Using Audio Visual for Effective Branding at Corporate Events

If you have ever organised a corporate event, you will know that the first measurement of its success is how effectively it conveyed your company’s message to its guests. These days, corporate events range from fancy to spectacular, with each event aiming to outdo its competitors or previous company functions audio equipment rental. The use of an event equipment hire and, more importantly, audio visual equipment, has become a central part of corporate event production and more companies rely on innovative audio visual design to make their event a success. This is not only because the right event equipment adds to the professionalism of the event, but also because using good av hire will ensure that your brand is advertised and communicated effectively, resulting in a memorable event and your company’s name remaining at the forefront of your guests’ minds.

Audio visual ideas for your brand

For your brand to be communicated in the right way there is no need to plaster it over every surface of your event. Indeed, the less it appears, the more impact it can have. The trick is in the way it appears. Over saturation is certainly not recommended by experts. In fact, most experts recommend using branding for the event itself, rather than the company. In other words, creating a theme for the event and then blending it into the invitation and throughout different elements in the event.

One such method is through visual equipment. A projector hire has become so versatile these days that you can use projectors for a whole range of branding ideas at your event. For example, projecting a certain image (instead of the name of your company) that fits with the theme of your event. Projector hire as well as LCD screens and vision mixing desks can all add to a powerful visual display which will remain in people’s minds.

Similarly, a speaker hire, and other sound equipment can help to promote the theme of your event which will be associated with your product’s branding. I am not suggesting that your company creates a special song to be blasted throughout the event. Rather, music, or certain sound effects that will support the theme that you are trying to convey.

Of course, a lighting hire can also be used in effective branding. It may simply be a case of choosing one colour that is repeatedly used in the event, which may be in line with your company’s logo.

No matter what kind of audio visual hire you choose, it is necessary that you consult with your event equipment company beforehand, so you can devise together an effective audio visual plan to make the branding at your event successful in a tasteful and professional way.

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