs that mostly features roses and simple flowers.
Romantic: This design uses fluffier flowers that are loosely bound. Use of pink color is seen in this kind of setting.
Natural: In this design, the flowers are inspired by nature. The excessive use of greenery gives it the distinct look that is expected from it.
Bold: If you think bold is your style, you should go for this. This style makes the use of bright and colorful flowers to bring out the boldness.
Modern: The use of clean lines and clear shapes of the floral arrangement reflects this design pattern.
Wild: This is similar to bold design since it uses bright-colored flowers. Use greenery and free flow designs to get this style.

There can be an overlap in these designs too. Choose the florist keeping in mind the style in which they excel and the style that you are looking for.

Determine the kind of florist by taking a look at the pictures of their previous works. You can ask your friends and colleagues too if they know a good florist. Always select the florist who has the right experience and reputation.