5 Styles of Kitchen Countertops

So far we have told you about the characteristics and technical advantages of porcelain tile and sintered stone, but there is another representative advantage of these materials basement remodeling in Waukesha. They both come with different effects!

In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice the visual aesthetics of your kitchen for quality. So that you know very well what we are talking about, discover the following effects of these materials for kitchen countertops.

  1. Wood Effect Kitchen Countertops
    The effect of wood has the power to give a unique touch to rustic or country-style kitchens, where the aim is to achieve a balance with nature to generate a feeling of warmth, comfort and tranquility.

Get the same visual aesthetics as wood on your kitchen countertop, but with technical advantages superior to the natural material, by installing wood-effect sintered stone slabs!

Design a custom kitchen countertop by choosing porcelain tiles or sintered stone slabs for a unique and long-term result!

  1. Marble Effect Kitchen Countertops
    Marble is the favorite natural material when thinking about modern, luxurious and sophisticated environments.

If you want to achieve an atmosphere of this style in your kitchen, the perfect option is marble-effect porcelain tiles.

In addition to providing a similar visual appearance, you will not have to assume more costs to maintain the quality of the natural material, which requires a lot of care and maintenance, as it can scratch or break very easily.

  1. Stone Effect Kitchen Countertops
    Natural stone is a material often used for rustic kitchens that are outdoors, such as Quinchos areas. However, they can generate high costs due to the production process.

That is why using a stone-effect porcelain tile can be the perfect alternative for you. You will find sizes and tonal variations that will allow you to personalize each space, with the appropriate stone according to your tastes and needs.

  1. Terrazzo, A Classic In Materials For Kitchen Countertops
    Terrazzo is the favorite for designing interior design styles such as Mediterranean, vintage or boho chic kitchen styles.

This material, which has its origin in Venetian constructions between the 15th and 20th centuries, is characterized by being a handmade conglomerate of cement with waste granite, marble or quartz, making the material low-cost, but resistant.

Currently, you can find terrazzo-effect porcelain tiles, whose technical qualities will allow you to enjoy a modern and timeless kitchen with much more precise shades that will adapt to your own style.

  1. Granite Effect Kitchen Countertops
    Granite is one of the most widely distributed materials for kitchen countertops on the market. Not only because it is cheaper than other covering options, also because it is a natural stone that is resistant to scratches and impacts.

However, it can absorb and retain liquids, which can cause it to stain and wear out more quickly in the future. Hence, graphite-effect porcelain tile is a better option if you want to give this look to your kitchen.

Remember that at Duomo we not only offer you alternative materials for kitchen countertops, but we also design and produce your kitchen for you!

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