Have You Ever Wanted To Know How To Install You Own Swimming Pool?

Summer is finally here and it’s a hot one! However, you live miles away from the coast and the nearest swimming pool isn’t really that nice. On a hot day, you will find it full of screaming teenagers, the type that leave litter behind and play very loud music. The whole idea of going for a swim is to relax, not become more stressed out. Have you ever thought about a possible solution? Why not build your own swimming pool? Surely it is too expensive; after all, only the rich and elite are associated with having a swimming pool – or are they? These days, many things are simply not as expensive as they used to be. Let’s have a quick peek at how you can fit that swimming pool that you always dreamed of.

In Ground

There are essentially two types of swimming pool structures.

• Above ground swimming pools.
• In-ground swimming pools.

The above ground pools are alright, but they don’t tick all the boxes for most of us. It doesn’t look as beautiful as a sunken pool. Getting into the pool requires some effort, especially if you are not as sprightly as you once were. In-ground pools are the ones we used to dream of when filling out those lotto tickets, so let’s look at these exclusively.


Originally these structures were made of concrete, but nowadays we can use fiberglass instead. It is a stronger material and it is easier to maintain. The surface is far smoother, and as a result it requires less cleaning. Sometimes the earth surrounding the swimming pool can be subject to ground shifts; the concrete pool would often crack as result. Fiberglass has a flexibility that allows it to move up to twelve inches without being damaged. Order the fiberglass pool from an established supplier.


So we have decided then- we want an in-ground swimming pool and it should be made of fiberglass. But where shall we install this large structure? You should take the following factors into consideration when choosing the location of your pool.

• It should be exposed to sunlight.
• The pool should be situated in a place that affords some privacy.
• Be aware of subterranean pipes such as gas or communications cables.
• Try to install the pool where the ground surface is level.


The first step is a fairly obvious one; draw a line on the ground to mark the shape, size and location of the future pool. This will give you some perspective as to how the finished article will affect the rest of your garden. You can then begin to excavate the hole; this is the laborious part. It will probably be best to use a mechanical digger, as long as you can access your garden with the machine. The hole should be three inches deeper than the pool structure and one inch wider. Add sand to the hole and shape it to the pool’s specifications. When you take delivery of the pool; ensure that you ask the company to lower the structure into the hole for you. Once the pool is in place, you should use clamps to keep the structure in place.

The Final Steps

Fill the pool using your hosepipe, this will take some time. Remember to add any hardware before this step. Once the pool is full, you will need to fill in any gaps with earth and sand. Speak to the pool company if you have any technical questions. All that remains to be said is – Enjoy!

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