Why should you invest in gold this 2019?

The gold is one of the instruments which can invest this year because it is cost effective and safe, plus it will serve as refuge from volatility in other financial instruments due to the uncertain environment that crosses national and global economy. Remember that gold and other commodities are instruments of refuge in which investors put their money when there are turbulence in the markets, the reason is that they do not have abrupt price variations gold ira companies reviews.

The so-called commodities are nothing other than goods such as oil, gold, silver and even legal marijuana , which can be obtained physically or through the Stock Exchange , this means that you can buy these goods and not have them physically For example, you can have gold titles but not physical gold.

Within this market, gold has had a positive behavior in recent months, in fact, the ounce of this metal reached $ 1,430, a price not seen since 2015. In fact, gold during this year already reports earnings double digit, reaching 10.14%.

Investors are choosing to invest in this commodity, because it is showing a lot of profitability, as well as the volatility and other financial instruments. Such is the return that investors are preferring gold to dollars and other fixed income instruments offered in national markets.

There are two global factors that have generated the appreciation of gold in the markets: the first one is geopolitical and has to do with the conflicts in the Middle East and the friction between the United States and Iran. The second factor is economic and has to do with the low expectations of global growth, which are not very encouraging; In the case of Mexico in particular, investors are preferring safe instruments in the face of uncertainty regarding the contraction of the economy.

Do you want to invest in gold? Well, take into account that like any good or instrument in the market, it has a variable price, that is, how the upward trend can continue, how its price can go down. The gold you can acquire physical form or through a certificate, if you acquire physical must protect it well, as there are risks.

You should also consider that this price of gold is not so high, since in fact, the price of this commodity remained on average very low for several years, on average in one thousand dollars an ounce. However, for some analysts the price of gold could reach 1,800 dollars per ounce if the geopolitical environment becomes complicated.