Custom t-shirt printing for companies

One of the marketing objects that companies usually request is the printing of personalized t-shirts for companies. These are accessories where they can do direct advertising by giving an interesting product to customers or making workers clearly represent the brand local screen printing.

The printing of these t-shirts must be done with the highest quality, otherwise, it will not give a very good image. This personalization may well occur through some specific type of text, image and obviously also through its colors.

The great secret of all this is choosing the t-shirt and design that attracts attention, is representative and generates maximum visibility. Logically, if it is going to be a personalized business gift, the idea is that people can save and reuse the t-shirt.

When choosing colors, it is best that they be colors that are in line with the brand. Or it could be, for example, that the shirt is that color or that colors are used in the design.

Another fundamental point is the choice of the shirt. It must be a high quality t-shirt, otherwise, after the first wash it could have certain problems in contact with the skin or similar.

Transfer technique for personalized t-shirts
When it comes to printing personalized t-shirts, it must be done with the transfer technique, the most recommended on the market.

The use of transfer is what allows you to have a quality product since you can make a large print and even have photographic resolution. This makes it feasible to place a few units or a large order at a very affordable price.

We recommend using this technique both for promotions and events, and when you have to print t-shirts with few units. It is also a special and excellent technique for cases in which there is a porous or irregular fabric that is difficult to print with other techniques or that does not generate a good effect.

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